good cheer deal - eat pray create:

April 4, 2011


Stamps are the best! They're fun and add so much to your projects. Today we have a deal from eat pray create. You'll receive a grab bag of 5 hand carved rubber stamps for only $25! Shipping is FREE for US residents and only $1 for all other countries!

Here are the stamps you'll receive in your stamp pack:

Retail Price: $38 for all 5 stamps!
Good Cheer Price: $25 w/free shipping!



- 25 stamp packs available!

- This deal is open to all countries!

- This deal is open all week long, or until items are sold out.

- Please be sure to visit eat pray create and support!

- Click the 'buy now' button to purchase this deal. Use your paypal
account to make payment directly to seller and enter your shipping
information. Then your good cheer will be on it's way!

- If the 'buy now' button is no longer working, it means the item is sold out.

11 hello's:

  1. I love rubber stamps! They make me feel like a little girl ^_^
    Thank you! Eleni

  2. Very cute, great idea!
    Hope you have a good week!
    Just a Silhouette

  3. Yayy Eat Pray Create!! I loveeee her stamps and just recently purchased custom stamps from her!!! They are amazing and this is an awesome deal for sure!
    xoxoxo meg

  4. Fabulous offer! And adorable stamps!

  5. I could ruin so many photographs with that moustache stamp XD

  6. I ordered these immediately! Thank you for sharing such a fantastic deal. I'm definitely adding this shop to my favorites :-)

  7. could those stamps be any cuter?? i think not.

  8. These are awesome – just placed my order!

    Thanks for the offer!

  9. Those stamps are so adorable! Love the ink colour you chose too ♥

  10. I'm trying to pay using Paypal and to have this shipped to Europe, but Paypal says it's not allowed :(


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