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April 13, 2011

Thanks to eyeful for the beautiful photo above!

Today's topic is blog comments! Wondering what your thoughts are in general about blog comments? Are you a commenter or do you like to stay behind the scenes? Do you think commenting helps get you noticed? Do you just leave comments for the purpose of promoting your own site? If you're a blogger, do you reply to the comments are your blog? If you're a reader, do you appreciate replies? Is blog comment count something you notice when you visit a blog? Perhaps the first thing you look at? Do you think it determines the size of the blog?

There are so many discussions that go into this topic of blog comments, so feel free to share whatever thoughts you have about them ;) I've heard that a blog with comments is what sets your site apart from just being a website. Comments is what makes your blog a blog. An article from states that "Comments are the lifeblood of any blog." They also have some other interesting articles about blog comments such as, Is commenting on blogs a smart strategy?, 10 Techniques to Get More Comments on Your Blog, & the ultimate guide to blog commenting.

My own thoughts about comments is that they are a great way to build community and cultivate a special relationship between the blogger & the readers. I think they are a great way to show support & love to the blog you're reading and I personally need to get out and comment more! I don't think a blog's success is determined by how many comments that blog receives though.

In my own experience, there are 3 people who stand out in my mind who I could always count on a comment from. It actually helped me remember their names and click to their blogs - just because I was receiving comments from them every day and I really felt their support through it. I've actually met these 3 girls in real life since: Dionne, Sandy, and Lillian! So perhaps consistent commenting works! I'm not saying you should start leaving comments every single day on every blog you read. I just think this certain example was interesting. Do you have any comment-related stories to share?

Well, I don't know if I covered the points or topics I meant to cover in this discussion. Plus it's quite late as I write this and my thoughts are really scattered. ;) But I know I am super fortunate to have such a great support and community here at oh, hello friend - thank you for all your comments you take the time to leave. I don't think I can really ever thank you enough, friends. Hope you enjoy the discussion today!

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  1. Great post!! I just might have to link this to my blog!!

  2. I don't know about how much commenting helps me to be seen by other bloggers, but I do know that every comment my blog receives makes me smile. It's a bit of a validation that what I am doing is interesting or helpful to someone out there. I have also made good friends through comments made.
    You have such a beautiful blog that I'm sure it's hard NOT to comment! :)

  3. I agree with you on those points. I haven't blogged for very long and the couple people who comment and show support really help! And you feel like you made a new friend with those regular commenters!

    It's always nice to get a reply for a thoughtful comment you left and I usually leave comments when I really have something to say or feel strongly about something. Overall, I always appreciate every little comment I get!

  4. 1) I LOVE commenting on blogs, especially when I have more than 2 seconds to whip through and leave a hello. If I find something that strikes my attention in any way I'll always comment!

    2) I LOVE reading comments on my own blog - I feel so appreciative that people will actually take the time to read or notice something they like. It makes me glad I started my blog (new blogger).

    3) I think you're right, commenting can help build a relationship and get you noticed. I find I "meet" people on blogger that I could be friends with in real life!! It's amazing.

    great post, xo

  5. I'm relatively new to the blogging world (since january of this year) and commenting is "key". I've been able to network through the blogging community just by clicking on my commenters comment, which takes me to their blog, which then takes me to another, and another.

    For me, when I get commenters, it's validation that I am writing about stuff that is interesting to others and not just myself. That validation is something I need as a new blogger.

    I know commenting on people's blogs takes time and energy, but it's totally worth it for YOU and for the blogger you are interacting with.

    Thanks for this great post!

  6. As someone who only has one follower to her blog, I REALLY appreciate when someone comments on my posts. I comment on other bloggers posts on, maybe, 15% of the posts I read. I have stopped commenting on a few blogs where the blogger never replies to comments - not just my comments but any of them. When a blogger never replies to the things people are saying, it makes me feel like they don't care or appreciate the feedback.

  7. You're right, there is so much we could discuss about comments.

    I go through phases when I comment and when I don't. I wish I would do it more, because I know how nice it is to receive comments.

    I really appreciate those readers that comment nearly everyday on my blog. Like you I tend to remember them more and go visit their blog more often than other blogs.

    Commenting is a great way to connect with other bloggers. I have met other bloggers that started all from comments.

    Great post! I am going to check back later just to see all the comments. I am curious about everyone's responses :)

  8. All my online friends have been made through commenting. Honestly, it's just like you would respond to a friend and I think it's a vital part of blogging.
    When I join in a photography challenge I get lots of comments from people who don't always follow my blog but do like the photo. They usually leave really sweet comments and so I visit their blog in return and leave them a kind comment. But I don't like the commetn culture that builds up, especially on places like Flickr, where whole conversations are held in the commenting. It can feel quite isolating to see two people having a chat with inside jokes whilst you're feeling a little unnoticed. I also think saying--"Hi, cute blog, can you read mine?" is quite rude. If you were to leave a thoughtful comment--for example, "I love the bokeh you've used on this photo and I love the way the mustard yellow you added really brings out the colours in the hot air balloon. Thanks for bringing up such a interesting blog discussion, Danni! It's some real food for thought and I can't wait to see some responses"--would build up much more of a rapport.
    I'm not really sure where this is going so I'll shut up now.
    But--I do like the graphics and it is a very interesting subject!

  9. I try to leave comments on posts that touch or inspire me.

    As far as receiving comments, of course I love them. I think it was Melanie ( that tweeted something the other day about how sometimes posts she writes in a flash get tons of comments and other posts she spends time preparing only receive a few. This happens to me all the time! I'm not sure what it means but I do love the feedback my readers give. Sometimes I wish the lurkers would feel safe enough to share a hello. It would be great to get to know them too.

