good cheer deal - Parcel and Paper:

June 6, 2011


Today's deal is a lovely packaging kit from Parcel and Paper! We haven't had a packaging deal in a while but I think you guys are a fan ;) Who doesn't love packaging?

Retail Price: $35
Good Cheer Price: $20 with free domestic
shipping / international is only $3 shipping!

To purchase this deal, click the PAYPAL - BUY IT NOW button below!
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- only 20 kits available!

- This deal is open to all countries! Free shipping
for domestic customers & only $3 for international shipping!

- Please allow say 5-7 business days for delivery.

- Please be sure to visit Parcel and Paper and support!

- Click the 'buy now' button to purchase this deal. Use your paypal
account to make payment directly to seller and enter your shipping
information. Then your good cheer will be on it's way!

- If the 'buy now' button is no longer working, it means the item is sold out.

5 hello's:

  1. I could not miss this deal!

  2. I've been really in the mood to send out little notes in the mail to my friends...and this is going to make it REALLY CUTE. I have got to snag this deal :)

  3. The package is just as important as the contents...that's my perspective. This is a cute arrangement of packaging needs. Keep snail mail alive...write letters by hand & mail them!

  4. SUCH beautiful photos make me want to buy everything you offer. <3

  5. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Danni! And thank you to all who bought the kit :)


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