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April 18, 2012

So I mentioned last Friday that Nick and I have been trying to buy a house. Some of my closer friends know that my plans kind of change with the wind. Just a couple months ago, our plan was to possibly figure out moving to England next year. (I love England!) Then my dad mentioned we should just get a house because "now is the time to do it" so then we got serious about that and got pre-qualified, got an agent, and started looking. At first it was all so fun and exciting! Checking out houses, imagining what we'd do with the rooms. Then at some point, buying a house officially became not so fun and kind of heartbreaking. 3 offers later & 3 times getting rejected, here we are!

We just submitted our 4th offer on a house we found in the city we currently live in. It was built in the 30's...and is pretty perfect for us. Nick was so excited about this house because he said it reminded him of the midwest. (He's from Missouri) He was literally jumping up & down like a little kid, it was pretty cute ;) It was by far our favorite. It's in a good neighborhood, it's charming, it's awesome. Our friend told us you can change the house but you can't change the neighborhood, so true. It's over our price range and needs some work but my mom & her husband said that when you know, you just know. Unfortunately, this house also had received multiple offers. So right now we're waiting. and we know there is a big chance we won't get it. and even by some crazy chance our offer does get accepted, we'd have to wait for the house inspection to see if everything even checks out okay and the house isn't falling apart or anything.. heh. Oh, here are some pics that I instagramed of my favorite parts of this old house:

Front door has a heart keyhole, random but one of my fave parts. Cool mail slot. A super old tub (don't know if we'll actually use this but it's got cool hardware) & a lovely built in bookshelf. It also has a milk door, I love it! It just reminds me of simpler times when milk was hand delivered. So cool. I know it's silly to share pics of a house we may not get but it's just too fun not to share.

So all that to say - home buying is crazy! I guess I wasn't sure what it'd be like. Did I think we'd get accepted on the very first offer we put in? In my perfect world or maybe if we lived in the midwest, yes. But then if we were looking in the midwest, we could buy a mansion with what can barely get us a 2/3 bedroom, 1,500 sqft house here ;) I know at the end of the day, it's out of our hands. We offered what we could, and we just have to trust. and maybe it's just not time for us to get a house right now and we have to be open to that too. (our agent told us that the market just picked up suddenly and there are 1000 or some crazy amount LESS houses on the market then there were last year. timing. go figure!)

I mean, I know it's different for everyone but how many offers did you submit before you got your house? What is your story? Any advice? Anything to be cautious of or look out for? Would so appreciate any of your own experiences/stories/insights you can offer about this whole thing, it's such a new and crazy life-experience. We are enjoying this whole thing and we've learned a lot so far - it'd just be nice to put an offer in w/o there also being 5 or 6 other offers too. Thanks so much for reading friends!

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  1. I used to be an Escrow Officer and now we're looking at buying a house. It is a heartbreaking experience. We found our "perfect" house only to find out it had another offer and was going to contract. I feel your pain. The market is about to go a little crazy. There have been TONS of houses in inventory + holding off on foreclosures b/c of all the scams, that it's about to get flooded. So, be patient. You will find something. =D

  2. Crossing my fingers that you guys get it!!

  3. my husband and i are house hunting in the dc area and the market here (unlike most parts of the country) is also HOT. multiple offers at or above list price + low inventory is the pits.

    fingers crossed for you! we still haven't found "the one"...

  4. I totally agree that house hunting is fun at first, but when you start getting offers rejected, then it's no fun.

    Hubby and I are hoping to end the house hunting chapter of our life on May 8. That's our closing date right now! But, we went through a lot of frustration, tears, and heartbreak to get this far.

    The first house we offered on was a short sale. We still had time at that point to wait, but when the bank came back saying they wanted slightly more and weren't willing to pay all closing costs, that killed us. We could do down payment, but not additional closing costs.

    So, we started our search again. What made things difficult for us is we were looking in an area that was inundated with short sales and foreclosures (at least 95%!), and we were running out of time to look into any of them (our lease expires May 22). So, when we did find a regular sale, our realtor would constantly come back to us saying there was already an offer.

    We got a chance to meet with our realtor to look at a super cute house that was pretty much move-in ready. We already fell in love with its surroundings and even met the neighbor. Our realtor was having trouble getting the lock box to work so we couldn't get in and in calling the selling agent, learned there was an offer on the house already and it was verbally agreed to!

