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August 23, 2011

Hi everyone! I’m Susi and I write as a guest blogger for, a fabulous social media site that promotes interior designers and their work from around the world. My writing focuses on things I'm passionate about: interior design, decorating ideas, home furnishings, gardening, travel and art. I get to look at gorgeous things all day and write about them. I'm a very lucky girl.

I am so happy to be guest blogging today for oh, hello, friend (love the name!). As someone who collects a variety of objects, including chairs (!), decorating with collections is something close to my heart. Here are 8 clever ways to decorate with collections. Hope you enjoy them!

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This bedroom from New York Social Diary demonstrates the adage: live with what you love. Decorate your rooms with objects, art, books and collections that you love.

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Grouping like objects creates a larger impact than having them scattered around the room. Two collections, like the globes and animal prints, can coexist next to one another in larger groups.

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Use collections to set the palette for a room. A collection of blue and white spongeware pitchers adds interest and creates a palette for the rest of the room to work around.

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A collection doesn't have to consist of antiques or art. Mirrors and other decorative objects can be grouped together to form large and small collective displays.

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Decorating with a collection of frames can fill a large wall with interest. Paint them all the same color for a unified look and add to the collection as you find interesting and unusual frames at tag sales and flea markets.

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Brightly colored 60s cookware and dinnerware makes a lively collection for the kitchen. Don't keep interesting pieces hidden in cupboards. They can be used them to add a personal touch to lots of kitchen designs.

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Find creative ways to display collections, like this large collage of travel photos from Apartment Therapy trove of decorating ideas for living rooms. Small format photos or art look great hung together on a gallery wall too.

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Create a cabinet of curiosities with your various collections. Cabinets of curiosities were popular in the Victorian era and are just as interesting today. Glass front cabinets and bookshelves work well to house collections and curiosities.


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  1. Love these! I love to collect, but still want it to look fresh, and not hoarder crazy, so this is great inspiration! xoxo

  2. Lovely post! great ideas for collections or ideas to base a theme around in a room x

  3. I also love collecting different kinds of jars and I find it too bulky for my room and for my house, but I see myself very happy collecting it, so it will not be a hindrance to me.

  4. Those pitchers are beyond awesome!

  5. Lovely catherine holm collection!

  6. I'm not much of a collector but I LOVE seeing other people's collections. This was a really creative round up.

  7. That's good advice, "live with what you love." These absolutely beautiful photographs have given me the confidence to have a go at displaying and grouping my collections (books, paintings, snowglobes, unusual antiques) as I set up my new home. Thank you!

  8. Color combination is just great,making everything look great!

  9. What a beautiful collection you have here. Those globes are so cute together. Its like having the world in your place. Thanks for sharing.


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