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August 24, 2011


Today's featured sponsor is Camp Pikaland - I've always loved the idea of being an illustrator myself, it'd be so amazing to create unique pieces of art that represent your own style. So I really love what's going on over at Camp Pikaland because it gives everyone an opportunity to take an affordable class and gain the skills you need to take your art to the next level. Classes being offered include: "Bringing Your Work to Market", "Taking illustrations beyond the 2D", and "The Ultimate Guide to Repeats and Other Textile Design Essentials" -- they start soon so check it out and sign up for one! Here's a little write-up sent in by Amy!


Camp Pikaland is an online learning school for artists and taught by artists, founded by Amy; the editor of Pikaland, a blog about art and illustration. After being frustrated that she couldn't study art and illustration during university due to geographical and financial reasons, she came up with an idea where art education can flourish beyond borders and where people can learn what they want, whenever they want!
All classes are fully conducted online by an ever-expanding roster of passionate artists and teachers, and are taught via online workshops and self-study modules, so students from around the world can participate in the class of their choice just by having an internet connection and a computer. Camp Pikaland just recently launched with classes that range from the more practical online marketing to hands-on textile design classes, and self-expression courses aimed at developing your voice and confidence in your work as an artist; with more classes to be added soon!

2 hello's:

  1. SUCH a great idea & adorable illustrations!

  2. so cute. I love the cat in the box, of course the yellow chicken too.


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