  10. I love leaving comments and being a part of a discussion. That being said, I also love receiving comments... and that's probably been my biggest struggle with blogging, as I've yet to get many comments from anyone other than a few loyal readers. For some reason that's a sign of success for me- more comments, more people are interested in what you have to say and want to hear more.

  11. I generally leave comments on blogs that have less than 1000 followers. I feel that blogs with more followers that my comments get lost and that it doesn't really matter as much if I comment. I still check out their posts and read them through, however I generally skip the commenting part.

    I generally comment on blogs that have less followers if I have something to say about their post. If I read a post and don't feel that I have something to say then I just don't. I feel that I am commenting to make friends and let people know that I am reading. I want the bloggers to know that I am reading what they have to say and not just that I am commenting so they come to read my blog.

    I myself try and respond to bloggers who ask me questions or say things in their comment that I would like to respond to. Sometimes I can't do that because they do not leave their email, or they are a "non reply" blogger as it says in my email.

    Overall I appreciate my commenters and I hope that they appreciate me!


  12. I am a commenter. I think that comments are important to the reader and the writer. In the end we do this for ourselves but it helps to know that people are supportive. When discussions happen in the comments I feel like I might actually be connecting to people.

  13. Great post! I just posted something a very similar topic recently asking if commenters preferred email replies or return comments on their blogs.

    To answer your question(s)...I think it is very important. Commenting back and forth has led to wonderful relationships as well as opportunities for myself as well as the commenter. In my book it's a win/win.

    My only issue has been that, in the past, I've made a point of replying to each comment. That practice is becoming more and more difficult as time goes on and I hear from more people - a practice which has led to a rather large inbox and a panicked look on my face!

  14. I agree with everything you & the commentators have said. I'm relatively new to craft/art/design blogging & every comment counts! I love hearing what others have to say & I love knowing that I'm not just talking to myself.

    I totally agree with Kelly J.R., I probably comment on 15% of the posts I read, but I do stop commenting when I realize that it's to deaf's ears. There have been a couple of bloggers/artists that I really respected, but never responded to some simple questions I had & I have to admit, I can't think of them the same since.

  15. Danni,
    GREAT discussion.
    I really think so highly of those bloggers who make the effort to stay in touch with their readers and respond to comments. Interaction is so key to engaging the reader and building friendships.
    I do my best to respond to all comments on my blog via email or visiting their own blog.

    I do think it is tacky to leave links and promote giveaways so I appreciate when readers leave thought out comments that says they read the post! I know I myself never check back to a blog to see if they responded to a comment on their own site, so I don't usually respond on my own site as well.

    You do a great job Danni of keeping in touch with your readers! Thanks for the points!

  16. I'm more of a blog reader than a blog writer so whenever I comment it's not with the intention of having someone read my blog. I usually only comment on someone's post if I have something specific to say or if the post touched me in some way. I never comment just to comment.

  17. I think it's pretty hit or miss w/comments, but I do think the number of comments generally reflects the size of the blog. I know I'm not the first person with Google Analytics hooked up to her blog to say that the vast majority of viewers do NOT comment.

    I try to keep it in perspective with 2 things:

    1) Why do I really want comments? This can vary depending on my mood to the sort of post I put the time and effort into creating. Comments are validation, and it's not a bad thing to want validation for your work, but knowing why exactly you want them can help your perspective on the # I/you get on our blogs.

    Another angle is this: why am I blogging? Is it to catalog findings? or develop friendships? or just to show off my work? or?? Maybe your type of blog isn't one that makes people want to comment...which brings me to:

    2) What makes me comment on other blogs? Honestly, sometimes I really want to comment -and maybe I even type it out, but there are soooo many hoops to jump through that I get frustrated and just forget about it. Call me ADD/impatient or whatever, but if you make it easy for me to comment, I am more likely to do so.

    Try turning off your word verification, etc. for a week and see if you get more comments. Seriously. Blogger has been AWESOME about catching spam, so I no longer require word verification except on 1wk old+ posts. Just give it a try!

    Another thing that makes me want to comment on blogs is when they DISCUSS something, heh - like this post here! =) Don't most of us like to share our opinions? hee hee!

  18. Great topic.

    I wrote an article for handmadeology a few months ago about listening instead of just waiting to speak.

    It is frustrating when people comment and you can TELL they are just plugging their own site or blog.

    It is the same as when you are talking to someone and they aren't listening...they are just waiting to speak.

    We all want to be heard and there is a way to be heard with tact.

    I love comments and commenting if I have an observation or something to add to the conversation.

  19. I've been loving your blog discussion columns Danni! I've always looked at commenting on blogs as the ultimate way of showing support. And as a new blogger, I especially love whenever I get a comment. :)

  20. this was SUCH a helpful post, and something I have always wondered about! thanks for the insight!

  21. When I comment on other blogs (like right now), it kind of makes me feel like I am getting to know you, the blogger, a little better - establishing a friendship in a way.
    I only comment on blogs when I find the topic interesting - or if it is something that brightens up my day (such as funny stories or pretty pictures), I want to let the blogger know that they have made me happy.

    I also love getting comments on my own blog. It is so nice to know that someone is actually out there, listening (or reading, that is).

