birthday giveaway:

June 22, 2011

thanks to everyone who entered!
the winner was #461, chosen by!
Allie - please contact me to claim your prize ;)


Over on Danyelle's blog, I bookmarked her "30 favorite things" birthday post and wanted to save the idea for later. She found 30 of her favorite items and did a giveaway! I decided to do something similar except I didn't find as many things as she did.. I turn 26 tomorrow so I thought it'd be a fun way to celebrate with a birthday giveaway. Thanks for the inspiration Danyelle! Here's what is in my 'favorite things' kit:


1) made by hank ruffles zipper purse.
2) my favorite pair of cut out earrings.
3) rubber stamp
4) japanese tape pack
5) vintage gold scissors
6) burt's bees lip balm
7) anthropologie gift card, for $26 ;)
8) vintage key necklace

Keys, lip balm, scissors, tape, anthropologie, ruffles, rubber stamps: pretty much sums up all the things I love!

to enter to win: comment on this post with your top 3 favorite things. or top 1. or top 5. whatever you feel like writing ;)

for 2 additional entries, follow me on twitter and/or like me on facebook and leave a comment. *please leave a separate comment for each entry.

Good luck! Giveaway will remain open for 1 week - winner will be announced on the 29th right here on this post, so be sure to check back to see if you won! ;)

913 hello's:

  1. happy birthday! My top 3 favorite things are my brown leather watch, handmade ceramic bowls, and vintage typewriter.

  2. Happy Birthday! I love when bloggers share what they love on their birthdays.

    I'm loving: big sunglasses, avocado on toast, and pearl earrings.

  3. hello and happy birthday!
    My top 3 favorite things are
    1. my straw hat
    2. my linen dress
    3. my leather sandals

    all combined with my music (Ms Astradeni on youtube!)

  4. Hello Danni! My top three fave things are my wedding ring, compy, and Burt's Bees Mango Lip Balm. Can't live without these!

    Thanks for having this giveaway! Happy and blessed birthday to you!!

  5. I'm also a twitter follower (hazelwea)... =)

  6. ...and a Facebook follower! I heart Oh Hello Friend to pieces! ♥

  7. Happy Birthday! My 3 favorite things are my iPhone, Diet Coke and my blackberry lemon candle. mmm.

  8. Happy birthday!

    My top three
    1. Watermelon lipsmackers
    2. red nail polish
    3. lined notebooks/journals

  9. Can they all be food? Sushi, Falafel, Avocado? Or maybe some randomness... office supplies, miniature things, kitchen utensils... :)

  10. 1. No joke, is actually Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. Love. Love. Love.
    2. My Heart Rate monitor :)
    3. My bike

  11. I already like you :)
    Happy Birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday!!!
    My top 3 favorite things are, aveda chakra spray "intention", burts bee's with clove oil, and cinnamon altoids.

  13. What a great idea! Happy birthday Danni!
    My top 3 faves (at least right now) are my gold metallic sandals, my digital SLR, and dry shampoo!

  14. Happy happy birthday!

    1. Travel mug
    2. Sewing machine
    3. Sunglasses 8)

  15. ooh, fun! happy birthday! my top 3 favorite things right now are watermelon, say yes to carrots lip balm and my new sandals.

  16. and i follow you on twitter!

  17. Happy birthday!! :)

    1. My vintage camera,
    2. My postcard collection,
    3. My pin vaio laptop.

  18. I like you. And I "liked" you on FB. :)

  19. Ah great minds think alike, I just did a favorite things giveaway for my birthday last week!
    3 of my Fave Things Are:
    Vintage Pyrex
    Sharpie Pens
    Sinful Colors Nail Polish

  20. Oh hello my friend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you'll have a lovely day tomorrow!

    Anyway, my favourite things are
    1) my small leather vintage handbag
    2) my red polka dotted dress
    3) my cute cloud brooch

    Oh, and 4) my boyfriend!


  21. My favorite thing is watching reruns of Saved by the Bell and The Partridge Family on my day off while drinking a cup of coffee. Simple, but so good :)

  22. I love all of the things you are giving away! I am an Anthropologie junkie so I would have to say that is my number one!