    On we went...

    We did find one regular sale that needed a bit of updating, but nothing major. We put in our second offer and were beat out by another offer of only $4500 more. Brutal!

    What would you know but the day after Easter, the house we couldn't get into came back on the market! We hopped on it so fast and put an offer in that night! And that is the house we are set to close on soon! Say a prayer all goes well from this point!

    Have a lot of patience with yourself and your situation. And don't let the house hunting get between you and your man. That was one of the biggest things hubby and I struggled with.

    You will INDEED find the perfect house. Fingers crossed the one you just put an offer on is the one for you!

  5. We started house hunting too just recently. It's tough. Especially when you fall for the one out of your price range. Wish you all the best and crossing my fingers you get to have this one!

  6. I hope this soon will be your home. The heart lock itself is worth it. Fingers cross. xo

  7. Fingers crossed! I know from my brother & sister-in-law's year-long house search that you ultimately get the house that is meant to be yours. They were heartbroken time after time but when they finally got their house, they knew why they'd been rejected so many times. Good luck!

  8. I want a heart keyhole! Good Luck!

  9. My 6th offer was just officially accepted TODAY! Of course now I have to go through the whole inspection process. My house hunting story stretches over 6 months and involves a paraplegic, someone sleeping in one of the bedrooms during a house tour, a condemned home, a counter offer that was HIGHER than list price and a FULL PRICE offer that was rejected for a lower cash offer... schew.. it has been a crazy ride that has involved some highs and tears.

    I am just hoping the inspection process involves less drama, and hopefully less tears! Good luck to you guys, I know what you are going through!

  10. I looked for about a year and after many houses & 3 offers, my third offer was finally accepted!

    I find that house hunting is an awful lot like dating... You are out there looking for "the one" and sometimes you think you've found it!... only to have things such as long engagements that fall through (aka the short sale that I waited months & months on that fell through) & rejections. It's so hard because you start envisioning a future in these houses and even though you try to not get attached - it's pretty much impossible.

    Just know that if it's supposed to be the house for you God has it ALL worked out. I am so glad the other houses I made offers on didn't go through! The short sale house I had an offer on for months SEEMED like "the one" but it ended up being nothing in comparison to the house I got.

    (PS I can see why you love it - it looks super cute)

  11. Good luck! It seems like a great place! :)

  12. the house looks DARLING!! we put in an offer on a house and afterward found out that someone had offered higher before us and was paying in full so there was no way it would fall through. it was a downer at the time but it really turned out to be a blessing in disguise - we ended up with a house that suits us even better.

    i think the worst thing about buying a house is the pressure to hurry to make a decision because you don't want to be beat out for the place - it made me feel like i had to make rash decisions and for such a BIG purchase, i really wish it wasn't so hurried / forced.

    good luck! i hope you get your heart keyhole (i'm in love)!

  13. Hubby and I just started the house hunt too and we have to be out of our current place by May 31, so we're running out of time.

    The issue we're having is finding a place in our price range in the neighborhoods we like. Because as you already know, location is everything, you can change the house, but not the neighborhood.

    It's beginning to get frustrating and we're getting impatient, but we're really relying on God to open and close doors for us and to be very clear what he wants for us. It's ultimately out of our hands and He knows what's for the better down the road. It's so easy for us to find things and places we like or love, but we also don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. Just stay focused on His plan and he'll bless you.

    P.S. we're looking in the same County as you and yep, the pickings are pretty grim right now. Hopefully it picks up soon and I know we'll both end up where God wants us!

  14. I had a very personal reaction to this post in particular. My partner and I have been on again off again about buying a house for the past 2 years. We moved across the country and now are finally thinking about doing it. I know there will be some heartache along the way like you mentioned, but I'm just so excited to start making a space my own. Good luck with your search!

  15. That house looks so cute. But let me tell ya, house hunting is soooo hard! We looked for about a year before we found ours. And I do remember having that same feeling that you had. We found this lovely house and had our hearts set on it. It did have lots of offers to, so we ended up not getting it. But later, we found a better deal. And we just love our house now.