    Blogging just brings so much positivity to my life:)

  22. We love getting comments on our blog's a great way of getting feedback and feeling like we're on track with what our viewers want to be seeing and hearing from us. I do enjoy leaving comments as well but try to only comment on posts that I really enjoy and that I have something specific to comment about. I personally try to never plug our own blog within my comments but I do sign my name as Lily from Birch + Bird so that anyone who cares to link back to our site knows that it was my personal opinion and not necessarily Rachel's. I love this open discussion, Danni! Keep up the good work :)

  23. Oh this is interesting. I actually have been thinking about this. I was wondering if I should comment reply but really unless the reader subscribes to comments or you have that lovely comment reply plugin, it's really hard to check. As a reader if I know the blogger replies on their site I tend to tag it in my reader that I've commented so I know to check back. But I definitely don't gauge the success of any blog on comments received. I actually love being the first if there are no comments there.

    I do take the time to look at bloggers when they comment. Commenting is a huge way to build a community and I really believe this blogging situation is all about sharing and community.

  24. I have the similar thought process as you!

    I love commenting on blogs, especially when it connects me to the person I'm reading. I don't do it on everything I read...but if it pulls at me, I'll go and comment. I read my blogs in a reader, and it's nice to be able to open the post in another tab and then when I'm done with my reading go through the open tabs and leave my comments. I have a process and it works for me!

    I also reply back to almost every comment I receive on my blog. I reply on the blog but also in email. This way, I know for sure that that person has seen my reply.

  25. well since this post is about comments, i have to leave one now.;)
    i love your blog. thanks for the thoughts.

  26. I wouldn't agree with the idea of comments being the lifeblood of blogs; it's kind of like saying that something isn't art unless someone buys it. There are sooo many really good blogs out there that don't get nearly this many comments and it's surprising...

    ...though I would agree that it subconsciously tells people that maybe it's not as great a blog as one might think :)

    It probably takes years to get comments. Heck, I've had an ever evolving blog for ten years and I still never get comments. "If you build it, they will come" is overly optimistic.

    I like the comments I get from friends because they tend to start a conversation, maybe about something else. It takes the pressure off.

    I'm less comfortable with ones that say "oh nice," because I just don't know what to do with that other than feel pleased that someone I don't know has visited!

    Even LESS comfortable with ones that post to casually lure me over to their site. I'm very happy to check it out, but what do you do when it's not your cup of tea? And they keep reminding you because you didn't leave a comment on all of their posts?

  27. this is a good thought provoking topic! I read every single comment that I receive and try to let them know I appreciate it too. Now, when I visit other blogs I do not judge their blog on how many comments they have...and when I open my dashboard and check the blogs I follow I try to comment but no way can I comment on all of them because, I want to leave a personal note on each one not a general comment...ya know? I get so tired of the copy and paste type of comments where they ask you to 'follow me back' UGH!

    great post today sweetie!

  28. oh wait, something I want to add... I've been spoiled by online forums that have "nesting" and "message centers"... I just wish that all websites had some way to notify when someone replies directly to you.

    When I find a new blog, I read the WHOLE THING. Often it takes a week to do that, but there are always some posts I want to comment on but don't because they're so old and the author would never see them.

    I sometimes find comments on my older posts, but that's if I'm casually looking around which is... hardly ever? And then I feel bad that someone asked a question several days/weeks/months ago and it's too late to answer!

  29. I've always pretty much stayed behind the scenes but then I realized exactly what you said: In many ways it's the comments that make the blog. By that I mean that blogging is about community and community is about sharing thoughts and ideas with each other. To that end, I've gotten over my shyness and now I try to leave comments and something really stands out to me. It's just hard to know if your comments are appreciated so it's always nice to get a response.
    Thanks for bringing up this topic! Your post and the comments have been very thought provoking!

  30. I really enjoy reading other people's comments on blogs and I love when someone has a particularly interesting and insightful comment and it leads me to their interesting and awesome blog! So I love both reading comments on my own blog and other people's.

  31. I read quite a few blogs & I always read the comments too because they add to the discussion. I comment when a post moves me, relates to me &/or interests me. I never comment just to comment. I'm always thrilled when readers comment on my humble little blog :-)

  32. I'm a behind the scenes reader and rarely comment. I try to visit bloggers who have commented on my blog, but sometimes it gets overwhelming and on top of all the other things to do (blogging, work, marriage, housework, etc.) it seems it's a huge task in itself. I do communicate more on twitter, which is much easier to respond to my blog readers rather than trying to find the time to comment back to everyone.

    However, when I do find the time, it really is a treat to discover new blogs, and connect with people.

  33. @Melissa

    In blogger you can set up to have any and all comments that you recieve emailed to you. In blogger go to settings > comments > scroll to bottom where you'll see comment notification email > enter your email and never miss a comment again.

  34. Danni, these comments are such a sweet example of your post! I would agree that there are many other factors that go into having a successful blog than simply comments, however I'm not sure any of them make me quite as happy:)

  35. Great discussion!

    Comments are what make a blog a community instead of a personal diary or journal. They are also introductions to kindred spirits from all over the globe.

    When I was going through the hardest time in my life after a miscarriage, the comments from people I had never met were amazingly sensitive and supportive. I am incredibly grateful to all the people who share their hearts with me and take the time to say hello and leave a kind word on my blog.

  36. Well, I think comments are a great way to keep in touch and show love. I think it's important that if I have built a relationship with a blogger that I leave a comment telling them hello, especially if they take the time to blog everyday. Unfortunately I think my comments are lame and in no way adequately express my excitement. Hence my heavy use of !!!!!

