10 things, wednesday:

November 23, 2011

Photo by Elle Moss.

10 new things I am thankful for today.

1) simple things I take for granted like food, clothes, and a home.
2) food + the ability to taste.
3) that I get to go to sleep + wake up next to my husband each day!
4) the bible and truth that i hold so close to my heart.
5) my identity in Christ, and the hope found in Him.
6) forgiveness. It's a beautiful thing. without it, Nicholas and i would never make it through!
7) patience. Another thing that gets us through the day.
8) technology: internet, computer, camera, etc.
9) Jane Austen ;)
10) Car. So often taken for granted but I saw about 10 people the other day waiting at the bus stop.. and thought, "people really use the bus??" heh. our bus system is not efficient here from what I've heard. I've never used it but my roommates in college used it once to go about 3 miles down the street and it took 2 hours! I wondered the circumstances those people were in that they had to use the bus... So grateful I have the means to have a car that takes me to the places I want/need to go.

For the technology thing, I do sometimes think what our lives would be like without it. Perhaps more simple. We could take time to enjoy life instead of being consumed by the computer 5 or 6 or 7 hours a day. But I guess I am thankful for it, because it's pretty cool ;)

8 hello's:

  1. Thanks for sharing the things you're thankful for! I'm grateful to be able to share in those things with you : )


  2. Im really loving your 10 things posts, it has made me think more about what i have to be grateful for in life everyday...and yes, life would be simpler without technology sometimes but I wouldnt have discovered you blog and many others from all over the world that keep me inspired everyday! And im grateful for that...plus people forget that we have the power over the tech, we can turn it off! x

  3. danni, by the way, i hope you don't mind me leaving comments of my 10 things in your posts everyday, it's a great place to keep me accountable and now that i'm on wednesday, i definitely have to keep going! here are today's: 1: my job! so blessed to have one. 2: my car - you're right, we do take this for granted so easily, but it makes a HUGE difference in our everyday lives! 3: music - the fact that it even exists - it's truly a God-send, the fact that it can find a way to communicate a message and can transcend any differences between people. 4: art/creativity - the gifts and talents that God has blessed us with - to be able to create these crazy unique masterpieces that another person might not have ever been able to fathom. 5: blogs! they give me such joy to read and are a constant source of inspiration; so much eye candy and also great for quick break at work. 6: type/typology: i'm loving letters, words, and the infinite ways they can be drawn and arranged to evoke various emotions or meaning. 7: chocolate chip cookies. 8: movies! i love them! 9: pinterest! 10: yelp! it has led us to many great and memorable food stops.

  4. I'm grateful for public transportation because I do not have a car! :)

  5. I think you don´t have to feel sorry about the people for using the public transportation. In my country (PerĂº) the public transportation is the WORST in latinoamerica. But I have to say that the GREATEST stories you got there besides you sometimes meet different people and see others interesting things to get inspire. Im agree whit KT I´m grateful for public transportation. You should try it! it could be fun! :)

  6. We made thankful pockets in my home. Hands, Feet, Eyes, Books, Family and God were at the top of the list. and Orange juice and Music. Happy thanksgiving!

  7. YES YES YES to technology and cars!! i definitely NEED both in my life! happy thanksgiving!

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