    So, even if you don't get this house, hang in there! I'm sure you'll find something perfect :)

  16. good luck and dont worry, your dream home will pick you ;)

  17. My sweetie and I just bought a house!

    Boy was it a journey. We must have seen over 100 houses in 3 months and we made 4 offers on houses before we found our new home.

    On all 3 of the other offers we made, we were in a bidding war. So I know what you mean when you say that the market seems to have shifted to a sellers market.

    My advice is find a great real estate agent. We didn't find ours until our 6th open house and we just clicked. Our agent was absolutely wonderful! Every home we saw he pointed out things we never would have noticed.

    Also -- as frustrated as you will get, don't just settle with an "ok" house. When we look back now, we're very happy we didn't get any of the other houses we placed offers on. I just don't think we would have been as happy there as we will be with the home we just bought. Throughout the whole process, we learned a lot about what we really wanted vs. what we thought we wanted.

    Good luck and don't give up!

  18. As a real estate seller myself, it is not only hard for the buyer, but for us agents as well! It is really really hard to see and experience the disappointment when a deal doesn't come together - but keep on trying because in the end, you will forget about the upsetting times and only remember the happiness you will get once you find that perfect place. I worked with someone for 4 years before we found 'the one', and it was the same multiple offer situation. luckily, she got it, but the stress was tangible! Good luck! If you have any questions, I would be happy to help - although sounds like you have a lot of great counsel around you already.

  19. wooow! Big changes, big changes! :)

  20. i have no experience buying a house, but my dad has been a real estate agent my whole life, so i know that it's not the easiest thing to do. i wish you well with your search! or hopefully the search ends now and you get this perfect house with the heart lock :) that's what i'd go for :)

  21. I have absolutely no house buying experience I do have experience looking at cute houses and those little details are precious!!! I'll sending happy housing thoughts your war!

  22. The keyhole heart detail is so charming.

    My fingers are crossed for you.

  23. I don't have too much to add... except that I married a European and recently up and moved to Portugal. Just that. :) Just one comment for the crazier side that encourages the risk and the adventurous side of living! I mean... there will always be houses, right? After you buy one, though... will there ever be Europe? ;) Not sayin'... just sayin'. I feel a little like you're a friend, so if you just want to come visit, that could be a fun option, too. :)

  24. Me and my boyfriend really want to buy a house too, I think it's more of a dream right now than a likely outcome, it'll probably be another 3 or 4 years before we can (when he gets finished with law school)... but his parents were considering buying one and letting us rent from them (to keep in in the fam), and that way when we either decide to leave or stay they won't lose from it, they can either sell it to us using some of what we've already paid on it (so we're not just throwing money down the drain) or rent it/sell it to someone else...
    seems like a good idea but i doubt it will come to be until years from now, :( sadly... I'm really ready to own a house though, so tired of renting. It would be a dream to be able to put money and time into something that was my own...

    i really really hope you get this place! and if not this one than something even better. so exciting! :D

  25. Oh I do wish you the best of luck!

    We bought our apartment just over a year ago so I know exactly what you are going through. It took us over 6 months to find our perfect place, changed our budget a million times and cried a million times more.

    In Australia, all the good apartments/houses tend to go under auctions and that just put the extra stress into the equation. In my first auction, I cried like a baby in the end and vowed to never go through it again.

    In the end, we found our perfect place, it was almost double from the price we were looking at the beginning, but we didn't mind. It is our perfect apartment in the most perfect neighbourhood. x

  26. hi Danni,
    looking at houses is one of my favorite thing to do. shopping for it is even more fun but most stressful. i believe finding a house is like looking the "one". it's fate & if it meant to be yours it will. it took us 9 mths & 8 offers before we found our house. our first agent was a friend and reak estate is his partime job. we did most of the leg works & just ask him to get us in the house whenever we see one. the final home was a private sale w/ exclusive agt only. it was love at first site for me. we look at a couple of other homes after but it only made me realized that i want this house more than anything. as painful as can be that we had to ditch our friend because we really want this house. our critiria was that it must be an old house, 30's or 40's. spanish, tudor or craftsman style. must have a studio for my arts & crafts. the first bank reject the house because the attic was unfinished. we waited 6 months for the owner to complete construction on the attic since no banks would accept the house as is. our rental lease expired and our landlord could not accept month to month. luckily my sister let us stay with her as long as it takes. in the end we got our dream house. it's a tudor home, quaint old neighborhood with most historic homes. huge yard (too big actually) and an awesome studio. it has been 2 yrs now and everytime we still admiring our house we still can't believe it is ours.
    have lots of patient, if you find the 'one', don't try to bargain for it. i've never buy anything full price, always have to be the best deal. but this house was special & we accept the asking price because it was the right one for us.
    my brother just bought his first home 2 mths ago. it was beautiful, unbelievable price and it was the only house that he look at & put in the offer. he got it within one month. i believe in fate. :)
    wish you the best of luck Danni. your house seems so lovely with lots of beautiful old characters. xoxo. khanh

