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April 30, 2010

to end the week off, i thought i'd post a list of letterpress classes offered in various cities. this is a big world though, so i'm apologize for not even covering a smidgen of all the cities there are. i encourage you to ask around your community, find a local printer, and definitely check briar press. you can often find classes that are being offered posted at briar press in the workshops & events classifieds section. there are lots of resources available, have fun :)

Brooklyn, New York: thearmnyc.com

Chicopee, Massachusetts maydaystudio.com

St. louis, Missouri: allalongpress.com

Minneapolis, Minnesota: openbookmn.org

Columbus, Ohio: iglooletterpress.com

Alexandria, Virgina: thehiveat1511.com
Alexandria, Virgina: railwaystationpress.com

Pasadena, California: armoryarts.org
Los Angeles, California: lalapress.com
San Francisco, California: jordan ferney (from oh happy day)
Carson, California: printmuseum.org

Grayslake, Illinois: paperstories.com
Evanston, Illinois: evanstonprint.com
Chicago, Illinois: colum.edu

Asheville, North Carolina:
Raleigh, North Carolina: officinabriani.com

Toronto (downtown) Ontario Canada: bookhou.com
Toronto (scarborough) Ontario Canada: snapandtumble.com

Bathurst, Australia: willamer.com.au

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  1. Loving Letterpress Week!

    I'd really like to know if there are any letterpress classes in the UK as well. :'(

  2. We signed up for a letterpress workshop in Alexandria, VA at www.railwaystationpress.com!

  3. Also in Chicago check out the community classes at Columbia College's Center for Book and Paper:

  4. Oh Danni, I am sooo excited, Chicopee, MA is only about 45 min from my home!!!!! I didn't think any of these classes would be anywhere near my little country home. This made my day!!!!!!!!!

  5. I've taken snap & tumble's Letterpress Curiosity Workshop and it's wonderful to be able to get a chance to use her Craftsmen and the Adana. It's in Toronto too(Scarborough is within the Greater Toronto area).

  6. Sapling Press in Pittsburgh, PA will sometimes post class details on the Sapling Press Blog.

  7. Oh thanks for posting about St. Louis! I feel like all of the cool classes are in NY, Chicago, or LA so this makes me happy! :-)

  8. The Minnesota Center for Book Arts (openbookmn.org) offers letterpress classes in Minneapolis, MN!

    Also, Lunalux Letterpress has an event called Stationery Saturday coming up on May 8th -- you can come in and create your own custom letterpress stationery on the spot! For more info visit http://www.lunalux.com/studiostore/saturday/!


  9. thank you for this post! I might just take a class in brooklyn =]

  10. the snap & tumble (in Toronto) link is:

    the link provided in the post is incorrect.


  11. you can add Igloo, in Columbus, Ohio!


  12. I'm currently taking the Letterpress 1 class at the Evanston Print and Paper Shop in IL and it's wonderful! Highly recommend. For those of you having trouble with the link, maybe this will work better:

  13. oh, it would have been nice to have one closer to Charlotte, NC. I might look into the Raleigh one. thanks for the info.
    have a loveLee weekend!

  14. Do they have letterpress class at Manhattan?

    Annie (NJ)

  15. This is fantastic! Columbus's Igloo Letterpress is a fantastic place. I've been interning there since August. Too fun!

  16. What about Israel.....?

  17. Awesome! Letterpress CLASSES??? How cool is that??? I wonder if I can get a sitter! -ha.

    Thanks for these articles..., love them!!

    (And the look of your blog is so pretty... feeling a little plain on mine!)

  18. Danni....thanks for the list. I was surprised and pleased that there is one relatively close to me. I will have to check it out :)

  19. We offer classes at our studio in Leesburg, Virginia too!

    Haute Papier
    21 Wirt Street



  20. Thank you for sharing this. I signed up right away for the class at All Along Press in St. Louis. I'm uber excited!

  21. You could add Zygote Press in Cleveland Ohio

  22. THANK YOU for including Toronto! I've bookmarked both places and hope to take a course this summer! Wheeee!

  23. atelierdomino.ca offers letterpress classes and studio rental in Montreal, Canada


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