  37. I try hard to make a concerted effort to comment on the posts that I enjoy and hope others will do the same on my blog. We all love to recieve (nice)comments.

  38. I usually stay behind the scenes unless there is something I really want to say...or if there is a contest or something ;).

    I know a lot of people comment for the purpose of getting noticed and I can't hate on that,especially since I started my own blog. It would just bother me a bit to do it that way. (note: this comment is not for purposes of getting noticed, lol).

    I DO however like responses from bloggers, especially when my comment has kind of warranted it.

  39. I love commenting! (Clearly!) :) I think it's a great way to interact. My favorite blogs, the one I keep reading even though I might have moved on from the subject matter, is those that took the time to respond to my comments, particularly by email. I know some bloggers love to comment back, but the problem is that unless you subscribe to all comments, you'll never see it! So I like to do the same on my blog - any particularly kind or helpful comments, I email back a thank you of some kind. It's all about building relationships! :)

  40. I reply to almost all my comments unless they're one word like "cute" after a post. If the reader has something legitimate to say, I love using it as a conversation starter.

    I normally respond via email though, which is hard because readers don't always connect their email addresses to their profiles. If I can't email, I try to leave a comment on their blog relevant to their post and the comment they left me.

    I love when I visit a "big" blog and leave a comment and then hear back from the author. It makes me feel like they do care who is reading their blog--even if they have a million readers.

  41. I love when my blog gets comments, but I'm always so bad at commenting myself! I think part of the problem is that I don't have anything concrete to add to the discussion; it's more of a "hey I like this and appreciate what you do!" comment.

    I'll try to post these types of comments more often.

  42. i read & i comment when i feel like i have something nice, or encouraging etc. to say-not just for the sake of leaving a comment.
    i love receiving comments on my own blog-and read them all. sometimes answering in my comments section-sometimes on their own blog...
    i agree with you -in that it helps build a sense of community...

  43. I think commenting is great. I don't often have time to comment on blogs I read daily, but I always leave a comment on something that I love or that moves me.
    I find that comments on my own blog make me happy and feel validated. I do always email the commenter back if an email is linked and I try to visit there blog too.
    I think it builds community more and I have meet a couple great email pen pals through comments.

  44. I comment to let people know what they've written struck a chord with me; what frustrates me is how hard it is to keep track of any replies, short of going back through each post I've commented on individually.

    I love getting comments on my blog - it lets me know I'm not talking totally to myself! And I do feel a bit intimidated by blogs with heaps and heaps of comments... but perhaps it's more personal on mine where there are just a few?

  45. I love to leave and receive comments. I think it is a must when it comes to blogging. it lets your followers know you are real. I have meet wonderful people through my blog and look forward to reading comments. I try never to leave a generic comment on other blogs. I also reply to all comments on my blog. This is a great article and I will be sharing on my blog as well. Thanks.

  46. Love this post!

    I think blogs can be for others but can also act as a personal journal or catalog of sorts, so I definitely don't believe having comments makes or breaks a blog.

    Who doesn't like to receive nice comments? Keeping that in mind I think it's nice to try and leave a comment or two when things really speak to you... it helps cultivate a positive atmosphere and community, which is one of the best parts of blogging!

  47. I comment if i like something, sometimes its a blog hop so the whole point is to comment. I like to reply to people but not sure they are bothered if i do or not. Sometime i will visit someones blog and say thanks . but its not about getting notice if people find me and like what i do great if not then still great.
    My first comment here but i do like your blog.
    Kate xx

  48. Super topic, I always comment back when others comment on my blog. And I do think that if someone were to comment often and I didn't comment back, then it would be rude. Aren't we all here to connect in some way :) I comment daily on several blogs that I consider the author friends, and I would comment more on others but I have to get work some time. To be fair there are blogs I read regularly and don't comment b/c when there are so many comments that I feel there isn't much more to add. Unless it's something brave and personal that someone has shared and it's important to acknowledge it. Thanks for sharing the topic and opening the discussion~

  49. Great post!

    I comment if I like something or it stands out. I never thought of it as helping me be seen, although I know it can help. I do smile every time I receive a comment. In a way, every time I get a comment I know someone has taken interest in something I have done or posted. I do reply, sometimes on their blog or sometimes on the post they commented.

  50. Hm... this made me think that I should leave more comments, usually I barely have time to look through everything that my favorite people had to say and don't get to actually comment on it, but I still enjoy it.
    I don't think comments indicate the popularity or success of a blog, however they do make it fun. In my case for example I have a lot of family members and friends all over the world and most of them don't have bloggs as it is not as popular there, so they read everything I write, but can't comment or add me as a firend. So I know that what I do is for a purpose and that I have readers, but my follower list and my comments do not indicate that... Even my husband checks my blog every day, although he can see me creating posts, he always checks it out on his computer as soon as I get it posted. :)
    Good topic!

  51. What a great topic!

    I think that commenting is super encouraging. I try to view commenting as a "do unto others..." I feel one, that it is encouraging to a blogger, but also as a blogger then it helps me gain perspective on what topics/posts my readers respond to.

    I only comment on topics that interest me or when the blogger is trying to gain feedback from their readers. I realize that it also is a way of being seen as a blogger so I try to be weary of this and make sure that I comment only when it truly compels me.

  52. I love to comment because I feel like it brings out more of a discussion on a blog then simply reading, it gets me involved.

    I also love commenting because I feel like it shows the reader I care about their blog & I want them to know how much I appreciate the work they put into each post.

    As a blogger I love the feedback I get when someone comments. :)

    Hope your having a lovely day!

