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October 6, 2010

Vicki from Simply Hue is here with us today, talking about photos. Her photos are amazing, and she doesn't even have photoshop! That's legit :) Stop by her print shop and follow her at flickr, facebook, and twitter Enjoy!
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I'm so honored to be posting on Danni's blog today....especially since I know it's relieving her of some responsibility so she can enjoy her wedding without thinking about blog posts. Congratulations, Danni!!! We are all so happy for you!

Anyways, I struggled a little in trying to decide what to share with you. I'm not the best at putting my thoughts on "paper" so I was relieved when Danni mentioned that I could just share a few of my photos with you. I've been into photography for a little over a year now and have found such fulfillment in it. It's an added bonus when I hear that my images make someone happy. Seriously, what greater joy is there?

From time to time I get asked how I get the vintage feel and colors to my photos. I don't own Photoshop (I use the program and have a very simple camera so it can be a bit challenging at times. Here's the process that I go through if you would like to give it a try:

* Choose the action "Cross Process". It will bring your average blues to a turquoise/aqua tone.
* Play with the saturation option. I usually lessen the saturation so the colors aren't quite as bold.
* Lessen the contrast to make your final images a little softer.

I'm not one that keeps my processes a "secret". I'm more than happy to share with you if you have any more questions! Feel free to send me an email at And, if you're looking for some weekly motivation, I would love it if you joined our Creative Challenge Group on Flickr.

Before I close, here's a question for you. How do you stay motivated to be creative? Life can be crazy and I'm sure many of us could use a few helpful hints....I know I could. :)

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  1. these are lovely and super fabulous awesome. thanks for sharing your tricks.

  2. What a great guest blogger today, thanks for sharing!

  3. thanks for sharing... I am loving the last photo....


  4. Aw, Vicky, you're wonderful! Thanks for sharing your photos + tips with us!!
    I may be contacting you soon ;) I'm getting much more into photography lately, and it'd be fun to chat! :)
    Wonderful guest post :)

  5. the colors in these are lovely. thanks for sharing! i can't wait to see what the other guest posts are. i've been loving them all so far!

  6. Hello my sweet friend, I was so happy when I found out that you were the guest blogger for Vicki! It is like someone close being the guest here! Now, I feel more at home! You are a great talent with no doubt, I love your pictures and find you a very sweet-hearted lady! Thank you also for sharing these tips! (no photoshop and you get these? oh my, more talent credits for you, little missy!)
    Hugs, Twiggs

  7. Beautiful pictures! I'm a point-and-shoot picnik-er and it's nice to know that people can make money from pretty simple things.

  8. I've loved Vicki's work for awhile now, always inspiring!!

  9. Those are such a great tips and the photos are beautiful:)
    Have a great day

    ps: I am hosting a really sweet GIVEAWAY, so please join in:) ...I bet you will love it!!!

  10. These are great tips! Thank you!
    And I get those creative juices flowing by seeing other's creations. It just happens naturally!

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  12. I love Vicki's photos, her blog and her! She is such an amazing artist and person. Thanks for sharing your photo tips.

  13. These are lovely. I have to try it. I use Picnik, but I've never been able to get anything this nice.

  14. Vicki these are lovely photos and you inspire us all to keep challenging ourselves and our photography in new ways. Thank you! Love your work!

  15. wow all of the umbrellas are sooo soo beautiful!!!

  16. you are so inspiring!! what lovely photos and thanks for all the tips!!

  17. Thanks so much for your comments everyone! :)

  18. Gotta love the umbrellas!
    I just recently did a post about umbrellas.


  19. Hi Vicki! What a lovely treat to find this post via Twiggs via Etsy this morning. I recently made a Picnik tutorial for my blog and Cross Process is my main "trick" too, but I never do it at full power. Yet another thread between us. :)

    Gorgeous images, as always!

  20. Thanks, Jessica. :) You're a sweetheart. Glad we have so much in common! xo

  21. Wow...this are so gorgeous!!

    You do AMAZING work!! :D

    Thank you so much for letting us get to know you.


  22. Those pictures are so lovely!! I had never hear of Picknik before this post, but I'm so glad I have now. I just have a basic point and shoot camera, and a lot of the food I'd like to shoot for my blog just comes out looking blah... but I tried your suggestions today and my pictures came out looking delicious!


  23. these are SO FUN & SPUNKY! i use photoshop on a daily basis...kinda doing all of that on my own...but that seems so easy & a fun little get-away from the norm. i can't wait to play around with picnik now! :)


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