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January 19, 2012

should i post this image? by pia jane bejkirk

Pardon the random post but this is a link/resource list mentioned at our Alt Summit Panel today: Blogging Ethics & Etiquette. More to come on all the panels from Alt Summit!

Finding proper links for images:

Great discussions and articles:

Frolic - blog talk: crediting photos
Jessica Hishe - inspiration vs imitation
Erin - let's talk photo crediting
Grace - Biz Ladies: Online Etiquette Part One, Two, & Three

Stock photo sites:

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  1. i noticed this already becoming an issue on pinterest with items being pinned from sites that uploaded an image that they don't own or uploaded directly by someone who does not own the image.

    i really need to be more conscious of this when using images on my blog... but i always kind of hope someone will find the original sources!

  2. I am so glad that you have posted this. I'm fairly new to the blogging world, but as a former photographer I try my hardest to post credit to the original site even if I find it on Pinterest. I started doing this a few weeks ago after I saw your post about it and I never even thought about it, but it would have bothered me before when I was doing photography if someone would crop out my logo on Facebook so why would I not want to link back to the original source that I found things from. Thanks for the reminder. Wish I could have been at Alt Summit to hear y'all talk about this. It really is so important.

  3. So here's my situation: My blog focuses mostly on food, so naturally, most of the photos are my own, which makes sourcing photos N/A. But I do occasionally have a favorite things round up or something with photos of products, etc. If the photo is from someone, I always email them and get permission to repost it with proper credit. But mostly the photos are just product photos from amazon or jacket art from the cover of a book. I usually just put "photo from" with a link to where that item can be purchased. Is that OK??? Amazon doesn't say who took the picture, so I have no idea where to even begin to find that out.

    And my blog has been getting more traffic than usual via Pinterest lately, and I've found my photos used without permission all over the place! It really does make you stop and think.

  4. Thank you for posting this Danni...loved meeting you and hearing your presentation at Alt!

  5. Nice collection of stock photo sites you have listed here.

  6. I absolutely love this! Such a simple way for anyone to understand the ethics of posting photos!

  7. Love this so much! There is nothing more frustrating than seeing something amazing or beautiful or inspiring, and not being able to find the creator!
    As a blogger and artist, this is even more important to me than ever.
    Give credit where it is due!!!! Great artists, designers, photographers... work so hard and do outstanding work so that it will be recognized.

    Thanks for sharing! I just love your blog!



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