  23. Happy birthday!
    My favorite things are green nail polish, a bright painting of flowers that hangs in my living room, and lavender tea. (I am also quite a fan of burts bees lip balms!)

  24. I follow you on Twitter (@umyeahokay) too!

  25. Happy Birthday! Three of my favorite things are:
    1. chap stick
    2. peanut butter toast with sliced banana
    3. letter press

  26. I like your facebook page as well!

  27. I am following you on twitter!

  28. happy birthday! it was my b'day yesterday, and personally i think it's the perfect time of year for a birthday (but i may be slightly biased). LOVE the scissors, and the key necklace is so sweet too.

  29. Happy birthday!
    I love cake, bikes and pretty tape.

  30. Happy Birthday!!
    My top 3 favorites these days are:
    1. my husband (we are trying to conceive!)
    2. layered jewelry
    3. purple eyeshadow from almay!

  31. My favs: (I've never thought of this before!)
    -Duct Tape
    -Macbook Pro
    -Canon DSLR

  32. top 3 fave things: real whipped cream, fluffy clouds, and those flowy white coverups (you know, the ones for the beach)... apparently I have a thing for white... hm.

  33. to be honest, this is the first blogger birthday giveaway that i have actually ever wanted to win! everything that you hand selected is just adorable! happy birthday, dear!

  34. Hope your birthday is great! I iike you on FB!

  35. My top 3- hmmm
    ann taylor sunglasses
    cosmos cell phone- I can finally text and
    warm weather!!!

  36. My top favorite things are 1. a small moleskin with grid paper 2. my pugs 3. my iphone

  37. happy birthday!

    top favs: washi tape, japanese craft books, my iphone :)

  38. Hiiiiii...I'm so excited with this giveaway :D
    I'm already like your fan page and twitter account :D (Memegalarce)

    3 things i love more:
    1.My crochet hooks
    2.My vintage camera collection :)
    3.My ipod
    4. Organic green tea
    5. tea related stuffs
    A lot of hugs for you from Chile!!

  39. annnnd i now follow you on twitter!
    and i forgot - for my comment @ #36: my fave summer things: a frozen drink, flip flops & bright nail polish that makes me smile. xo!

  40. This is so creative! My favorite things are chocolate, sunsets, and pretty photos!

  41. Danni, it's your birthday and you're giving something away? You're such a beautiful soul.

    My favorite things right now: (1) my road trip journal, (2) my camera, (3) sunblock, (4) new music for the drive

  42. Ooh, such an exciting giveaway.
    My 3 favourite things are my mustache mug, anything in tan leather and my geek glasses (which I really cant do without)!

  43. This is such an AWESOME idea for a giveaway! It definitely caught my attention and your list of favorite things are charming. Thank you SO much for offering this. I'm a new follower of yours and I've be soaking up every blog post. :)

    My top 3 favorite things are:
    Lancome definicils Mascara
    Mint color nail polish by Elf
    throw pillows!

  44. Hope you have a great birthday! My favorite things are my husband, my bed, and a good book!

  45. what a lovely way to celebrate!

    My favorite things these days are lemonade, mint, and needing to wear sunglasses.


  46. I follow you on twitter.

  47. I liked you on fb.

  48. of course I like you in facebook!

  49. My favorite in Moroccan oil for my hair. LOVE the stuff!

  50. Such a lovely giveaway! My favourite things are;

    1. My Camera
    2. Inspiration Journal
    3. Teacups

  51. Love this giveaway! Top few things include: travel, family, jewelry,pictures, food and wine! :)

  52. Happy birthday! 3 favorite things is hard. I'd have to say my moleskine notebook, adhesive paper (so random, I know), and my tea strainer.

  53. current faves: ebelskivers for bfast, tissue paper decor, bunting!

  54. I follow you on Twitter. :)

  55. Happy Birthday!

    My three favorite things at the moment are:

    -old "South Park" episodes on Netflix
    -summer rain storms
    -Arnold Palmers


  56. Ok, for an additional entry I now follow you on twitter (cnlisa). Thanks again and I hope you have a fabulous birthday!

