Reader Appreciation Deal #1:

April 30, 2012

We're offering deals all week long here at the blog! Today's deal is for our oh-so-popular pocket watch necklaces. They're lovely vintage-inspired pieces and functional too. Buy 1, 2, or 3 today for over 50% off, available in 8 different designs!
Retail: $30
RAW Price: $14
Extra Info: $3 s&h charge will be added to your order - you can purchase up to 3 pocket watches and the shipping cost is still $3. Offer is open to international residents, shipping charge is the same. A, B, E, H are an antique brass finish. C, D, F, G come in the antique copper finish. Clock pendant measures approx. 1.25" in diameter and hangs on a 28" curb necklace chain. Orders will ship next Monday, May 7th. Any other questions, feel free to email me! 

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10 hello's:

  1. hey danni, would you mind telling me the size of the pocket watches? thanks so much!

  2. These watches are adorable!

  3. Hi Danni,

    Just wondering - these look like 4 different pocket watches instead of 8 different ones. Are my eyes playing tricks on me?

  4. Yes...I agree. I kept trying to see if I would be able to find the slightest differences between the 8 and there weren't any...

  5. also wondering if it comes with a chain, and how long is the chain?
    They are lovely!

  6. I'm also curious if there are supposed to be 8 different styles instead of 4 and how long the chain is. I love these!! :)

  7. Hi everyone!

    Sorry about that, totally forgot to put the details of the actual item! The watch pendant is just about 1.25" in diameter and the necklace chain measures 28".. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me :)

  8. Yay, I just got one! So excited. Thanks Danni!

  9. Oh, I see there are lots of similarities between the 8, but I found all of those so adorable. Thanks for posting it. :)


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