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October 11, 2011


Today's keyword is vintage shoes. I just love vintage shoes. Well, I love shoes in general but vintage ones especially. Anyone else out there have a serious shoe-fetish like me?

What else do I love besides vintage shoes? Vintage shoes that are inexpensive & affordable, and there are lots out there! So here is a huge compilation of vintage shoes that I've come across that are $10 and under! Enjoy :)

Size 6.5, Vintage Woven Leather Sling Back Pumps from GirlLeastLikely, $10

Vintage Brown Leather Oxfords from PetbatCola, $8

Size 6, Vintage 70s LEATHER Sandal Heels from SpunSugarVintage, $10

Size 7.5, Unisa Woven Brown Leather Sandals from BohoBargains, $8

Size 6, BEIGE BOW Vintage Pumps from RockingHorseVintage, $6.30

Size 7.5, 80s White Leather Huarache Style Maryjanes from happyboho, $9

Size 8.5, Scalloped Leather Vintage Peep Toe Mini Heels from TheOrangeCollective, $9.50

Size 7.5, Super Cute 80's Pixie Ankle Boots w/ Geometric Cut Outs from chibean, $10

Size 8.5, Vintage Navy Blue Maserati Loafer Pumps from TastyVintage, $10
Size 5.5, Vintage Boots from magpieva, $10

Size 6, Vintage Authenticity Woven Shoes from scoutdrygoods, $6

Size 7.5, Great Vintage Shoes from alovelycupcake, $10

Size 7, Black and Brown Leather Lace Up Vintage 80's Ankle Boots from oliveyouvintage, $10

Size 9, Red Brogue's from backyardbooty, $10

Size 8.5, enzo angiolini white/beige woven leather shoes from parkerhawn, $7.99

Size 8.5, Vintage Sumi Summer Sandals from RogueRetro, $8
Size 7.5, Vintage 80s Coasters Sandals from RogueRetro, $10

Size 6, Brown Leather Moccasin Loafers from TheseCurlsVintage, $9

Size 8, 80 Gold Slip On peep toe Straw Woven sandals from heightofvintage, $9

Size 7.5, Fred West Made in Yugoslavia Black Leather Boots from CronkandSchaefer, $5

Size 5.5, Vintage Leather Penaljo Peep Toe Sandals with Cute Leaf Accent from theturniptruck, $10

How cute and adorable are vintage kid shoes?

Vintage Buster Brown Polka-Dot Sneakers from youngteam1981, $8
1940's Toddler Slippers Wool and Leather from VintagePolkaDotcom, $6.99
Infant Suede Moccasin Bootie from greymeow, $6
Vintage baby girl black patent leather shoes from theoldebrickroad, $5.50

Too many to post, more under $10 shoes for those size 6-6.5's: vintage floral flats, Champagne High Heels, Slingback Wedges, Sling Back Sandals, Gold and Silver flats, British Trotters!

19 hello's:

  1. I think I just melted at those vintage baby shoes, oh my word!

    Some lovely finds Danni :)

  2. Wow that is a lot of shoes! I love the tan boots, can't believe the price!x

  3. i am a huge fan of vintage shoes! i just bought my first pair of seychelles which i think look pretty vintage!! but the even cooler thing about the ones u posted is the PRICE!! i might just have to get those black lace ones!! ;)

  4. I too have an absolute obsession with shoes and your selection is just lovely!

  5. Oh I love those ones from SpunSugarVintage! So pretty!! I can't believe you can actually find decent vintage shoes for less than $10! I'm going to have to keep an eye ou! :)

  6. Cute! I love how vintage shoes can totally alter the look of an outfit.

  7. Oh my gosh those baby shoes kill me. They are so adorable!!!!! I love them!

    - Sarah

  8. Oooh very cute vintage shoes! Always cool to know all the good spots for them!

  9. I LOVE THIS BLOG POST! I think I might have to buy one of these pairs of shoes...Awesome finds. Thanks :)

  10. Oh Thanks! Those red ones are mine now! Never can find cute size 9 vintage shoes, so I snapped them up.

  11. It's a shame I can't squeeze into a size 5.5. I love the peep-toes from The Turnip Truck ... soo tempted to just cut off my toes! Though, that would defeat the purpose of wearing peep-toes ;)

  12. ugh i'm a size 10...guess i'll have to do my own vintage shoe looking. but there are some pretty spectacular ones in your collection. perhaps i can chop off a few toes...

  13. WOW thanks so much for this! It must have been a huge amount of work!! (and... someone beat me to the sz 7.5 black boots. ):)

  14. i got to wonder if vintage ladies ever had bigger feet than size 8. are we all just giants? ;)

    I loved looking at the shoes, though! I'm so glad that they exist so inexpensively!

  15. LOVE these...actually the first pair are my favorite.

  16. Amy - Thank You Cards Shop11 October, 2011 20:44

    i love that these are all under $10 - and so cute!!

  17. i love vintage shoes. and i love that they are all under $10.00 sweeeeet deals!

  18. Some of these are really pretty...


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