  57. Happy early birthday Danni! Three of my favorite things are Anthropologie "volcano" candles, my cloud cookie cutter from Herriott Grace, and my owl monocle necklace from you, which combines my love of books and jewelry all at once. :)

  58. Aaaand I liked you on FB! :)


  59. This is such a great idea. :)

    A few of my favorites are:
    Almond butter/honey on toast, knitting sweaters, and snuggling on rainy days.

  60. For my last entry, I like you on facebook. Thank you. <3

  61. I also follow you on Twitter. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  62. My top 3 favorite things would be 1. my kindle 2. my iPhone, 3. my macbook

  63. And... I like you on Facebook. :) This is such a creative giveaway idea, by the way.

  64. I "Like" you on facebook!

  65. I already follow you on twitter! xheatherxmariex

  66. happy almost birthday! (yesterday it was my husband's!... it's a great time for birthdays)
    my favorite things:
    1)my tattoo (it's only 2 weeks old so it still draws my gaze)
    2)chicory flowers (a weed, but oh-so-pretty)
    3)my wooden camera "treasure" locket necklace

  67. This is so cute!! I have to say my fav things are 1) good pair of flats to 2) The sound of rain in the early morning 3)an iced tea lemonade from starbux..yum!!

  68. I also 'like' you on facebook

  69. and follow you on twitter! (@orange_sparrow)

  70. Happy birthday to you - in adavance!! :) Enjoy your day!!

    My favorite things:
    1. Bright Eyes - just saw them play last night! Epic!
    2. Ice cream, specially Vanilla! Yum!
    3. Free time...


  71. Love this post...
    1 - chance by chanel
    2 - Brompton Hobo at Jcrew
    3 - juice beauty lip balm

  72. Happy birthday! What a fun thing to do on your birthday. I seriously love the idea of giving on a day that supposed to be all about you. :)

    My favorite things these days are:
    1. plaid bf shirt
    2. silk flower pouf pin
    3. thai food
    4. vegas volt lipstick from mac
    5. mid century couches

    P.S. Following you on fb & twitter!♥

  73. I added you on twitter! My twitter name is thedanners

  74. My top 3 favorite things this summer are:
    -Summer shoes (classic TOMS and my 1940s's fisherman sandals)
    -Fresh sugar snap peas (they are popping up in my garden right now!)
    -Ginger and Coconut bath things

    Happy birthday! <3

  75. Happy Birthday! I am loving full, swishy skirts, nutella on sandwich slims and the perfect beige nail polish from H&M!

  76. I'm already following your on twitter of course!


  77. I am following you on twitter...afedell is my twitter name.

  78. Happy Birthday!
    1. My matching bracelet and ring bought in Athens during out honeymoon!
    2. Berks
    3. my new little point and shoot!
    Great idea for a giveaway! So fun...thanks!

  79. Happy Birthday!

    My favorite things are..

    1. watermelon
    2. shoes
    3. Waterparks

  80. I LIKE you on Facebook!! :)

  81. favorite things:

    1. seeing hand dyed yarn go from hank to ball, to knit and how the combination of colors always looks different each way!

    2. that it is FINALLY raining in Houston today! We're 14 inches below our year to date average, my yard is going to love this and so will the air!

    3. the craft beer scene in Houston and on top of that the female involvement in said craft beer scene.

  82. Happy Birthday!!!

    My top 5 Favorite things are...

    1. Essie nailpolish: muchi muchi
    2. Vintage Owl necklace
    3. Arbonne Vivacious body spritz
    4. Black Liquid Eyeliner
    5. Kindle in its Lime Green case :)

  83. I like you on facebook! :)

  84. I also follow you on twitter.

  85. Happy early birthday!
    My top 3 favorite things...they change constantly, but right now:
    1) MUJI B5 notebooks (I have so many: 15!)
    2) Nikkor 50mm f/1.2
    3) Wedges

  86. This is so sweet! Happy early birthday! My boyfriend just turned 26 yesterday :)

    My favorite thing right now is my new puppy, though I refuse to give him away!

