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May 19, 2011

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emailed me about this topic and after this topic coming up randomly with a friend, I knew it had to be our next blog discussion.

So the topic is basically:
How do you explain and/or
justify blogging to folks that don't read blogs and don't understand what
they're all about? (question comes directly from

Is there anyone out there who is blogging full time? How do you tell your friends/family what you do? I personally don't bring up my blog that often to my own friends/family. When I do tell someone I've just met that I have a blog, it's never really followed by any particularly exciting response. When Nick tells people what he does for his job (he is a video game artist) It is always 100% followed by, "No way, that is seriously so cool!" or "That's the dream job!" I don't think we as bloggers typically get those kind of responses.

Even if you don't blog full time but your blog is a big part of your life, how do you position it where a friend/family member won't laugh in your face or discredit what you are doing? We want to feel validated for what we're doing, right? Maybe since everyone and anyone can start a blog, blogs don't have that sense of being anything that great. But our blogs are great and I think your average joe-schmoe can't fully understand our blog community unless they are apart of it. Camille also noted that perhaps it is because there is a legitimacy difference between print journalism and blogging - which to her, the difference is small and shrinking! What do you think?

I have a friend who hasn't really told any of her friends/family that she blogs, so they don't even know she has a blog! Is that the case for any of you?

Maybe for me, that's why my good friends are all friends I have met through blogging! Because we as bloggers understand each other. We get it. We know about all the blog drama that goes on and we talk about other blogs like we're friends with them in real life or something. I personally love this community we are apart of and to anyone who discredits us for what we're doing, I say... C'est la vie!

Do you have a topic you think would be great for our next blog discussion? It doesn't necessarily have to be blog-related but if you have something you'd like to see discussed here at blog discussions, email me or leave a comment & let me know! Be sure to check out past blog discussions here!

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  1. Ooh, I'm really looking forward to seeing the responses to this.

    Initially it was easy for me because it was largely a place to put my photography (so I wasn't forcing it on disinterested acquaintances on Facebook), but now that it's morphing into a more talky blog I'm finding it harder to explain. I'm pretty picky about who I actually mention it to...

  2. I absolutely love blogging. I only do it as a hobby, but I still keep my blog very private from friends and family. A couple friends have stumbled upon it, but I haven't made it super known what I'm up to. My family knows I blog, but I haven't told them the name of my blog or given them any hints on how to find it.

    I feel like my IRL people would be judgmental or that I would feel as open and honest as I do posting to a pretty unknown audience. I talk about things on my blog that I wouldn't necessarily bring up in conversations with my IRL friends like money or weight loss.

    I'm eager to see what everyone else says as well.

  3. I tend to have women tell me often that I should start a blog when they see many of my projects. When I tell them I DO have one, I often get two responses.
    From the women, I get encouragement, from the men in the room, I get eye rolls as if to say, "Yep, just like I pegged her - ANOTHER blogging mommy who stays at home with nothing else to do but blog".
    I don't really care either way since I blog for me. It's just a bonus that I can share what I love with others.
    BTW, I love these discussion topics you bring up. I enjoy reading others responses to your queries.

  4. I've had to explain it at times, especially to family. I was giving a guest lecture recently and was asked why I blog, and my answer was "because I get to meet so many incredible people." I love that I've made friends through blogging. I think even more than blogging some people have a hard time understanding that. But it so makes sense we should all find like-minded people through our blogs.

  5. I've told some of my family that i have a blog - only because they wondered why i was taking photos of myself with a tripod in the garden!

    I've mentioned it to a friend, but they havent seen it. Not sure if i'd wanna share it with friends - in one way it feels private, but in another its really not because anyone can see it!

  6. I still don't know how to explain the whole thing, people find it weird that I make my living like that, they think it's not a real job and people in my family and friends have the most outrageous reactions towards it. They panic about the possibility of me mentioning them and they often think friendships are not real if found via blogging. I've given up. I just blog, make friends and enjoy it.

  7. It's definitely true that not everyone understands the whole blogging thing. I don't tell everyone about my blog, but my good friends know. It's actually taken me a while to feel comfortable with people I know in real life reading....which is weird.
    I'm constantly amazed by the blogging community. It really is amazing!