  53. I'm a little weird about comments. I rarely, if ever, comment on a blog unless I feel I "know" the blogger. For example, this is the very first time I've commented on your blog, because I've only been reading it for three months or so. I don't feel I know you yet--commenting doesn't feel like I'm chatting with a friend. Maybe I'll get there, maybe I wont, but I still love your blog: )

    There's no real rhyme or reason to it either. Some blogs I have read for a year or more and still don't comment. Some I now comment on regularly, but I've been reading them only a short time. I think it has a lot to do with the amount of personal information a blogger shares--the more open they are, the more open I want to be in return.

  54. Great post. I think comments are great, but also think a lot of users only use them for one reason, to promote themselves or their blog. On other networking sites like fashiolista I get comments all the time on my blog that just is say a link to their blog. Which is ridiculous. Not even a Hi. I also see a lot of comments from same user, that are CLEARLY copy and pasted from one posting to the next.

    Hey I guess whatever swings your boat... but I think comments can sometimes be a little emotionless and heartless. I love to see more meaningful and thought-out comments.


  55. comment. comment. comment.

    i think commenting shows love and helps bloggers feel loved. i like to comment and receive comments :)

  56. I comment when I see something I like - if it's just an update with nothing much to say then I don't comment, but I comment if I see something i want to talk about or if i want to let the person know I appreciate what they've posted. Your blog is always fascinating and SOOOOO pretty! I've left a few comments for you! xx

  57. Love this post and I'm definitely going to check out the links you've mentioned. Comments = one of my favorite things and getting a bunch of comments in one day is one of the biggest self-esteem boosters for me.

    When I first started out with my blog (so just a few months ago), I would specifically look for blogs and comment and hoped I'd get noticed. Now I don't have time to do that, but I see commenting as something different these days, as well. I know how much I love getting comments so I try to leave a comment whenever I can to give even just a little bit of joy to someone.

    I've recently made a few bookmark folders to make things easier for me with a priority/comment folder being one and this one is filled with bloggers who continually comment on my blog and support me. I try to comment on their blogs almost every single day.
    If I start to feel like I'm giving a whole bunch of myself to a certain blog and haven't ever received a comment from them, I tend to stop commenting as much and only comment when I find that it'll add to the conversation/am especially interesting in a particular post.

    I used to reply to every single comment on my blog, but then I realized most people don't come back to read the replies so now I just reply every once in a while. I think it shows that the writer of the blog is really there and cares about what their reader has to say. I definitely appreciate replies on other blogs as well and, when I first started blogging, I found myself being pulled towards these blogs more so than to those who didn't reply to comments.

    I don't really notice comment numbers on other blogs anymore and I used to think it showed how big a blog is, but even the biggest websites get few comments on certain posts.

    Gosh, sorry... I need to learn how to shorten my own comments, ha! Hope this helps. : )

  58. what a great post! I just read the links you mentioned and they make so much sense. Thanks for posting this. xoxo, Ana

  59. As a reader and general lurker, I only comment when I feel strongly about an article. I don't usually expect a response, but it's nice when you get one. How much I comment definitely fluctuates with some complicated formula that involves the moon, the number of friends and family I've heard from and my current favorite color.

    However, I do find comments left by other readers that direct you to their blog to be very annoying. I feel that it's disrespectful of the original author and the community that they are trying to build.

    Thanks so much for starting this discussion!

  60. Just wanted to leave a quick comment to ALL OF YOU that I am loving this discussion and have enjoyed reading your thoughts! Thanks for sharing! :)

    I want to leave you all comments on your own blogs, I truly wish I could just stop time so I could have enough time to look at blogs & leave comments! <3

  61. I'm a relatively new blogger & I'm enjoying commenting on all the new blogs I come across! I started blogging to form a community of friends to share with and I want to hear back from them as well! Of course, you hope to get more followers on your blog, so it feels less like a diary to yourself, and commenting is a great way to find like minded people who might stop by your blog & perhaps, get to know you better! :)

  62. I am really glad you raised this as a topic,as I am v new to blogging and need to know the blog/commenting etiquette (if there is one)!

    Myself, I really enjoy reading other people's comments but have been a bit shy about writing my own till recently. I still look at blogs every day even if I do not comment :)


  63. I love commenting on blogs but sometimes I do not have a lot of time to comment even though I want to. I love it when I get comments because I like to build a relationship with other blog friends and readers! When I get comments it always makes me smile!

  64. Hello! I must say you are a great inspiration for me and my sisters. We love your blog and the way you present it. I am just starting my way around blogs and despite my blog being so raw, has brought some people together through comments. Therefore, yes, I do believe that commenting is essential to keep relationships going and get you noticed.

  65. Thanks for the great discussion. I never used to comment even when posts really got to me but now that I started a blog I realize how validating they can be. I'm trying to comment more and was wondering if there is a "comment ettiquette". Should I respond to every comment? What if I've responded to a commenter and comment on their blog (b/c I visit and like it not just to visit back). Do I need to respond every time they comment again? Also I don't often reply on my blog b/c I worry the commenter won't come back to read the comment and many people don't have their email hooked up. It's a very interesting discussion and I've enjoyed reading what everyone else has to say.

  66. Well, I hardly have any readers, so most of my comments come from my family and friends, which I love. I don't live far from them, but I also don't get to see them very much and I love to hear from them. I always make a point to respond, either with a reply comment or an email/facebook message.
    I also leave comments everywhere, because I like to join in the discussion and I like to encourage people. It's daunting to put your voice, thoughts, and opinions out there in public, so when I agree or like something, I like to show my support. We can all use the occasional dose of edification. I'm actually pretty shy and quiet in my real (read: nonvirtual) life, so I think I also like the ability to join in discussion somewhat more anonymously as well.
    That's pretty much my whole take on comments.