  27. One strong vote for letting the wind carry you overseas!!! You've got your whole life to buy a house. Sure, it may be a very "wise" time to invest, but experiencing another culture by fully immersing yourself in it will bring an untold richness to your life and to your relationship with your husband. My longtime boyfriend and I have both spent time living (not just traveling) in other countries, and many of the joint life decisions we make going forward refer to the perspectives we've gained from our time spent overseas... including where and how we choose to live.

    No pets? No kids? The ability to carry a huge virtual community with you? Goooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

    But of course, if you get this house, congrats to you both! It was meant to be. You could always rent it out to realize your dreams of living abroad.

  28. Danni,
    We are actually in the process of building a house- have you guys considered this option? I'm not sure if it is an option in your area, but after a lot of looking- we decided to build. We are building a New Orleans French Quarter Style House (Double Gallery) here in Baton Rouge. There will only be 14 of these total, and they were too unique to pass up. We also liked that it would be a custom house, not a cookie cutter like so many of the houses here. After looking at house after house and saying 'We'd have to replace that and that and that, etc', we started talking to builders and here we are. I'm SUPER excited about being able to choose the paint colors, countertops, fixtures, etc- it's like a dream come true! It's great being able to move things around on the floorplan and really think about how we want things laid out in the space. I can also see where it could stress out someone who does not like to make those kinds of decisions though. Anyways, best of luck with your house- I really hope that you get the one you want. (And I know everyone has said it- but that heart door knob is so sweet and totally you!)

  29. Just remember that everything happens for a reason! If you don't get a certain house, it's because a better one is out there for you guys. When you finally do get your home, you'll know that all of the heartache caused by the other houses led you to your perfect one. Good luck!

  30. We were so lucky when we got our house. It was literally a dump inside [had previously been a rental], but it was a 1920's house with lots of charm. Luckily my father in law is handy, and helped us out a ton as we worked on the house as newlyweds. We got the house after a foreclosure so we saved a ton. It is super small with just 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, but it has been a perfect starter home! It also has a milkdoor too! It was one of the fun features we kept when we basically gutted the house. Good luck with your search! I hope the offer goes through!

  31. Good luck to you. So much of what you're saying is what my husband and I are going through right now. I'm just trying really hard to be patient and enjoy what's in front of me.

  32. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you – the pix are awesome, I hope it works out!

    Our first house, we fell in love with during an estate sale, then just offered full price as soon as it came on the market. The frustration there was waiting 9 months for the back lot to be divided and sold separately before we could close and move!

    The second house was tougher – three rejected/backup offers before we hit the jackpot with this one. We knew there was another offer in the works so again, we came in at full asking and got it!

    Third house was our first offer but not our first choice – budget restrictions meant we had to reduce our wish list. But again, we went in with full asking price and got it.

    Now, I'm sure there are lots of folks out there who'd call us silly for offering full asking but to us, the house was worth it every time so we didn't feel like we were "taken" or overpaid.

    Plus each time in retrospect, it turned out it was the best house for us so hopefully the same will be true for you with whichever house you end up in :)

  33. We are in the same boat as you! About to put an offer in on such a perfect house. I hope we get it. Someone else commented that the market is about to be flooded with inventory, so keep your chin up! Even if you don't get this one, you'll certainly find something!

  34. My husband & I are fixing up our first place right now, hoping we can start moving in by the end of the month. It's stressful but so fun too, I love the heart and the mail slot, you know it's the right house for you when those little things make you feel right home already! ♥ Mia

  35. The Lord will lead you where you need to be!If it's not at this house, maybe England, then =)

  36. I am so excited for you! I loved your live tweeting of the event. So fun!

  37. I love the heart key whole, adorable!

  38. Oh yes, the heartache of house shopping...I feel your pain. We have looked at so many homes in our area (Phoenix), and so many of them short sales that it kind of takes the "fun" out of the whole process when you know that you have months ahead of just waiting.....and trying you hardest not to think too much about what life would be like in these homes.