  8. I think one of the reasons people say "blog? blog schmog. anyone can do it, you should try writing for print" etc is that they don't realise how hard it is to be a successful blogger.
    A writer for a print medium, while they may also have their fans, has editors who have to first hire them and then ok their pieces, and who have to make a print medium as a whole popular to the consumer. A blogger is wholly responsible for their content, and thus has to work harder to gain/keep readers. They put themselves out there, but they're by themselves and have to work hard to get their audience. Sorry, that was a bit rambly.
    I'm only just starting out blog-wise, but I've not told any of my family/friends. To me blogging is just a way to catalogue a certain part of my life and share it with others.

  9. This is a great topic. I don't blog full time but I'm a freelance writer so I work from home and blogging is a big part of that (both with my own blog and clients' blogs). I feel like a lot of people assume that this is just something to do while I look for "a real job." But absolutely love what I do and wouldn't want "a real job" if it fell into my lap. I guess that's just the trade-off though. So when I get upset about people's perceptions of my job, I just remember how much I love it and that makes putting up with the skepticism worth it.

  10. I love blogging. I only came across the blogging world less than two years ago, and was amazed that I had missed out on all the fun earlier. I even planned my wedding without a blogger's creative help! Now that I'm here, I'm addicted. I immediately started up my own blog using my stationery business as the reason, but grew to love blogging so much, that I talk about all other things too. So when I tell people about my blog, I call it my business blog that ALSO has posts about things that inspire me. They get all curious and actually go visit the blog…yay!

  11. Great post - very excited to read the responses on this one.

    I make jewelry, so blogging is just a part of what I do. Most people don't realize the amount of time that all of my social media work takes - maintaining a twitter handle, blog, etsy page...not to mention actually making jewelry. When I start to describe it, people are so surprised. Sometimes it's better to not even bring it up :)

    I heart your blog!

  12. I don't tell anyone...

    Somehow I just feel more comfortable with strangers reading my blog than people I actually know. If I knew that my family was reading, I think it would effect my posts.

    That, and I feel weird about mixing different things in my life. When family sees my online presense I feel weird. When new friends mingle with lifelong friends I feel weird. when work life mixes with personal life, I feel weird.

  13. I have friends who blog, too, and totally get it and then I have friends who either a) don't know that I have a blog and/or b) absolutely don't understand (and don't care).
    I pretty much given up talking about it with them, because I don't have to defend myself or try to make them understand.

    I think there are just two groups of people: people who get it and people who don't ;)

  14. I don't blog fulltime, wish I could but I think my waitsline would be enourmous. One day hopefully...

    I don't bring up my blog to my family or friends, but they do know that I blog as they usually are my testers. I think it's all subjective whether your open about your blogging or not. I think if you talk about your blog all the time, it's almost like you're seeking that attention or acceptance from family and friends. Which maybe isn't the right way to do it.
    I started mine as a way to catalogue my recipes and photos. I was taking pictures of my food and sharing it with all my friends anyways so instead of spamming their inboxes, I now write a blog about life, food, wine, cats and what ever else pops into my mind.
    I do love talking to other bloggers to see how they maintain theur "blog life" along with their real life.

  15. I'm an illustrator and I started a blog to share the behind the scenes of the things I do, as well as share other favorite things of mine. And when I mention that I have a blog I get these reactions the most (specially in my family):

    The older generation that gives the:
    -" ah, I seee, you have a blog *absent look on their faces while nodding*
    _"mmmm how does that work again?"
    -Ah is that like the twitter I hear so much?
    -Oh like that girl from Julie&Julia movie! (this one is my favorite!)

    And the younger ones are " cool, where is your blog? is it in Tumbler or Blogspot?"

    The way I explain to them what my blog is, It's that is a behind-the-scenes Journal of my work, that I keep for three reasons:

    1: For me, because I get to keep a reference of things I love, things I learn and things I find worth to remember.

    2:I hope that my findings can also motivate other people, the same way other blogs inspire and motivate me.

    3: To network with other wonderful bloggers, because it is a wonderful community.

    Then I have to find a near Laptop to show them!, because sometimes that helps me to explain more easily :p

  16. I blog just for fun, and I don't think many people besides my boyfriend realize just how much time I spend on it. I occasionally post links on my personal Facebook account to it, but every time I feel a little self-conscious about it. I tend not to bring it up often except with my friends who I know read it. It's funny how it seems like this separate little online world, with blog friends and everything.

  17. Love this discussion!

    I think that the average person on the street might not necessarily take it seriously, but it probably depends on how you word it.

    "I am a blogger." versus "I design and author a blog featuring inspirational projects and handmade goods." It can sound much more interesting! Part of that comes from working on your quick, personal "sales pitch"!

