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September 2, 2011

Hey there. It's Brittni from papernstitch. This week I've been spending a lot of time indoors, probably because the temperatures are still pretty high here. Florida heat is intense. But anyway, since I have been inside so much these last few days, I've been thinking about all the house projects I just never got around to doing. And now its too late to start new things because we are moving in just a few weeks to a new place. A new state in fact. BUT after we move, I am making a promise to myself to get busy with all of the projects I never got to. So this week's diy roundup is all about home decor...

take the diy projects outdoors and make a hanging garden

revamp a mirror in a different way with another mirror makeover

create your own faux zinc letter decor

or build you own desk from scratch

What's your favorite room in the house to decorate diy-style?

Let me know in the comments below.


About Brittni: She is the founder of papernstitch, an internationally curated exhibition site where you can buy handmade goods and submit to have your own work showcased. Brittni is also the editor of a handmade blog that features diy projects, business tips for creative entrepreneurs, and (of course) handmade items. You can view more free diy projects and tutorials here for 60+ quick and easy ideas you can start and finish today.

8 hello's:

  1. I love the paper cup lighting garlands... very pretty indeed.
    I love sprucing up my house... these blogs are great for inspiration.

    lovely blog post. ;-)

  2. Wow, great round-up but I really love that desk!

  3. Such great links! Makes me itch to get home and play. :) Good luck with your move! I just did mine a few weeks ago and it feels so fresh and wonderful and inspiring to be in a new space.

  4. The library/reading room is my fave to DIY decor... recently undergoing a re-do. :)

    ♥ sécia

  5. Thanks for sharing this DIY info. I am looking myself to do the gardening a little bit. My garden needs some cleaning before i do my magic in there. I am thinking of hiring removalists in Sydney because i have to store some items. Then i think maybe not.

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  7. That paper cup light string is so lovely!! I really like the book ends too. I'll have to find some spare minutes to give these a go =) x

  8. That desk is too cute! Thanks for sharing all of these lovelies with us. Happy weekend! :)

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