  87. i turn 26 tomorrow too!! bday twins!! :) heres a list of my top five favorite things::
    1. my fiance (aka my best friend!)
    2. my new bike :)!
    3. summer
    4. pumpkin pie
    5. my mac!

    great giveaway :) xo jillian

  88. Yay happy birthday! Some of my current favorites are my burlap TOMS, lemon-vanilla body cream from Bath & Body Works, and an old wooden Sunkist crate I found thrifting last weekend :)

  89. i follow you on twitter xo jillian @cornflakedreams

  90. Happy Birthday! My favorite things are my antique pill box, my sun dial necklace and my color wheel watch. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  91. Wow! I love every single item! Those vintage scissors are so awesome. Have a fantastic birthday and God bless.

  92. Brilliant! My favorite things from YOUR favorite things are the zipper pouch, the scissors and the earrings (beautiful!).

    My three favorite things over on this end are toy cameras, silk hands lotion and purse-sized journals.

  93. I follow you on Twitter (@luvyourway)

  94. aaaand just liked you on Facebook :)

  95. Happy Birthday! What a cute giveaway idea. My favorite (material) things are:
    Lemon Amber ring from Moscow
    Vintage egg scale
    Spinning Wheel
    Food Processor
    and Dark Chocolate.

  96. My yellow flats, my camera, Burt's Bees, Gucci Flora perfume, my black hoodie, my TOMS shoes..and so much more!

  97. Eek! I love it!! My favorites are summer BBQs, live bluegrass, and ice cream. Happy birthday!

  98. and I now like you on facebook!

  99. and i liked you on facebook! xo jillian

  100. Annnnnnd I liked you on facebook :) :)

  101. Happy 26th, Dani! I just turned the same age a couple months ago! My top 3 favorite things:

    1. Scarves (even in summer)
    2. Tea (even in summer, too)!
    3. Great sushi!

  102. My favorite thing is watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.

  103. My favorite vacation destinations (on my working list of places I'd like to travel in the US):

    1. Seattle
    2. NYC
    3. Napa Valley
    4. Chicago
    5. Yellowstone
    6. Aspen
    7. New England
    8. D.C.
    9. Hawaii
    10. Tennessee

    :) I'm totally planning a trip for next year. No idea where or when, but I need to get some traveling done! :)

  104. Right now my favorite things are:
    1. my bag from fabric and handle
    2. my new striped shirt
    3. cool evenings and sleeping with the windows open!

  105. happy birthday! (:

    my top few: 1) chocolate, 2) typewriter, 3) pretty papers ^^;

  106. Following you on Twitter now... :)


  107. And...I follow you on twitter!

  108. top 3 places i want to visit in my lifetime:

    -brazil: i am a brazilian citizen but haven't been able to go back since i was one!
    -new zealand: my husband is adopted and we found his birth family a few years back... his twin sisters and other family members live in NZ and we'd love to go meet them.
    -western samoa: the rest of my husband's birthday family lives here and i really want to go here too!

  109. My top 3 favorite things:

    1. Running outside in the morning (when I can drag myself out of bed!)

    2. Laughing with (or at) my boyfriend until my sides hurt.

    3. The Anthropologie sale room.

  110. i have "liked" you on FB!!

  111. Happy Birthday Danni! Thanks for all the inspiration! My favorite thing is starbucks. yum. And hairspray.

  112. Happy Birthday!

    Favorite things...
    1. enamelware bowls
    2. my toms
    3. grilled cheese sandwiches

  113. My top 3 faves:
    --belly laughs
    --ice cream

    thanks for the chance to win!

  114. Top 3 favorite things:

    -My family
    -My Dachshund
    -My Horses


  115. i follow you via twitter :)

  116. I follow you on twitter! :)

  117. 1. My eiffel tower necklace
    2. My House That Lars Built mug
    3. My battered copy of The Little White Horse

    there are so many others, but these were on my mind today!

  118. following on twitter!

  119. ...and i like you on facebook. so excited!

  120. in no particular order: polaroid cameras, moccasins, and peanut butter.

    (but your favorite things are amazing too ;)

  121. my favorite things are:
    1. my NOOK
    2. thunderstorms
    3. most anything anthropologie

  122. oh my goodness, i forgot to wish you a happy birthday and say thank you for the giveaway!