    I actually have family and friends that support and understand my blog, and they are my most loyal readers - which REALLY surprised me. It's also weird because if I try to talk to them, they already know everything because they "read it on the blog!" already.

    I think also if you run a creative business and blog and they're both connected, it's easier for people to understand that you blog in order to connect with customers and create a full brand identity for the business. I don't feel the need to justify myself or my biz or blog to anyone and I don't think anyone else should feel the need to defend what they do, either! Even if it's only hobby blogging. Dudes watch football or play golf or whatever, as a hobby. Some people take pictures and write stories and share ideas - and that is what we do! Booyah. ;)

  18. I am SO GLAD you posted this because it is something I've struggled with since I started blogging. I haven't told anyone, mostly because it doesn't really come up, but also because I feel self conscious about it. I've always felt weird for not telling anyone about it, but I'm really happy to know there are so many other people out there that don't talk about it either! I recently opened up an Etsy shop, and I know I will be telling people about my shop, so I think my blog will kind of just come up, but now I am happy to have my shop as an "excuse" :)

  19. This is so true and something I run into weekly. I'm a stay at home mom but also a blogger. Blogging is my passion, but also my job. When people ask me what I do for a living and I say that I'm a blogger they look at me confused and bewildered and either a)look away embarassed or b)continue the conversation changing the subject. WTH??? It drives me mad!

    I agree that some of the best friends I have are ones that I have made through this wonderful community of ours even if some of us have never met face to face. It's a wonderful thing and I think if most of the public knew how fun, rewarding, exciting and inspiring blogging can be for a job they would be QUITE envious :)
    Now I hand people my business card when I say I'm a blogger and try to take that scary step of explaining what I do whether they sometimes want to know or not :P

  20. What an interesting question! I have always wondered this myself. It always ends up being a little odd for me to tell my friends/family about it. My work/school and my personal life are completely separate, so when my scientist friends find out that I blog and have an Etsy store, they think it's neat, but a little weird...

    I don't so much mind that my family or friends read my blog, because my posts are not as personal as they used to be when I wasn't as involved in blogging.

    I certainly agree that there are some mixed emotions and responses, but it has never deterred me from continuing to do what I love! And you're right Danni, I find some amazing people by reading their blogs and others blogs!

  21. At first I didn't tell any of my family that I have a blog. For some reason I felt a little silly and vulnerable that I was posting my life on the Internet. I guess there's always the concern that what I'm posting and the view that I have of myself is completely different from how my family views me. I am glad to say though that I have broken that barrier by moving out of the state that I grew up in and I want to keep my family up to date on what is going on in my life.

    On the other hand, I have no problem shamelessly plugging my blog with my friends. I think that was easier for me because I wanted to be able to see what my friends were posting and/or encourage them to create blogs as well.

    As for whether blogs are better than reading it in a newspaper, absolutely! I think that newspaper ads are great, but isn't even better to read from a "regular" person's vantage point?

  22. I totally blogged about this on my blog a while back. I mean, the post was okay but the comments were awesome! I think for me what makes me a blogger are those I am contact with and not what I blog about. Here's the post.

  23. For me, it's something I don't talk about that much. I'm still at school, and there's a crazy balance, because whilst we're being taught about internet safety I'm planning to meet a blog friend when she comes to England this summer. My closest friend blogs and she reads some of the same blogs as me, so we had a little happy dance on Monday when we'd seen the photos Rachel {Smile&Wave} shared of Elsie's {ABeautifulMess} wedding, and I like having a real person to 'talk blogs' with, but to some extent I try and pretty much shut up about it, because most of my friends & classmates couldn't care less about Catching The Stars.

  24. I totally agree! SO many people don't understand the happiness that blogging has brought to me, and are confused as to why I have a blog. It's nice to share a love of blogging with my online friends, and that's the reason I'm still here! :)

  25. My family doesn't know I blog.

    At first I didn't tell my parents about my blog because they're a bit old fashion and have seen a few too many Lifetime movies. Now I've just gone so long without telling them that I'm not sure how to do it. . .

    My older sister knows about my blog, but as far as I know she doesn't follow it, and my younger sister knows I have a blog, but hasn't found it yet.

    I love blogging but, after a stalking issue in college, I am very careful who I tell about it "in real life".

