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October 11, 2010

I am sure many of you know Lynne from Tea For Joy. She has the most fabulous inspiration blog and also owns Papermash, a really cute shop filled with pretty paper goods and more! Thanks for being here today Lynne! Be sure to check out her flickr + twitter too!
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I failed in my original assignment, which was supposed to be a behind-the-scenes photoshoot of a 1st birthday photograph for my shop, Papermash. I'm still learning so much about photography. The lighting is the bit I really can't grasp - so my birthday photos did not turn out well, as it is dull and dreary in London.

Instead I thought I'd share with you some still life photos I like, from British photographers and stylists. Although I spend most of my life decluttering (with varying levels of success), I do love photographs which have lots going on...

Polly Eltes for Papermash; photography Jon Day, styled by Sally Conran.

Homes and Antiques

Jon Day and Sally Conran; Jo Tyler

Danni, I hope you and Nick have a very blessed day - and marriage. Thanks for letting me take part today!

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  1. I would get that baking photos in a heartbeat! I'd frame it someplace in my kitchen and just get inspiration from it daily. Great guest post!

  2. What lovely collections.
    and I understand Lynne, I use a film camera and sometimes i'm so disappointed when I get the roll back. I fail my own 'assignments' all the time - and lighting is usually the culprit. It's a learning process.

  3. Really lovely photos.
    I too hate clutter in my living space but these arrangements are real eye candy.

  4. Such a beautiful inspiration!! Thanks for sharing :)
    Ps: I'm hosting a beautiful giveaway on my blog. Here's the link:

    Boho Market Blog Giveaway


  5. lighting can be such a hassle sometimes! but these are just as lovely. thanks for sharing!

  6. Beautiful and inspiring! I actually didn't know this lady, but she has beautiful things and I have already her blog opened! Thank you!!! You have chosen such joyful guests here! Hugs, Twiggs

  7. what a beautiful collection and photos... ;)

  8. I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?


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