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November 2, 2011

Today's keyword is numbers. Do you have a favorite or lucky number? Mine is 2. Or 22 since that has 2 - two's ;) Actually 2 was my mom's favorite number so I just took hers. There are lots of fun number products out there. Hope you enjoy today's number round up friends!

Letterpress Number Collage from topblocktype, $49

Number Nine and Two Double Sided Vintage from stepbackink, $34

December Daily Vintage Number Kit from sldirks, $12.50

Let's play 15 from MademoiselleChipotte, $29

Number 7 Necklace - Brass Letterpress Necklace from GwenDelicious, $37

ten typewriter keys from vintage Royal from secondseed, $18

INDUSTRIAL Numbers from sweetshorn, $18

Letterpress Numbers/123 Art Print from sycamorestreetpress, $35

Vintage Cash Register Price Flag from vintageseventyfive, $9

Vintage 1930s Lotto game w fabulous wooden numbers from Passionate Kitsch, $30

Vintage Rustic Wooden Table Numbers from zoeveedesigns, $12

lucky number ring in recycled silver from foundling, $25

Numbers - 16 x 16 Removable Pillow Cover from NestaHome, $35

Recycled License Plate Key Chain from vintageinretrospect, $5
Vintage Numbers Cards from TheFierceBadRabbit, $3.50
Number 2 Print from methanestudios, $8
Metal Printer's Type - Number 4 from ReminiscencePapers, $4
Vintage Smith-Corona Typewriter Key Ring from TheApple, $8
Vintage Printer's Blocks of Numbers and Dollar Sign from thecaravancollection, $9.95

18 hello's:

  1. What a lovely collection! I think 3 is my fave, plus it also apparently the magic number...x

  2. Love this post! So well curated. I adore those lucky number rings.

  3. That is so awesome! You always find the best things. My favorite number is 85. I have no idea why.

  4. What a fun post! My favorite number is 3.

  5. My favorite number is 4...or maye 9...but I think its 4.

  6. You know, I never had one favorite number. For a while it was 13 because I was 8 and thought that would be cool and rebellious. Then it was 12 during the one year I played volleyball, as it was my number. Now... I think 11. But only because I am one of those silly people that make a wish whenever I spot the clock at 11:11. This is such a lovely collection, though!

  7. i love this inpriation!!!
    my fav is 9!!

  8. it's always been 21 since that's my birthday and i just think it sounds like a lucky number. but i got married on the 25th of september so it may just have to change to 25 :)

  9. Beautiful pictures!
    Hugs from Spain

  10. so coveting those letterpress number blocks. must. fight. temptation. to. buy. kids. need. to. eat. ;)

  11. Love the numbers! I especially love the bracelet with the typewriter keys.

  12. love this!! esp. the little animal print!! ;)

  13. my favourite number is 11, my blog is even called eleven things in appreciation of this special number hehe! lovely collection of items as always danni :) i really love the vintage rustic wooden table numbers and the vintage numbers cards. just lovely!

  14. Great post. Love the pillow and the table number.

  15. I like the number 36...back in the day when people used pagers that was the number I used so my friends knew it was me paging them. Pagers haha so funny to think about using pagers.

  16. What a fun collection of numbers! I was surprised and honored to see my typewriter key rings included! Thanks!

  17. OK, so I just found your wonderful blog! Where have I been? I'm the shop owner of The Fierce Bad Rabbit on Etsy. Thank you so much for the feature! I really appreciate it!


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