    I do think that the fact that I have kept my blogging somewhat a secret has limited my ability to be the best blogger I could be (okay, I know that sounded way cheesy, but it's the truth).

  26. My family and friends know that I have a blog. Couple of friends of mine inspired me to start my own blog. I started my blog this past March and having fun posting all my crafts. My daughters think it is really cool and tell all her friends/teachers about my blog. The questions that I usually get are if I am making any money doing it and when do I get time to blog if I have to take care of the house, a husband, 3 kids and everything else. I just tell them that this all new to me and as long as I don't feel stress about it, it is all cool. Blog to me is a way to share all my creativity but yes it will be wonderful if I can make some money while doing so! Baby steps!

  27. I'm very open with my friends and family about my blog, but I don't think they really understand it, although they really encouraged me to start blogging in the first place.

    I'm a baby, baby blogger and I started as a way of cataloging my crafting adventures and to help me keep my sanity while in law school.

    What's interesting for me is that instead of people wondering why I don't have a "real job" (which I undoubtedly will have as a future lawyer), they wonder why I'm going to be a lawyer instead of a full time crafter/blogger/party planner!

    Basically people are finicky.

  28. I actually find most people are intrigued by it and have a lot of questions for me about my blog.

  29. Loving this blog discussion...
    I find myself saying to real life friends...."I have this blogger friend"...and I know they don't really understand and it may even sound crazy. But that's okay! I never thought I would have some of the fantastic blogosphere friendships that I do and I am thankful it has turned out that way! :)

  30. I am so excited about this discussion.

    I was just talking to my boyfriend about this yesterday. That when I mention my blogging it is never met with excitement or even interest (most of the time).

    I don't keep my blog a secret but I don't advertise it either. I have a post feed for FB so some family and friends have checked it out. But even then they never come back and say things like "I really like your blog."

    Can't wait to read how other handle this issue. :)

    Love, Shellsea Blog - Giveaway today

  31. I always thought I was alone on this issue. I only recently told my family and friends that I blog. They always kind of laughed at me until I started posting my blogs to Facebook where they can read. I totally think it's something that no one can understand until they become a part of it.
    My friends also think it's weird how I know so much about a person's life that I've never even met in person before. I'll tell them about how one of my blogger friends graduated and I sent her a card in the mail...they find that totally weird. But I see it as the only thing that is keeping us from being "real life friends" is the distance.

    This post is so comforting!

  32. My family knows I blog and my husband and parents are really supportive. My husband's family sometimes asks me how the blog is going, but I always sense that they don't take it seriously. Although informing my techy brother in law of my monthly viewing stats seems to have changed his opinion.

    I don't generally tell people I blog unless it happens to come up, but my husband is always bragging and telling people what a successful blogger I am. It's pretty cute, really.

    I really enjoyed what you said that the end of your post about bloggers bonding so easily about this world that we participate in that most people in our lives are completely removed from. I also LOVE that I am so connected to so many amazing women who I may never have met in person. It doesn't matter, they are totally my friends. This gives me security that if my husband and I move away from our home state, I will never be disconnected (another point that people don't seem to understand).

  33. Blogging is a big part of my life and forms part of my I can't not use it when telling people what I do. In most cases people don't always get it, but are starting to understand the value of blogging. Some of the best opportunities I have been given have been thanks to my blog.
    Great topic.

  34. This Blog made me chuckle. Often times I will send out a little E mail to some of my contacts who I feel will be interested in the subject. I recently sent one to family members and received a reply from my (former) brother-in-law who said "I don't do Blog" I think he had Blogging confused with social networking like Facebook! Oh well!

  35. Great topic!
    I'm so surprised how many people haven't told their family.

    I started blogging for 2 reasons - to help promote my business and to keep a diary of our lives. As I work from home they are fairly intertwined.
    My family now moan if I don't post regularly (ok, only my mum moans - my brother uses it to save him ever having to ring!) and lots of more distant family love keeping up with our lives in a way they wouldn't otherwise be able to.

    The thing I wasn't expecting was the special kind of relationship you build up with other bloggers. I'm still relatively new but feel supported and 'understood' in a way I don't with many of the friends I see face to face! Still find that bizzare.

    Also gain so much inspiration form other bloggers - both personally and emotionally.

