12 days of cheer, perch papiers:

December 3, 2010


PLEASE NOTE: this good cheer deal is sold out! :)
Thanks for participating + supporting !

Retail Price: $12 (+ s&h) for a set of 8
GOOD CHEER PRICE: $10 for a set of 12!
+ $3 for shipping & handling

Send some pretty Christmas cheer with these festive calligraphy postcards from Perch Papiers! For $10, you'll receive a set of 12 hand calligraphy postcards. Lovely!



- Only 15 sets available

- Limit 1 per customer

- Please be sure to visit Perch Papiers and support!

- Deal is available for international countries: just $5 for postage.
Just etsy convo Perch Papiers to arrange!

- Click the 'buy now' button to purchase this deal.
Use your paypal account to pay and enter your shipping
information. Then your good cheer will be on it's way!

- If the 'buy now' button is no longer working,
it means the item is sold out.

- If you purchased one, please leave a comment so we
can track how many are left :)

Questions? Just email me!

13 hello's:

  1. Glad I'm in the US :-) Heading over. LOVE THEM! Great deal and they are so darling. Have a great weekend.

  2. i just bought one! i love the calligraphy!

  3. Thank you for supporting friends!!

    CORRECTION: You will receive 12 postcards from Perch Papiers, not 10! Hurray, what a deal! :)

  4. Just purchased a set- thank you!!!

  5. I bought a set earlier and forgot to comment. I love calligraphy so these will be perfect!

  6. just got one.. beautiful! thank you so much!

  7. Hello all. Thanks for your support and interest in my holiday post cards! Sales tax is being charged and we have no figured out how to do away with this little kink in the system.
    Your tax $ will be refunded to you :)


    perch papiers

  8. These are so beautiful! I couldn't resist and just bought some! Thanks for sharing Danni and thank you Heather for the Good Cheer Price! :)

  9. oh my goodness...along with being adorable this will send a note of cheer and save me lots of time as well! thank you Heather and Perch Papiers!

  10. Bought one! So excited!


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