    (ps: i now follow you on twitter!)

  123. 1. a well-brewed cup of coffee
    2. a pen that writes just right
    3. letterpressed paper

  124. Happy Birthday! I follow you on Twitter!

  125. What a fun idea -- I am fan on Facebook!

  126. Happiest Birthday!!! Praise the Lord for making you :)

    My favorites right now:
    -the swimming pool!
    -my sunglasses
    -the Bible's book of James
    -James Herriot's books
    -Anything out of my garden!

  127. yay, happy birthday!

    my favorite things (in no particular order)

    1. pit bulls. love them!
    2. playing cards with my husband
    3. margarita on the rocks, no salt

  128. yay for twitter! following you.

  129. following you on facebook now. have a glorious birthday vacation.

  130. Happy Birthday Dearie.
    I hope your special day is magical.
    I love your favorite things.

    My favorite things today are:

    My 10 year old chihuahua Bono Baby
    red lip stain
    chesterfield couches
    pin up girl dresses

    Fritzi Marie

  131. happiest birthday to you!

    three of my favorite things are

    1)freshly roasted coffee
    2)summer days strolling in brooklyn
    3)free spirits

  132. I'm following you on facebook.

  133. My favorite thing is coffee shops with the best cappuccinos, followed closely by coffee shops with the best pastries. ;)

  134. happy early bday danni!i think we share a lot of the same fave things. i also love made by hank, burt's bees, and anything vintage-y.

    my fave things of the moment however are a vintage cameo locket, my iphone, and moleskin journals.

  135. happy birthday dear!
    I'm currently loving 1. ice water (it just seems right in the summer!) 2. wearing skirts everyday & 3. the book of Romans

  136. I'm following you on Twitter! @weddingtype :)

  137. I also like you on facebook! thanks!


  138. Hi Danni!!
    What a fun giveaway :) I am already a Twitter follower and a Facebook fan :))

    My top 3 favorite things are:
    1. My lace tunic
    2. My collection of sea urchin tests, sea glass and little sea shells from various beaches
    3. My turquoise rings

    :) Happy birthday!!! And my fingers are crossed for this giveaway :)))

  139. My three favorite things today:

    1. Turkey sandwiches with pesto
    2. My navy blue summer tote bag
    3. The feeling after you get when you didn't want to work out but you did anyhow, and now you're high on endorphins and proud of yourself! :)

  140. 1. babies
    2. my husband
    3. bicycles


  141. My top 3 would have to be:
    •Hand Sanitizer (Germophobe alert!!)

    And Happy Birthday!

  142. Plus, I follow you on Twitter as @CopyKelly!

  143. My favorite things are: my Anthropologie "K" mug, my handmade silver hoop earrings, and my red shoes!

  144. What a fun idea for a giveaway! I love seeing what people's favorite things are.

    Some of my favorites right now...
    - Burt's Bee's :)
    - Coffee!
    - Scarves as headbands
    - Summer evening walks
    - Simple pearl earrings

  145. I'm already following you on Twitter @tiffanyzajas

  146. What a great idea!

    Assuming my family and my cats are not things, I would say:
    1. CoverGirl Outlast All Day Lipcolor in My Papaya
    2. Charisma sheets
    3. Lavender sachet

  147. Ooh... love this giveaway! Happy Birthday!
    My top 3 favorite things:
    1) my husband's bearded smile
    2) my son (Jonas, 3) making my daughter (Penny, 9mo) belly laugh
    3) clogs!

  148. 3 things that come to mind as being my favorites are:

    1. My engagement ring

    2. Burt's Bee's lip balm (can't live with out it)

    3. Townshends honeydew Bubble Tea (or almost any tea for that matter.

    I love summer!

  149. 1. A Blue Sky with perfect white puffy clouds
    2. Delicious, fresh coffee with cream
    3. A free afternoon in a new city

    Jessica Cassin jbaileycassin (at) gmail (dot) com

  150. Some of my favorite things are:
    1. Cute summer sandals
    2. Walt Disney World
    3. My cat Oz

    Happy birthday, Danni!

