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March 27, 2012

I didn't mean to put 2 polka dot items in today but I must have subconciously done it, I guess I am really into polka dots right now. Here are my four favorite's today - what sort of things are you favoring lately?

Vintage: vintage brass stencil letter from Lackluster Co, $12
Font: Kurry by Ekaluck Peanpanawate available at, $29 - $239
Fabulous: diy envelopes via fellow fellow
Fashion: spot show cardigan via madewell, $75

6 hello's:

  1. Vintage v-neck t-shirts at Old Navy. I love them!

  2. I love it when you introduce us to new fonts. And I am a polka dot kind of lady!

  3. I've recently been into brightly coloured eyeshadow... even more than usual. The current is tangerine; if I can't wear it as clothing, it'll wear the colour as makeup.

  4. that cardigan is adorable! I love it :)
    I am seriously loving (and ordered!) mint green jeans right now. I found them at and cannot wait until they arrive!!!
    Another favorite is the incredible stamp #6

    I ordered and received in the mail yesterday :D I love and cannot wait to use it on everything ;)

  5. i LOVE madewell!!! i haven't bought anything from there yet but i want to!

  6. I'm totally into polka dots also! Cute post!


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