    I do choose who I tell though - there are some people I just know won't get it!
    fee x

  36. I blog as a hobby about interiors and styling (my own and what I find on the web). I have told my friends and family and some of them get it (and are really enthusiastic and frequent readers), some of them don't. As to the latter: I do not really mind, you cannot share all of your passions with everyone, right? With those friends I have other connections which are just as valuable. Besides, there are so many people in the blog community who get what I do, and that is a great feeling.
    x Iris

  37. I generally don't tell people that I blog. Sometimes I think about it, but I feel so awkward saying that I write a blog, particularly because I have only a few subscribers and maybe two dozen page views on a daily basis. My close friends and family know, because I post links on facebook, but part of me wishes I hadn't done that--the conversations I'll have are sometimes really awkward. At the same time, it lets my relatives know what's going on in my life and what interests me. I sometimes toy with shutting it down (I mean, I've been writing about a year and have only a few readers), but in the end, I just like writing about things. I guess it's replaced a journal in a way--I enjoy it, and it's cool if people read it, but at the end of the day, I don't fully care if they read it or if it just sits there in cyberspace, blank and unread.

  38. What an interesting topic for discussion! I was excited and probably shared more about my blog in the beginning, but not quite so much now. I have family and friends who read it regularly and others who have never read it. I'm Ok either way. I actually had someone tell me that they thought blogs were just a way for people to brag about themselves - ouch! I find the blogging community in general to be amazingly supportive and caring and I love the bonds that I have formed with other bloggers. It reminds me of the days when we had long-distance pen pals. I also find it inspiring and I learn so much from those around me. For now at least, I am totally enjoying the experience!

  39. I've told my family about my blog and I wouldn't hide it but I don't make a point of talking about it unless I know it's going to be received well. I blog about books, which I know is well received by some, but you never know. I think if I was blogging full-time and it was my job I might be more confident however because working for yourself is considered a good thing.

  40. i like this question... and i like that a lot of people seem to feel as awkward as i do telling people about my blog haha.

    my friends know about it but they don't really read it. some of them who happen to be my coworkers will actually TELL our customers about it (i work in a coffee shop). most of the time i'm really embarrassed and kind of feel weird about *knowing* that a customer might go check out my blog... i never really get weird responses, sometimes i get what seems like the "oh you're one of those blogging hipsters" look but i feel like if people are going to judge, they already have and would probably just find something else to judge about if it weren't blogging. a lot of times it's just ended up with getting to know customers/people better and learning that they too blog and we start hanging out so that's kind of cool.

    generally if i tell someone about my blog (like if i take pictures of someone's art/living space) i preface it with "so i'm a big nerd but i have this blog..." and it goes over well. my mom reads my blog, it's fine until she starts backseat blogging. my dad just calls my blog facebook, his gf reads and she'll tell him things and he'll be like "yeah she found out through facebook" haha.

    good topic!

  41. my husband knows. my mom knows, but i doubt she could tell you the name of it! but really, that's about it. i've never even talked about it with my sisters and we are super close. it's not really for any particular reason, i just know it isn't there "thing" so i don't bring it up. if i could find someone in real life who was a similar blogger, i'd be over the moon! but i have been a poet/writer forever and have never had anyone in my life who "gets it", so i am used to living a "secret life" ha!

  42. I started blogging (mostly blog following) when I was first introduced to stamping and handmade paper goods. I think I've always been open regarding my blogging but I agree that there often is a strange awkward response when you tell someone you blog.
    But regardless, I love blogging because it is such a GREAT source for inspiration! I feel like it is a special community of its own. Full of creative people sharing their works and ideas with one another.
    At the same time, I feel that having this somewhat secret "life" can be 'healthy'. Don't know if I make sense but... that's what I think :)

  43. I've been blogging now since January and have told my family and close friends. I think they've all looked at it a few times, but most people don't really understand what it is for. I also don't have any formal expertise in home design so I wonder if some people think that what I have to say isn't really worth reading because of this. I get asked why I write it, and whether I earn any money from doing it. The answers are (1) because I really enjoy it and (2) no, but it would be great if in the future I could. Both answers usually bring an "Oh. right," as a response, to which I don't really know what to respond. I don't know anyone else who blogs (apart from my husband who blogs for the British Sociological Association as part of his job), but I love meeting new people through my blog, and I'm beginning to feel part of the online community. Thanks for having discussions like these as they are so positive!

  44. My family are probably my most dedicated blog fans but when I tell other people about what I do, they think I'm full of it. I think they're more thinking of a blog that's about family and daily happenings and not lifestyle focused. Then don't understand how I could make money off of telling stories about Ryan and I. That's because I don't.