  67. I comment on blogs to support them, though I rarely get commenters on my blog. The ones who comment, i really appreciate them because honestly I wonder to myself: why am i blogging and what is the point? I am trying to build brand awareness-that didn't work either. I might actually stop blogging...

    Great discussion, i've enjoyed reading the other comments

  68. I absolutely love receiving comments, and I always reply to them. I feel like I blog for my own pleasure so it is truly wonderful to know that someone else is reading my ramblings and cares to give feedback :) My blog is pretty personal and unknown, and sometimes I think I'm just sending my thoughts out into when that one person comments it makes me feel connected and supported.

    And since it makes me feel so ooey gooey inside when someone leaves me some love, I try my best to pass it on and comment on other blogs when I feel like I have something to contribute or if I just want to tell them how wonderful the post is! So my dear, this post was wonderful and I really enjoyed reading everyone else's comments too <3

  69. Judging by the amount of comments here, this post was successful!

    I also believe more comments on my blog is good for my blog and shows that people are interested in what I'm sharing.

    They also give your blog life as others contribute to it and help build it up. Yes, when looking at other blogs I do take particular notice to how many comments it has - it basically shows me that the content must be interesting and that there is a chance that many others will see my comment and look me up.

    Sometimes I will comment on a blog with very little or no comments in an effort to give that person a lift, but also with the aim of getting them to my blog.

    After all, the reason we blog is because we want some attention!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  70. I'm relatively new to blogging and I know how much it means to me when people comment on my posts, so I try to do it for others!

  71. Hello. I can not get used to you. I live in Vietnam. I'm Hoang Giang.
    happy to be acquainted
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  72. Well in the spirit of the day, I will post and say I do love your little place here on the internet!

    And I'm gunna tweet this post. Good one.

  73. I think commenting is really important but only if it's genuine and meaningful commenting! It's all about connecting and sharing and so I also think it's really important to reply to comments as much as is possible to the blogger.

    I try to leave a comment as often as I can on the blogs that I love! I want them to know that I'm here, I'm reading and I'm enjoying what they're doing! I also try to respond to the comments that I get on my blog so that the commenters know that I appreciate them and that I'm conversing with them and want them to come back!

  74. yay, i too used to get frequent comments from dionne! she is the best. i miss seeing her pop up in my inbox but i guess i deserve it since i'm bad at commenting back.

    comments really do help me feel like my blog matters -- those weeks when i get zero comments for days at a time really suck. i start feeling like i'm just writing to no one.

    i loved getting your comment the other day!! nice to know someone is out there :) i do typically hesitate to comment on blogs (like yours) who get tons of comments anyway; i guess i feel like mine won't matter or won't be read since there are already SO many.

  75. I try to leave comments on other people's sites as much as possible. I was actually a little intimidated by you at first, Danni. I mean, you had SO many comments, I thought I was just one more in the long list. As for comments on my own blog, I read each and every one and try to respond to as many as I can (though I'm a bit behind at the moment).

  76. I love it so much when people comment on my blog! Maybe it's because I'm just starting out and don't get many comments yet, but I always like to reply. I wish I could get more comments! Hopefully I can get some tips from those links you posted to increase my comment count. I also like reading the comments that readers leave on other people's blogs- other people's takes on things interest me!

    If anyone wants to make me a happy blogger you can visit my blog and leave me a comment :)

  77. I try to only leave comments on blog posts that I truly do love or find inspirational. I definitely don't think it's okay to post only to promote your blog. I usually only post my site if it pertains particularly to that post. I love to hear what my readers have to say and hope to develop a community of readers/bloggers too!

  78. I'm new here to Oh, Hello Friend (literally - just yesterday) but I've been blogging (inconsistently) since 2008 and consistently for the past several months.

    I look at comments as feedback and having been in management, I've always been told (and explain to people) that feedback is a gift, whether it be positive, negative or neutral.

    I read a LOT of blogs and articles in general. I comment on posts that I find especially interesting, or when I feel I have something to add, clarify or ask.

    As a blog owner, I think it's GREAT receiving comments because then I know people are reading and "listening" to what I have to say. It's like your virtual neighborhood - the more talk and discussion, the closer your online "neighborhood" will be and you'll have a better community; just as you would in your own neighborhood. So this also means that anytime someone comments on my site, I try my best to always respond - even if it's a "thank you". Honestly, I've left comments on other blog sites and there's a few that I've just learned to not expect a response, even if I ask a question. Yet there's others where the opposite is true - and as a result, I've visited the sites more, recommended them, etc.

    Personally, and this is only based on my experience, I don't think commenting helps get you noticed. I've never used it that way. I think a blog owner will and can tell the difference between someone leaving a genuine comment vs. someone who's there just to spam or promote their own site.

    I also don't look at comments to determine quality of the blog. Granted, I think my blog is pretty good I still don't have hundreds and hundred of followers. I base a good blog/site based on the content, how well the site is laid out and easy to navigate, etc. not the comments left.

    Phew! Sorry to be so long winded! :)

  79. This is a great topic.

    I like leaving messages/comments to let the writer/blogger know that someone out there reads and appreciates what they do.

    It's not a bad way to get noticed and have people visit your blog either.

