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October 12, 2010

Tabitha Emma was an instant favorite for me, her blog is full of daily inspiration and her shop has some really great products. Today she's sharing some fun collections with us! Enjoy :)
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small things

Hello, this is Tabitha from Tabitha Emma, filling in as a guest blogger today. I'm an artist and designer and so I love collecting little things that inspire me, over time I have become a bit of a collector. Above is a picture of a few random collected objects I have. Apparently I am not alone in this habit, below are examples of other people collections.

Broken skyline

a collection a day

a view to

What do you collect?

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  1. I adore this post!! I love the styling of the collections - these types of photos make me happy :) I collect loads of things - bottles, business cards, books, cookbooks, metal bins, cameras, hats, scarves, shoes :) My collections are so precious to me :)
    I love everything about this post!

  2. lovely post! i'm obsessed with that broken skyline collection, i saw it a while ago and started filling up old jars with glitter for decoration around the house!

  3. Beautiful photos! I collect coats, shoes, hats, and bags. Well, my husband just thinks I have too many of them but I tell him I "collect" them. It sounds better.

  4. Oh, I love seeing photos of other peoples collections. I collect vintage ephemera, mainly vintage tickets. You can see my paper collection here: :)

  5. I like collecting the playing cards (especially the joker )! I like also all sort of pencils and the notebooks; I like collecting also ephemera, all sort of papers :)
    and thank you for this post ( and the link ) that is a good reading ! I like to see all these collections !

  6. so lovely! And inspiring ;)
    I love collections ;)

  7. lovely! I admire such collections, they always are a great inspiration. And I collect pencil sharpeners :)

  8. Beautiful post. And I love your blog. Think we also follow each other on twitter so hi *waves*.
    I collect vintage clear glass bottles. Esp old soda bottles, they are slowly overtaking the house though!

  9. hi!This was a really fabulous post!
    I come from milan, I was luck to come cross your blog in digg
    Also I get a lot in your Topics really thanks very much i will come daily

  10. Lovley! I just did an interview with Tabitha on handmade. You can read it here..

  11. beautiful collections. i am especially loving that jar full of glitter. lovely :)

    - carolyn


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