    Also, I get super embarrassed when somebody tells me in real life they read my blog.

  45. I LOVE to write. I find it cathartic. It's not understood by anyone who DOESN'T blog, though, I've found. I get that blank stare, the "why would you put your life OUT there?!?" kind of stare.

    But then, they pay for therapy. So.

  46. I guess I'm in the minority or just don't know any better, but I tell everyone that I'm a blogger. I'm really proud of the content I put out there. I put SO much work into it and I feel like, darn it, people should know about this! LOL!

    Great topic by the way!

  47. I have definitely had mixed reactions when I tell someone about my blog. I don't blog full time (I wish!) so when someone visits D&OC, they often come back and want to know how I find time for it. This is not necessarily a compliment, of course.
    I'm not sure that people really understand it and explaining it is always kind of difficult. Occassionally, I'll meet someone in real life and they'll know me from the blog and that's always very STRANGE.
    All in all, I've kind of given up on justifying why I blog and instead I'll hand someone a business card and say, "check it out for yourself." done and done.

  48. i blog as a hobby and have no problem telling my friends about it! they think it's cool that i have a hobby that lets me share what i'm thinking with basically the world.

    i can see how people might think blogging for a living would be a questionable job. i did when i first started hearing about "professional bloggers", but now i understand more.

    it's not just about writing the posts, it's the gathering of information, pictures, products, guest bloggers, ect. i've recently learned that there's a lot more to "blogging" than just what actually gets posted on the blog.

    by the way, yours is one of my faves! =)


  49. I haven't really told my family/friends about my blog because they don't really read any blogs or blog themselves, so I don't think they'd understand why I would be! I think bloggers do easily befriend each other because of this! The only friends that know of my blog are bloggers themselves!

  50. Geat discussion. I haven't told any of my family and friends except my sister. But I regret that because I worry that she'll out me! I keep it absolute secret. Why? I think because I worry that they'll laugh. My husband thinks it's great and can't really understand why I keep it secret.
    It's a hobby for me and I love it. This blog community you talk about is the most unexpected positive about the whole blogging experience.
    Maybe one day I'll out myself. Who knows.

  51. So many of these responses make me feel a little more at ease with how blogging has fit into my life. I love it, and I couldn't go back to NOT blogging (I'm pretty sure at least).

    My friends + family know I blog, some may understand more than others, but almost none respond to any posts. This used to make me kind of sad, thinking that it meant they didn't care. I've moved past it, I know they love me and it has nothing to do with how much they care. It's a funny thing, though. Knowing more successful bloggers (your blog is lovely!) experience these feelings, too, is helpful.

  52. I couldn't agree more! While I do not generate income with my blog, I do consider it my full time job. My husband is a Chiropractor and together we run a clinic. However that is his dream. I run the office, but I also blog which fulfills me and gives me a creative outlet so that I can also help him achieve his goals. People ask him if I do anything outside the office and I love that he tells them that I am a blogger. He fully respects what I do even if it doesn't make money and considers it my "job" as well. The majority of my real life friends do not read my blog but like you I feel like I have several "friends" in the blogging community that get it.

  53. My friends and family know I blog, but I find myself wanting to talk to them about it less and less. Mostly because I can't help but be a little offended when i find that they don't really read it. They don't really seem interested or understand why I do it, and it's a hard thing to explain. I absolutely love it though. I started in March, and I've felt a lot happier since (not that my life wasn't great before). There's no turning back for this girl. :)

  54. I've only started blogging seriously in the past couple weeks - my honey left for work for 5 weeks, and, deep down, I knew I would use all this alone time to concentrate on building the foundations of a blog.

    Which I didn't tell him.

    When he calls, or asks me how my days are going, I don't come out and say "Well, after 20 different shots I finally got that new espresso cup in the right light!" because he would wonder why I cared so much.

    On occasion, I wonder as well. I doubt I'll ever be a huge monetary success (although that would be nice!), but the point to my blogging is more about expanding my own horizons - seeing what I can create, what others have created, what I can make from very little, what makes me smile.

    I'm not sure he'll understand that. I think he views blogs as shopping sites, and is wary of them because of this.

    For now, I have a few more weeks to develop a blogging groove, a routine, and re-read these comments for some key phrases to use pour voir l'explication :)

  55. Luckily for me, this really isn't the case.

    I blog as a hobby and only recently started a few months ago. While, I have only started a few months ago it is a big part of my life, which I get a lot of joy from doing.