    Of all the homes we've seen, we have submitted three offers so far - first one was part of an estate sale and great deal, but we got caught up in a bidding war and lost out.

    The second house is a short sale, and after about 2 months of waiting to hear about the bank's response, heartbreak struck again - this time in the form of a foreclosure. The banks decided the seller didn't have a valid "hardship", so could not process the short sale so the house will go to auction. Without enough cash on hand to attend an auction to bid on this house in a couple days, I guess we just wait and see if the banks will put it back on the market as a bank-owned property. Probably at a higher price too.

    The third house is also a short sale. We've fallen head-over-heels for this house - getting emotionally attached when we know we shouldn't. This one is a long shot too...with two loans, so two banks to deal with. After seeing how quickly a bank can opt for a foreclosure auction, whether or not an offer from a buyer is already on their desk, makes us worry that we might meet the same fate on this one.

    So now we're back on the prowl...expanding our search area to include other neighborhoods that are equally as good, but would increase the commute time to work for my husband and I which is not the ideal.

    All the conventional sales in our area, at least the mid-century-modern style homes we're looking for, are usually only on the market for 1-3 days before they are under contract after receiving multiple offers, with many OVER asking price. So although short sales are a hassle and a half...this business of taking time off work to rush around the city with my realtor to see a place in the first 72 hours is just nuts too. Like another commenter, with such a big commitment (both financially and personally) we aren't loving how rushed this all feels.

    I hope in your case this is a conventional sale, which is really the best way to go if you can find one. It allows you to negotiate on any final repairs that may be needed after inspection/appraisal, closing costs, and a number of other things directly with the owner...and not a bank. This home looks lovely and has lots of character - good luck!

  39. House hunting can be so much fun, but totally depressing at the same time. We bought our house last year June. In January we hadn't even thought of looking at houses. My boyfriend just randomly came home with the property papers one day and right then we started looking.

    In the end we only went to see 3 houses before we found our dream home. I phoned our agent to go and see one of her other houses but it had already been sold and she mentioned that she had another house in the same street. The moment we walked into this house we knew. I immediately knew that this was where we belonged. And that was it. In our minds it was OUR house from day one. That's what we called it when we told people about it and whenever we spoke about it.

    After a lot of discussions and research on the area (we were convinced from the beginning but our parents not so much) we finally put in an offer. Only to have the owner counter-offer with an amount that was out of our budget. We discussed it and eventually decided to accept and just deal with changing our spending habits to accommodate it.

    I often think about the difference between what we wanted to pay and what we did pay in the end and it seems so insane that we almost let that tiny bit of money stand between us and our dream house.

    If you know that the house is where you belong then go for it. I promise you won't regret it. We've been in our house for almost a year now and just this morning I was standing in our lounge looking out the windows and thinking 'I love my house so much...I can't believe that this is ours!'

    Good luck! I truly hope that you get your dream home!!

  40. I still have milk delivered! We live in England (guess that makes you want to move here even more?), but I have never ever seen a milk door. That is a genuis idea!

  41. I have only just found your blog so reading for the first time - WOW. It's so beautiful.

  42. Wow!! I love that heart keyhole and the mail slot is too cool!!

  43. the heart keyhole is to die for! beautiful home.

  44. I'm on a condo/house hunt right now, so it was definitely interesting reading other people's experiences. I've only seen 4 places so far, but the one I liked the best had just had an offer put in on it - so I absolutely understand how this could get draining. Good luck and I hope you get it!! Great pictures, by the way :)

  45. We went through something similiar, and finally our 5th offer (fifth!!) was accepted! When people said everything happens for a reason, and you'll find the right one I have to admit I wanted to scream. But we found a house that was way more perfect for us than the other 4, so hopefully the same is true for you! The house looks so lovely. The heart keyhole is amazing, and that tub? awesome. GOOD LUCK!! fingers crossed for you!