  151. One of my all-time favorite things are my Havaianas! I've had them for two years and they are a summer staple for me :)


    PS. Following you on Twitter (@sarahlp) and on Facebook!

  152. M 3 favourite (non-peopley) things:

    1. Rubber stamps! Especially my pirate ship one :) cute stationery in general really
    2. Body Shop Moroccan Rose perfume
    3. Kitsune Noir mixcasts

    Love your blog too :)

  153. Some of my favorite things :)

    1. My dSLR!
    2. Scrapbooking
    3. Summertime :)

    Happy birthday!

  154. oh what a lovely giveaway!
    My favorite thing to do is lay in the grass under my orange trees just before sunset.

    ps. Happy Birthday! I hope your day is amazing!

  155. Happy birthday!

    My 3 faves:
    1. free books from the library
    2. Burt's Bees
    3. Dr. Pepper

  156. such a cute giveaway. happy birthday!

    my top 3 favorites right now: my lululemon dance studio jacket, Trader Joe's dark chocolate bar with caramel & black sea salt, and my pretty, new kindle!

  157. p.s. also following you on twitter :)

  158. Hello!

    My birthday is today! But I am turning 27. Some of my favorite things are birthdays, puppies, and strawberries.

  159. this is such a cute giveaway! my top 1 favorite thing is chapstick. so i'm pretty excited about the burt's bees.

  160. Great giveaway! I LOVE, my babies of course, coffee way to early in the morning, the smell in the morning after it has been raining all night. :)

  161. favorites:
    1. big hugs
    2. gin & ginger
    3. butternut squash soup

  162. I follow you on twitter..

  163. and I like you on facebook!

    (I'm also having a giveaway on my blog for a cute leather bracelet)

  164. Happy Birthday!
    My top 5 favorites are:
    My dogs
    My finance
    a comfy bed
    lip balm
    hot air balloons

  165. Happy Birthday! My list of favorite things far outstrips my age, but a few current highlights - jack black lip balm, nautical plates from the flea market, a big green linen bag, and pretty handkerchiefs.

  166. Awesome giveaway!
    My three favorite things are my Kindle (my 26th bday gift!), my camera, and my ruby ring that was my mother's!

  167. what a generous giveaway! happy happy birthday! my favorite things are....
    1. spending time with family and friends
    2. watching the olympics (every other yea)
    3. swimming

    fingers crossed!

  168. I follow you on twitter.

  169. I also follow you on Facebook! (Amber M. Phillips)

  170. Hello and Happy Birthday! I turn 26 this year too!

    My favorite things are:
    1. good coffee
    2. my special someone
    3. my dog
    4. Burt's bees lip balm
    5. snuggling in bed

  171. Happy Birthday!

    My favs right now are:
    1. Cycling
    2. Summer Flowers
    3. Chipotle
    4. A Fine Frenzy

  172. My 3 favorite things are my baby girl, my hubs and my pup. But my favorite "other" things are my compy, coffee w/ flavored creamer and chocolate!!

  173. Happy Birthday!
    Top 3:
    - my Canon Rebel
    - my pink glue gun
    - my lip balm on my nightstand!

    Thanks for the giveaway:)

  174. Happy Birthday! I would say my top favorite things are keys, anything teal or green, and pepsi. I love soda! :)

  175. Also, I like you on facebook :)

  176. what a great idea!!! and happy birthday!!

  177. {Favorites}
    1. vintage coffee cups
    2. Seattle Rain chapstick
    3. Old Navy flip flops

  178. What a cute idea! I love reading other peoples lists!

    1. My adorably, crotchety 10 year old dogs.
    2. The gold bracelet that I never take off due to sentimental reason.
    3. Coffee
    4. Carmex. I love the tingle.
    5. My camera.

  179. I follow you on twitter!

  180. happy birthday!
    I have been following your blog for a few weeks now, excited to find you have a twitter. I'm following!
    favorites are new zara boots, tiny globe pendant and cereal for dinner.

  181. happy 26th!! ;)
    1. my fawn nwcklace
    2. best fitting jeans
    3. my sewing machine


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