    I originally went to college for creative writing and journalism and since then have fallen into a few other passions. My friends and family have always been fully supportive of my creativity as a writer, no matter what the medium may be and since starting my blog have found a lot of encouragement from them. I try to remind myself of the bigger picture that I do this because I enjoy it rather than gaining readership (why so many new bloggers quite early on) and that has helped me consistently keep up with new content.

    Blogging has become quite popular and most often when I tell someone I blog they ask me to send them a link, even if I think the are not so called "blog readers." It's funny, people can really surprise you sometimes.

  56. I get a positive response when I explain that a blog is basically like an online magazine... as you mentioned the gap between traditional media and blogging is shrinking rapidly!

  57. Such an interesting discussion! My best friend Erin encouraged me to start my blog as a hobby, so she's definitely aware and supportive. Right from the beginning I told all the people that are closest to me, and while they may not have totally understood my motivations they were always receptive. I update my personal Facebook when I post so as far as I'm concerned anyone I know in real life is welcome to read. I think it is easier for me though because I don't blog about extremely personal things but rather stick to my topic of interior design usually.

    It's definitely clear that a lot of people don't understand blogging, and I don't really blame them. It is an incredibly diverse community with all different goals and motivations. I have been very fortunate that virtually everyone I know in real life that has seen my blog has been very kind and surprisingly interested.

    The other day a random coworker that I don't know very well went out of her way to tell me that she loves reading my blog. Made my day.

  58. i'm right there with you. it's tough to explain to people that aren't in the community. but i love when i make blogger friends and i love the uplifting nature of my fellow bloggers. maybe one day it'll be more widely respected- so that we don't need to keep it a secret any longer:)

  59. This is so funny! Here I thought I was the only one who didn't openly share my blog with friends and family. It took me almost two years to even tell my mother! As much as I enjoy it, it can also make me feel very open, vulnerable, and self-conscious. It certainly is nice though when someone finds out and they love it. :)

  60. I think like you a lot of my friends have become the other bloggers I've's nice to have a close relationship with people who just get it. That said, I often tell people that I run a wedding/parties website instead of saying that I write a wedding/parties blog. I think it helps them understand the scope of the work that goes into my blog and that it's not just some little journal I keep to talk about pretty things. Although, I like to think of it as that, too. ;-)

  61. this is such a great topic! i don't blog as a full-time job but i do as a full-time hobby! i feel like i can connect with my friends i met through blogging on a whole other level than my friends i met before blogging. i don't always tell people about my blog but i do post about it on facebook so a lot of my friends know. it's funny when i see my friends i haven't in a long time and they already know what's going on in my life or when they say they thought blog post X was awesome!!

  62. this is so true - it's hard to describe to friends and family how a blog works. it's not just for recounting what you ate for lunch, it's about documenting a project, showing a behind the scenes of how you work, learning from other bloggers/artists out there, expanding your networks... there is SO much unique talent in the world, and we are so lucky to have a medium like a blog to show it.

    'blogging' still has negative connotations attached to it, it isn't respected as a profession, yet there are so many influential blogs out there.

  63. I have been an anonymous follower of many blogs for many years until i realized one day that there is no reason that i dont jump in and show what ive got too! I have a huge friend and family fan base of all I do, but i have only told my sister and my husband that i am blogging and tweeting! I am active on FB but havent talked about my blog their either. I'm not sure why i want it a secret, other than many of these people dont read blogs and i dont know if they will appreciate it OR i want to make something of it before i brag about it. Its probably both reasons.

  64. I am quite fresh to the scene, but I see no shame in it. Hell, when I first started my blog and made my very first post, I updated on Facebook and shared a link to it! Granted, I knew some friends would think badly of it, perhaps, but it didn't bother me.

    Even Twitter is referred to as a "micro-blogging website", so blogging is really just the exchange of ideas, and it would be inhuman of anyone *not* to share ideas. Though, I do not blog as a career, which may make a *bit* of difference in the perception of blogging. I do it simply for the exchange of ideas (but some cash would be nice).

  65. I think people make fun of what they do not essentially understand.

    Even though blogging is no longer a pioneering thing, I think of myself as a pioneer. I also think of myself as The Media.

    As long as we have freedom of expression, we should take our freedom and shout it from the rooftops! Especially if we have something positive, inspirational, educational, and good to share!

    So girlies, just Blog and Shine On!

    Others may follow suite!


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