  80. great post! I have been following your blog + love all the adventures you post about! you are quite inspiring :)

    and I hope you don't take this as spam or anything, but I opened a new Etsy and though you might like this product I listed:

    The grid design reminded me of your blog!

    Just wanted to share :)

  81. I'm more of an observer I think; I often don't write a comment if there are already tonnes of other ones (like today!) as I think it'll get lost and become just one more comment.

    I follow most of my blogs on an RSS reader so I'd have to click through to the site to leave a comment as well. Mostly I just want to read good posts and learn new things - I'm a freelancer and have 7 blogs of my own (personal & business & guest blogs) so I have enough to do as it is!

  82. I read quite a few blogs and rarely comment.
    Particularly something like this post, where I think of something to say and then scroll down, down, down, down past all the comments before me, and I figure: Y'know, either someone's already said what I was going to say, or it's not going to mean that much because 85 other people have already said stuff.
    I've started commenting more recently and have found that the traffic to my blog has increased because of it- I've even picked up a couple of regular commenters myself. That being said though, I now feel 'commenter's guilt' for when I read their blogs and don't comment THEM, knowing they say something about every other one of my posts. However, I don't feel like a valuable comment if I just say: "Oh, this is so true. Great post". But I suppose... it is. Because we all like to feel valued, even if it's just one little line like this. Maybe I should do that more.
    This post (and subsequent comment) has given me something to mull over! Thanks!

  83. I leave a comment if I have something to say... even if it is just to say that I enjoyed the post or agreed with it.
    Sometime I waffle on...
    I like to receive comments and try to reply where possible, comments help to crave out a niche for your blog, you get to know what people enjoy and respond to and its get to make a connection with readers.
    I think commenting should happen organically, if you feel compelled to respond, then do, if not, then don't.
    This is clearly an example of a comment where I waffle... so I'll stop :O)

  84. I agree with many of the others. I leave comments because I want my blogging friends to know that I noticed what they posted and I care about them.

    I try to respond to as many of my commenters as I can and many of them have become dear friends over the years.

  85. Great post, I often wonder about this - as much as I love and appreciate getting comments, I always hope that it was left because someone felt really moved/inspired to do so, because that is why I leave comments!

  86. I generally only post comments when I have something to say (like if someone asks me a question! ;) ). I don't get a lot of comments on my blog, it doesn't have a big readership or anything, but I reply if it seems like it needs it. I'm not really into the idea of commenting just to get other comments. It seems very shallow and pointless. Also if there are huge numbers of comments before me I tend not to add one myself (an exception being here of course) as mostly whatever I would say has been said already.

    I appreciate the links to the articles on commenting though!

  87. i think about blog commenting quite a lot! i get such a thrill when i see someone has commented on a new post, knowing that the read what i wrote and had something to say about it makes me so happy. plus, i've met some fantastic friends through commenting that i never would have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.
    i like to comment as much as i can when i have the time because i like to assume that someone else gets that little thrill that i get when they receive a comment from me :)

  88. I try to leave comments on blogs wherever I go. I know how much it means to me when people leave comments on my blog, so I try and pay it forward. :)

    I try to comment on comments, but sometimes there just isn't really anything to say to "This is so cool!" lol

  89. I know it's bad but I usually only comment if I'm in the mood. Even when I love the post...which I usually do:) I don't know why...I guess because I don't really know what to say that is so different from what others say.

    Despite the fact that I have been blogging since 2007 I only just learned that commenting is something used to direct traffic to your site. That's probably why I have such a tiny audience. Tiny, but valuable. Whether I get one comment or many ( i never get many:) I am delighted and grateful and I try to express that by returning the visit. I imagine everyone loves to read nice things and I try to make an effort to express my appreciation for the work that goes into blogs that really inspire me.

  90. I love getting comments and I make it a point to comment on every post that touches me in some way. I think it's important to give feedback and encouragement, especially if I'm inspired or motivated by their awesome blogs. Seems fair.

    I've had a lot of trouble creating a community feel on my blog. I think I'll read up on these posts and see how I can foster a better environment for commenting! Thanks for this post!

  91. I'm fairly new to blogging (thank you so much for this post- it's a great help!)
    I've gone from being a "lurker" to leaving comments- but only if I really mean what I am saying (otherwise I would feel so guilty!)
    Anytime I get a comment it's like a small celebration. This week I got my first comment from someone who was neither a friend or a relative- that just made my day.

  92. i do not have a blog, but am a big blog reader. there are so many blogs that i just enjoy reading, get ideas from, am inspired by...

    so, i made a new years resolution that i would take the time to comment on blogs that i enjoyed, rather than just reading and moving on.

    as a blog reader, i so appreciate the time, effort, passion and dedication it take to maintain a great site. i also appreciate the blogger who occasionally take the time to respond to the comments...there are a number of "big time" bloggers that make me wonder if they actually read the comments to their blogs.

    enjoy your blog & love that you are asking for reader imput!

    nanne in indiana by way of alabama

  93. hi danni! well i think you know my stance on comments hahaha. thanks for the shoutout! i love reading and leaving comments on other's blogs, it's like one of my favorite hobbies! :) i definitely think it's a great way to build community. i always get so giddy when i see a comment from you danni, i always love how you take the time to write a thoughtful one too!


  94. This has been such a good discussion (I posted a link back here on my blog this week).

    If anything, everyone's thoughts on this subject has made me realise I should comment more often than I already do... on the blogs I love, back to people who comment on my own blog... I want to do my part to keep the conversation going, and let the people who are a big part of my online 'life' know I that appreciate it! It is good to know how comments make other bloggers feel, and what motivates readers to comment on a post.

