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October 19, 2011


So I did a chevron keyword a few weeks ago, which I suppose is similar to triangles but at the same time, different! Lately I am loving this shape... anyone else out there with me? I helped out this lady at her wedding and she was all about geometric shapes and triangles! So I guess she rubbed off on me ;) Oh, and at the bottom of this post, you'll find a new extra feature 'keyword steals' where there will be fun finds for under $10. Enjoy!

Triangles Screen-Printed Loop Circle Scarf from WhiteMoth, $32

Pencil Holder Stained Glass Arrow from FleetingStillness, $45

Geometric mountain- screen printed canvas backpack from depeapa, $21

Triangles Removable Throw Pillow Cover from Leah Duncan, $32

Wooden Human Character Name Card Holder from OHandAH, $15

Wooden Triangles Geometric Puzzle from TimberGreenWoods, $22.95

mixed media dress from cristinapires, $117

Leather Triangle Mobile in Atticus from The Little Tiny, $55

Leather Bag from ulala, $45

Patchwork Triangles Leather Suede Skirt from honeymoonmuse, $32.30

prismatic triangle acrylic earrings from plastique, $19

Vintage embroidered TV screen test pattern wall art from BylinaStudio, $36

Color Block Triangles Zipper Pouch from kaylah7, $15.75

Hand-Painted Large Brass Triangle Necklace from Son of a Sailor, $38

TOTE BAG - triangle from bookhouathome, $80

Geometric birch wood hand painted keychain from aussiekn, $12

Little Zigzag Hand Painted Bowl from Under the Tulip Tree, $10
MINI KEY FOB Chain from BaffinBags, $5
Crocheted Necklace from Fr33na, $10
Tan Triangles Print Greeting Card from Katnawlins, $4
Geometric Dots And Lines Pocket Mirror from theMIX, $4
Mint Triangles Notebook from FinestImaginary, $6.50

24 hello's:

  1. Such a comprehensive post! Wow! Who knew triangles were everywhere? Krystal from Village loves triangles so much I'm going to link this post to her twitter. She'll love it!

  2. LOVE the triangles. I was just thinking of creating a post just like this! Thanks for the links. I love the backpack. Would love to know where I could get a triangle-patterned rug.

    xo, Anna of (green gable)

  3. LOVE the triangle idea, love it so much we made one of our blind impression sketchbooks all triangles :)
    Let me know if you ever want to do a cheer deal, we'd be happy to!

  4. i love them all, especially the pillow and tote bag!

  5. I think my favs are the little trees pillow and the robot clip. Super cute!

    - Sarah

  6. Loving the triangle madness! Especially all those goodies under $10! tempting...x

  7. I love these little mountains!

  8. I too have been on a chevron kick! I've also been lucky to come across some really great vintage finds with the pattern! score!

  9. I don´t know how you find these treasures! Thks for such a beautiful post!

  10. Keyword Steals = Great Idea!
    Says the obviously cheap reader. :)

  11. oh girl, u know i love chevron!! these are some great finds, i think my fave is the pillow!!

  12. I love this triangle selection. You could have also added these :
    Lucie from the Atelier Krapoutchic is a friend of mine and she is obsessed with triangle ! LOL
    Thanks for the beautiful links.

  13. I love the chevron's right now too! I don't really know why. I even designed a brass chevron necklace, then I messed up the hole that I drilled, lol! I'm definitely making another one, it was too cool.

  14. Hi! I'm new here: what a great blog you have! Looks like so much fun and great ideas! :)

  15. You're awesome! Great post, and thank you for including our necklace! (I'm dying over that tote bag, by the way!)

    Jessica (+ William)
    Son of a Sailor

  16. so much triangle eye candy, makes me want to shop hard!

  17. I love this post! Triangle is my favourite shape and I love the items you've featured.

  18. This is such an amazing collection! I love every single item in here(:

  19. hey! super cute round up! thanks for including my mobile. your blog is awesome. xo

  20. Thanks for including my notebook in the steals! :)

    Kim - Finest Imaginary

  21. Ohh...that dress is beautiful!!

  22. that stain glass pencil holder is seriously amazing.


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