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November 8, 2011


There is something so sweet about bows. Lots of cute bow items from around the world wide web, hope you enjoy today's round up!

Mad Men Bow Dress from VeriteVintage, $124

Little Bow Leather Bracelet from VintageBazaarhk, $12

Grey eternity scarf with bow from Telfer Designs, £15.00

Precise Bow Belt from anthropologie, $38
Kimchi Blue Suede Double Bow Skimmer from Urban Outfitters, $38
Bow Neck Cardigan Sweater from Lord and Taylor, $34.99
Bow Purse from shoedazzle, $39.95

leather bow wallet from Womensgirl, $29

iPad Case from EightSeasons, $68

Japanese Washi Tape from PrettyTape, $3.75
Ribbon and Lace Stamps from ThisandThatFromJapan, $4.21
zipper pouch from SecretNook, $8
Le Petite Bow Necklace from ihamlt, $3
Bow Ring from newyorkcrafts, $2.50

14 hello's:

  1. Prettiness everywhere! I love the grey infinity scarf and cute double bow suede pumps!x

  2. I normally don't think of myself as someone who likes bows but then you go and show me all these pretty things. I guess I love bows :)

  3. I love that bow infinity scarf. Well, I love all bows so I'm pretty impartial!

  4. That bow lether bracelet is to die for. xo, rv

  5. I have another bow for your collection. A hair bow. Literally.

  6. i love this round up! I like adding a bow to anything can instantly make you feel just a bit more feminine!

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  8. Bows are so classicly sweet! I just introduced a new bow style to the shop, and I'm loving it.

    You've found some amazing bow pieces! That little zippy pouch is definitely a steal.


  9. I have always liked bows, I have a bow brooch and several bow accents . I love your selections. Big Hugs!

  10. i love bows so much - so i think i want everything you listed here! :)

  11. Ah, I love bows! So sweet. But, that iPad case is just lovely.

  12. I'll go for the grey eternity scarf. I love the color and the little bow. Fit for this winter and Holiday Season.

  13. I love this, I've been thinking about making some bow tie scarf pins, and seeing all of these lovely pictures really makes me want to go and do it.

  14. I just stumbled onto your blog and I was browsing around because it's so pretty and then I saw that you featured my bow pouch (I'm Jenny from Secret Nook)! Wow! This made my day. :)

    Your blog is gorgeous and just brimming with inspiration.


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