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November 16, 2011


I know gold has been making it's way around the blog world, and I've caught the gold-rush too. Or maybe you've always loved gold. Either way, I'm a big fan - anyone else? Hope you enjoy the pretty gold shiny goods today :)

Metal Gold Letters from Restoration Hardware, $51.49
Gold Triangles Glass Vase from Dwell Studio, $162-$222
Glinting Arrows Wrapping Paper from Anthropologie, $12
Gold Rim Salad Plate from Pottery Barn, $42

Globe Ring from OrderlyCivilians, $18

Set of 4 Gold Mini Notebooks from desTroy, $16

Neutral Shimmer Pleat Dress from circantique, $32

4 Dozen Mini Brush Embroidered Cookies in Ivory and Gold from SweetAmbs, $84 * I've had SweetAmbs cookies and they are yummy!

metallic gold letters, 14 foam core letters from FlumeStreet, $24

Gold Paper Bowls from Up in the air somewhere, $24-$68

Gold Paper Airplane Pendant from YQYJewelry, $25.99

Kimchi Blue Glitter Skimmer from Urban Outfitters, $29
Ecote Woven T-Strap Skimmer from Urban Outfitters, $38
Hand-Blocked Triangle Pillow Cover from West Elm, $19
Vintage Glass Glitter from anthropologie, $12

Open it up - Vintage Look Key Necklace from Bling DIY Jewelry, $7.90
Gold Tone Single Bullet Keychain from ErinMeagherJewelry, $10
12 Gold and Silver Glitter Clothes Pins from Jasper's Romance, $2.99
Metallic Gold Horse Candle Holder from artsySLR, $5.50
Fusion Sparkle - ID Wallet from DaogreerEarthWorks, $5

18 hello's:

  1. Oh I love the shimmery-ness of it all! Great round up.

  2. wow, what a great collection of golden photos and links. And here I went and spent more!:)

  3. I love everything here but I especially love those cookies. So beautiful! Perfect for any elegant occasion.

  4. Oh heavens, I LOVE those gold speckled vases! They are so festive! Also that dress. I just bought one that's VERY similar to that for my company's annual Christmas party. I can't wait to wear it!

  5. that RING! Must buy for holiday gatherings!

  6. Yayyy! My husband came with a drop-dead gorgeous set of old family china that is white with a scalloped gold edge. We've done the whole dining room in white, orange, gray and GOLD. So glad to see more accessories coming out in my new favorite metal!

  7. Danni, I totally agree with you, I'm a big fan of gold at the moment too! Love it, especially at christmas time. I've just put some new screenprinted cards on my Etsy store, that fit perfectly with todays gold love. I'd love you to have a look at them if you have a spare minute. Thanks for all your beautiful and inspirational work all the time. It's so wonderful! And I'm so in love with those Pottery Barn plates.. wish they would come to Australia!

  8. The "wish" letters and those salad plates are GORGEOUS! I created a golden hued owl ornament this year, but it certainly isn't sparkly like all of these wonderful finds!

  9. Oh those cookies are almost too pretty to eat!

  10. I've been caught up in all the "goldness" going around too! I like the softer gold color rather than the brassy gold color though. Sometime it looks good, but I still have bad memories of the 80's brassy finish on everything metal. I don't know if I will ever get over it! ha!

  11. That's probably he coolest ring I've ever seen!

    - Sarah

  12. You have such a lovely blog. I am glad I found it. Love gold, and I went to hunt down that dress and it was already sold as of today. :(

  13. that gold dress and airplace necklace are adorable!!

  14. Love these, Danni. I have to say...until recently I haven't liked gold too much. Maybe its now that I've entered my 30's that I beginning to discover a love of it?
    Thanks for the inspiration

    xo from Lexington
    Megan @ The Art Of Homemaking

  15. I have only just gotten gold fever... until a few months ago i was strictly a silver girl. Now i'm desirous of lots of sweet simple gold pieces. Yay for glimmering gold!

  16. Just today Ive made some little d.i.y with gold, your selection is great!

  17. I love these so much (especially that ring!) that I linked to your post in my most recent "Five Favorites Friday" post! Hope you don't mind! :)

  18. Thank you so much for featuring my glittered clothes pins!

    Great Blog,
    Anna Leslein


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