    Thanks again Danni for opening up this discussion!

  95. Hi danni! I love comments and I love commenting. I try to comment as much as possible, especially on posts that resonate with me, but the problem is lack of time. I work a full-time job and can be away from my laptop from 6am-8pm during the week. There's not enough time in the day to read, let alone comment on everything I would like to, considering I follow 200+ blogs. I try to find the balance, and usually end of doing a ton of blog reading all at once every few weeks. Thanks for starting a great conversation.

  96. Woah I couldn't get through all the comments! I don't think you could possibly find the time to reply to this many comments!

    I try to reply to those who leave comments on my blog yet the no reply blogger makes it hard.

    I mostly read blogs through google reader, so a lot of the time I laugh, talk to my screen, nod my head, smile but don't necessarily comment on every post I read.

    I do comment when I feel I have something to say, when I want to send some blog love, congratulations, virtual hug etc.

    I don't rate my blog success on the comments I receive as I assume a lot of people read through 'reader'like me! But like most people, I do love a nice comment!

  97. I am a bit confused about whether or not I am supposed to comment back on the comments I am given.

    I personally like to leave a comment thanking them for making a comment and if they ask a question I feel it is rude not to answer so I do.

    However, whether this is correct blog etiquette or not I don't know. I read a blog quide on a very popular blog that I also love and it said that it is not correct 'blog etiquette' to reply to comments so I am confused. I am not a very experienced blogger so would love if you could shed some light on this for us :) x

  98. This little "message" you have before the option to leave a comment is really cute :3

    I think in the blogosphere it's hard to tell what to do with comments, because 'in the olden days' we used to have comment-conversations just jumping back and forth between blogs, because there was no way to reply to comments and when you commented back on your own post, no one would notice. So if you wanted to reply to someone, you had to go to the other person's blog and reply to one of their blog posts, sometimes with something not relating to the post - but to the comment-convo you'd be having.

    I think this is super redundant and complicated because if you want to read back, you don't know where to go.
    So I'm glad replying-to-comments exists now, and it works better. However it doesn't work as smoothly as on, say, Livejournal. I love the way people comment on there. You can pick your own little icon, you can reply to comments easily, you get notified of the comment; and sometimes people even join in on a conversation. I love it :]

    I do think you have a good point: leaving comments is always a good idea, and I wish more people would comment on blogs more easily. Though as it is with a lot of blogs there's this sort of air of 'matter-of-fact-ness' and people often aren't sure if they *should* leave comments... and then there's this huge difficulty with which you have to do it. How can I do it, with what sort of comment-system do I have to work? Some are very complicated, some are easy... It determines if I leave a comment or not: if it takes too much effort, I give up!

  99. I must say, I lurk the majority of the blogs I read. However if there is a post that merits my input or I feel moved to express my appreciation for, I always do do it.

    My own blog doesn't get a lot of comments, though I know those who read it do so fairly often..sometimes I wonder if it's a reflection of my content, but to be honest I really truly love writing and sourcing information for my posts that even if no one was so much as reading it I would still enjoy myself.

    When I am in a rotten mood it would be lovely to see nice comments, but c'est a vie eh? :c)

  100. I LOVE getting comments on my blog - it makes me remember that all the effort of blogging is worth it!
    And it is a great way to build a community of online friends!

    ... but with your blog getting over 100 comments - I'm not sure how you manage to keep up! :)

  101. hi Danni, I'm really loving this series. As a relatively new blogger I find these topics to be very helpful. Reading everyone's comments have shed lots of light, too! Keep the series coming, I'm learning so much :)

  102. Danni, you are amazing and I'm loving this new column. Just reading through people's inputs and I feel I could learn something from it. I am guilty of not replying to my commenters enough, I should do that more.
    What about commenters who just say 'nice post' and link their blog, do you delete those? I get alot of those and I think it is what has made me a bit disheartened about commenting on my blog and I've even considered turning commenting off.

  103. I've been trying recently to comment more on all of the blogs I read. Before, I probably only commented on about 10% of the blogs I followed. I think I feel a bit intimidated sometimes by blogs with larger "following" bases, like what I might have to say isn't worthy or something. It's a silly fear really, hence why I'm trying to be a little more pro-active with my blogging habits and comment more. After all, that's part of why we're all here isn't it? - to share our stories, make connections and bounce ideas off of one another?

    One thing that's been on my mind recently regarding commenting is how people prefer to get responses from the blogger. When it's my friends blogs, I always check back to see their response. It is hard to remember everywhere you've commented though, so it's easy to forget to check back though. On my blog, I have a plugin installed that whenever anyone replies to someone else's comment, it will e-mail the reply to the original comment poster. I try to reply to the majority of the comments I get, and I like knowing that people won't have to remember to come back to my blog each time to find my reply them. I've never had anyone complain about it (my blog also isn't very big either), but I'd be very curious to know if there are people who strongly oppose to this. Thoughts anyone?

  104. I agree with SweetLime313 recently started blogging and this information helps in understanding and improving

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  107. As the blogger of two small blogs [one with 17/18 followers and rarely no comments and one new one with one follower and 2 comments] I really enjoying recieving and reading comments. I almost always reply back to them as well.

    I'm not usually a big commenter on the larger blogs, but I do follow a few smaller blogs and comment on them because I know how good it feels to receive that comment.


Friends, Thank you so much for reading + supporting my blog, and for taking the time to leave me a comment. Your comment support truly means so much to me. Have a lovely day! xo, danni