  46. We were house hunting for a year. A YEAR! We put in 4 offers all to be outbid by cash buyers (I live in So-cal too, the SF Valley to be exact). And this is when the market was still tumbling and it was supposedly a buyers market. Maybe it was, but it was for the buyer who had super deep pockets and had $400K + in cash. We submitted an offer for a 5th house, accepted, inspection fell through and we pulled out of escrow. When we walked into the house that we ended up buying, it was like a choir of angels opened up the heavens and started singing. I just knew it was the house. I hadn't felt the way about this house like I had any of the other houses we had seen or bid on. It was the first house that I was oohing and aahing over and the only house in which I said "I LOVE THAT HOUSE. WE NEED TO GET THAT HOUSE." So we placed an offer, accepted closed escrow and it was ours! Two years and another baby later, we are still here and loving it. It is overwhelming and I get you in the "OMG I can't look at another house" feeling, because I was getting there too, but when you get the house that was meant to be it is such a scary, yet amazing and warm and fuzzy feeling that you get. Good luck and I hope your search ends faster than mine did!

  47. Aw, I feel your situation. It's hard when the market is hot. It's a buyer's market, which means you're going to find a lot of people looking.
    We were lucky that after months of looking online, we loved the first place we saw in person. It was easy to narrow down, as we need a large yard for our dog and yards aren't easy to come by where I live.
    We went through 3 full rounds of offers/counter-offers and finally made a deal. Even now before closing, we're still bargaining on credits for stuff that needs repairs, etc. Luckily, we're basically gutting the place and will get to make it how we want anyway.
    Good luck!

  48. Hang in there! People get the first house they bid on, and some bid on scores of houses - I have bought and sold many times, and the last time it took over 6 months of every weekend looking, bidding and losing. It is kind of heartbreaking, but some wisdom I learned from a real estate agent many many years ago was - there is ALWAYS another house. And in my experience. You think it's the only one etc, but then another one comes along. Don't despair!!!

  49. Trying to find a decent home at a decent price in the OC is definitely tough! Of course it's better than five years ago, but still. I went through the process with my BFF (I rent the second bedroom) when she bought a condo in Fullerton last year. Granted, she has a bit of a leg up because she used to do real estate law. But still, our biggest lesson - besides being patient - is that things fall through in order for your to really find the best place. If our first offer had been accepted, we would never have found the awesome place we're in now! But definitely hang in there, and get the best realtor you can because it makes all the difference (I'd be happy to send you the info for ours - he worked so hard even with our tiny budget!). :)

  50. I feel for you - this is a tough, tough process. We were looking for a house from 1000+kms away which made it even harder, and we got rejected so many times. Real estate agents would tell us "If you just offer this much, they'll sell it." So we'd offer "this much" and the price would go up. And so-on and so forth. Auctions were even worse (plus we'd have to go to the expense of flying down each time). Eventually I got a job in the new city and moved down, living in horrible guesthouses and short-term accommodation with all my things in the car while Mr B flew down on weekends. That lasted three months! The house we eventually bought was for auction, but we were so tired of the process by then that we offered a higher price to buy it on the spot, and it was accepted. We know we didn't get a bargain, but we did get a home. All that you're going through now is temporary. When you move into your own home, it is such a special moment. That's when the fun starts. Good luck!

  51. As a new home owner, I wish I could have some advice for you but I don't. Advice on homeownership is a lot like pregnancy advice, everyone has a different opinion about it and regardless what people say, you will do what is best for you.

    Our home buying process tested our patience, our work ethics, our financial stretches, and even on the hot sunny days our marriage! Overall it was an amazing process- the heartbreak, the letdown, the excitement, the nerves and most importantly, the feeling you get when you know God has a castle waiting for you! Thanks for sharing your process, Dani, I can't wait to see where you are lead.

  52. Congratulations on getting your offer accepted :) I have been meaning to comment on this post for over a week now for 2 reasons:
    A. Buying a house is so cool - buying an old house is even better!!! My DH and I own our 1930s home and have a love hate relationship with it. The upkeep/constant projects can be a pain, but I would not trade the charm and character for anything!!! It's HOME.
    B. seriously, it's very cool that your DH is from MO. Mine is too!!! I just thought the coincidences were pretty cool! ;)

    Anyway, CONGRATS on such an exciting time for you both! Enjoy it!


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