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January 14, 2011

It's friday already! Do you have any exciting weekend plans? This Sunday we will be at the Long Beach Antique Market Update, Sunday: sorry we won't be there after all, our van wouldn't start this morning when we tried to leave. :(

I am getting excited/anxious for Alt Summit - I had lunch with Lillian the other day and it turns out we both booked the same flight, so I'll have a flying buddy to SLC!

Nick gave me roses when I got home from San Francisco last weekend, presented in a double gulp cup, he's so cute. We also finally opened our presents the other day. Yea, our Christmas presents. I like to prolong things so it lasts longer ;) Anyway, he surprised me with an iPad. He was like "You can take it to alt with you and take notes and stuff" Goodness, how sweet is he?

Well I haven't left links in a while so I thought I'd leave you with some weekend links.

+ Hide & Seek Workshop - a workshop by Found Vintage Rentals. I got all my furniture from Jeni at Found, she is amazing and so is her stuff. When I first stopped by her studio, I left saying to Nick, "How awesome is her job? I want to do that!" heh. But anyway, if you're in Orange County / Los Angeles - She is holding a workshop about starting your own vintage rental business, I bet there's a lot to know!

+ Handmade Valentine Swap - I met Lyndsey at Dionne's blogger meet-up and she is hosting a Valentine swap if you want to participate for v-day next month! Fun stuff, I love swaps.

+ Sleeping Baby Eats Hamburger - I twittered this a while ago but if you need a good laugh and some cuteness, watch this. It's my nephew and I just think he is the absolute most adorable baby ever. I'm not bias at all! ;)

+ 5 reasons why bloggers quit blogging - This is such an interesting site with a lot of great articles. I thought this one was interesting, because I so often come across blogs that aren't posting anymore. So maybe this will help you to not become discouraged. I also thought this article was interesting too..

+ Hey Soul Sister Glee Performance - I cannot get enough of Darren Criss, I love his voice! Also - if you're a glee fan, did you see this CUTE video of the glee mini me's? adorable.

+ jcrew extra 40% off sale items - jcrew is doing an extra 40% off sale items + free shipping on $100 or more. so tempting! use code "MUSTHAVE". Can I justify spending $100?

Well that's all I have for you, sort of random stuff ;) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, see you on Monday! xo.

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  1. wow, thanks so much for posting about the swap! hooray. have a great weekend!

  2. Happy weekend!

    PS. Those are lovely flowers!

  3. What booth will you be in at the Flea Market?? I haven't been since October, and can't wait to go!!!

  4. Have a lovely weekend - thank you for all the inspiration this week!

  5. thanks for those links! I'm excited about the valentine swap :) have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Wow, you've got SO many great links here, Danni!! :) YOU GOT AN IPAD!! :) Ah, we were just talking about that, yayyy for you!! :) What a husband you've got ;) who gets you some really wonderful gifts!! :)
    The sleeping baby video is ADORABLE.

    Talk more on the plane! ;)
    Happy weekend! :)

  7. (Wow, lots of smiles in my comments, hehe - your post today just made me smile a LOT!)

  8. Your husband is so incredibly sweet! Happy day!

  9. i'm such an old lady, I think it tim got me an ipad, i would be scared of it and not know what to do with it, haha. hope you have a good weekend, good luck selling your wedding goods! my best friend is visiting this weekend (she flies in tomrrow with her fiance and 6 yr old daughter) so i'll be up your way one day at disneyland :)

  10. Happy weekend Danny :)
    P.S. Have you seen the post I did about your pocket watch?

  11. Have a wonderful weekend and hope to see/meet you at Alt next week!

  12. mini glees are oh so cute. seriously that video made my day.

  13. yay! I love swaps too! I may just have to join:)

    happy Friday!!

  14. First of all, what a lovely picture (and a great boyfriend you have)! And thanks for the link to Blog Godown - it's a great site that I hadn't seen before.

    xo Erin

  15. Hi! I love your blog, especially your business card posts! Now I want to make some of my own, haha. Have a great weekend!

  16. What a nice photo you have! Your husband is so sweet! Cherish the moment!

  17. Thanks for the inspiration links! I just signed up for Lindsey's Valentine swap :)

  18. Jon surprised me with a MacBook this weekend; the in-laws gave me an iPad for Christmas and our old G5 was too old to sync it with. He said: I know you like to blog, and do Etsy, and are learning a bit of graphic design...I hope this makes it easier. He was home on Friday and researched all day long. That was the most expensive day off ever!!!

    I love our boys.


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