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October 7, 2010

You all know Liss from Daydream Lily - she is a wonderful blogger and friend. Today she's sharing a collection of bedrooms with us, so fun! I really want to redo my bedroom since Nicholas now lives there ;) Be sure to follow Liss on twitter too! Thanks for the inspiration Liss!
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Hello lovelies, it's Liss here from blog Daydream Lily.

Im so honoured to be doing a guest post for Danni!
I thought Id share with you all a collection of bedroom images,
that inspired my own bedroom decorating.

Hope you enjoy.

French blogger Piou's home.
via Here Comes The Sun

Melinda Josie's home via field guided

above two via See Me Everywhere

via freshhome


home of illustrator Kat Heyes

Paris loft, via cookie magazine

clumsy bird's flickr

Miranda July pillows via third drawer down

15 hello's:

  1. I love that you use some simple stuff and what is available to you... there's a lot to be said for that. I think it's so important that people know that there are tools out there that don't cost tons of money and can help to get creative juices flowing.

  2. I love the sun pillow in the second photo and the heart shaped Polaroid cluster!! Too cute!! This makes me want to re-decorate my bedroom again!!
    Beautiful post Liss!!

  3. So true! Necessity is the mother of creation (quoted from Little Women, aka the best movie ever).

  4. I love the room from Candi Mandi! They are all so sweet...perfect for relaxing in your bedroom!

  5. Absolutely in love with the love headboard!

    So sweet...

  6. I really loved these!!! I just want to crawl inside... girly and warm...

  7. I love the LOVE headboard! That is so gorgeous! All of these are so unique

  8. such a great collection - makes me want to sleep in, wrapped in a cozy comforter!

  9. These rooms are really pretty. White is my favorite colors for rooms and also light blue.


  10. I love most of those rooms, they are amazing!

  11. A nice and inspiring collection of rooms. I've had to add a few to my pinterest.

  12. well hello there old friend.
    havent been on your blog in a while.
    but now i'm back exploring all your delish goodness.
    i ♥ the LOVE bedframe. Thats so sexy.


  13. i adore this post... SO many pretty things! :) thank you, liss. <3

  14. well there are no reason to unlike it...all are amazing....fabulous in all way...just wanna sleep there right now....


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