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April 4, 2011

I think you know my great love for calligraphy by now. This week's deal is from Dancing Pen - You can get your very own hand calligraphy custom poem written out! It would make a great gift for someone, or lovely wall art. So you can have whatever you'd like written out, just as long as it's under 45 words. Shipping will be only $1. Read about more details below!

Retail Price: $26
Good Cheer Price: $15 + $1 shipping

Choose from these card stock colors: white, ivory, metallic pearl, pink, blue, many shades of purple (even metallic), brown, metallic brown, moss green, gray, golden yellow, red, orange, turquoise! Calligraphy styles: streamlined script or curly ornate


Deal is sold out!
Thanks for your support friends :)

- only 20 custom poems available!

- This deal is open only to US customers, sorry!

- Email Dancing Pen if you have any questions about the custom options.

- Please allow two weeks for delivery, after all details are finalized.

- Strict limit of 45 words. The less words the more flourishes and dramatic I can make the calligraphy.

- Typical size of your custom poem will be 5x7.

- This deal is open all week long, or until items are sold out.

- Please be sure to visit Dancing Pen and support!

- Click the 'buy now' button to purchase this deal. Use your paypal
account to make payment directly to seller and enter your shipping
information. Then your good cheer will be on it's way!

- If the 'buy now' button is no longer working, it means the item is sold out.

6 hello's:

  1. This is a great service! So tempting. Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

  2. Hello!

    I am trying to paste a quote I know is less than 45 words but it keeps cutting it off. Help please? :(

  3. That's a really clever service to offer!

  4. oh no! this one is sold out already?!? what a great deal though =)


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