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November 25, 2011

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How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was quite lovely. Went to my Aunt's house and saw all our relatives, it is always a good time seeing family. In keeping with this week's theme of thankfulness and the challenge I wrote about on Monday, here are today's 10 things I'm grateful for.

1) Thankful for 2011. Our first year of marriage, the fun things we did together, all the craft shows we were able to sell at. It's been a good year, I can't complain.
2) For the ability to communicate. My grandfather recently lost his ability to speak. Something in his throat, it is hard for him to swallow and now he doesn't talk either :( It is quite sad but I realized how fortunate we are to have the ability to talk - how frustrating would it be to not be able to communicate?
3) Photography, and the ability to capture all the beauty that surrounds us.
4) Harry Potter, an epic story of love and sacrifice. As well as something that Nick and I can share in together!
5) Thankful for money in the bank and that we are able to save a little here and there.
6) The post office. Even though sometimes they sometimes are shady (at my post office at least) and keep raising the rates to send mail, how would we send and receive all the lovely things in the mail without them? I am a big online shopper, I can't imagine not being able to receive packages!
7) Arms and hands. So I can hug my husband and hold his hand, which I love to do and we do often :)
8) Antique markets. What can I say? I am a big fan of vintage/antiques and we have quite a few markets available to us in oc/la - going to the markets are so fun and I am also thankful for my sweet husband who goes with me, even if it's not his favorite thing to do on the weekends ;)
9) Imagination and ideas.
10) All the support from you, the readers. Thankful for anyone who has ever come to a craft show, a vintage sale, anyone who has ordered from my shops, and anyone who reads this blog - I am so thankful for you all and humbled by your support. Thank you friends.

Even though the 10 things challenge ends today, I hope I can keep this mentality of being thankful and content in my day-to-day life. I feel like it can be so easy to fall back into complaining about silly things and being ungrateful - but it is so refreshing to have a thankful mindset, don't you think? Happy Friday dear friends! Wishing you all a splendid weekend.

7 hello's:

  1. great list!

    i also am pretty grateful for harry potter. i wouldn't have thought to include it on a list like this, but it really has had such an impact on my life, in such a strange way...

  2. What a great list of thankfulness!!! I am always inspired when I drop by here. You are such a sweet heart and so talented, glad you are happy too!

    Enjoy your weekend

  3. what a thoughtful list. I can relate #2, my grandfather and I write letters to each other (him in Taiwan, me in Seattle) and ever since his stroke 3 years ago, that tradition has ended. Now it's just skype dates, while not quite the same, I'm glad I can still be in touch with him. Hope you had a great thanksgiving weekend!

  4. what an awesome list! i am so thankful for friends and family!

  5. My father lost his ability to speak the last couple of years of his life, from MS. I remembering just wishing I could hear him call my name just one more time. I am so thankful that I am able to talk to my grandchildren.

  6. Always nice to see into someone's Thankful heart.

  7. 1. our pastors and their great messages 2. jimmy fallon's late night talk show 3. ellen talk show 4. artists who persevere despite setbacks, rejections, criticism 5. word games 6. weekly family nights 7. basketball 8. the invention of the chocolate chip cookie 9. chalkboard paint 10. the beautiful scenery in nature.


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