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May 10, 2012

Mother's day is just a couple days away! Have you planned anything special for your mom this weekend? I know I don't typically do a whole bunch of holiday posts (I like holidays I just never have the time to get anything together for some of them..) but Mother's day is special because our mom is super dear to us. She raised my brothers & I and provided a lot for us growing up. Here are some last minute ideas if you aren't sure what to get your mom this year. I think at the end of the day, it's just the thought that really counts :)

Breakfast - is there anything more thoughtful than a simple homemade breakfast?
via Martha Stewart

Monthly club subscription - I love monthly clubs. It's so fun to look forward to a package every month. Pictured above: Little Black Bag Gift Subscription (she can choose whatever she wants!) & Sample Society monthly package by beauty bar. Citrus Lane for any new or soon to be mothers that you know! (& for Canadian friends - Glymm & Topbox are available for your country!) images via fab fatale & see shop love

Amazon Kindle - the great thing about amazon is that you can still get this delivered in time for Mother's day with their 1-day shipping! 3 options available starting from only $79! Clarisonic - My mom & I both have one of these are they are wonderful. Order it here or head down to your local Sephora to pick one up! Photo via curious beauty

Spa day - manicures. relaxing. treat your mom to a spa day or get a certificate for a future visit! via The Pioneer Woman

Memories - Create a special book/journal of memories and sweet things.
Pictured above: fabric covered journal via the brides diary

Photos - Such a sweet & simple idea - run down to your local print shop or print off b&w photos yourself! via Better Homes & Gardens

Flowers - pretty flowers are always a treat. Visit your local shops for some cute vase ideas: michaels, ikea, pier one, west elm, cost plus. via Better Homes & Gardens

If you have any great ideas to share with everyone - feel free to add them in the comments below!

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  1. Great ideas! I love the heart shaped pancakes.

  2. Heart-shaped pancakes with strawberries seems a nice idea! Love all the pictures, so much inspiration!

  3. I love that last photo. I think I might do something like that and deliver flowers to the gals around my office (one of which is my mom)! How fun!

  4. love the idea with the pics in the vases!!!

  5. I'd have to agree- I love the pictures in the vases too! Thanks for the ideas:)

  6. Great idea! Love the pictures in the vases!

  7. I love that first image! I love the sweetness and simplicity for mother's day!

  8. Monthly subscriptions are such a great idea - it lasts all year until next mother's day!
    I've already ordered fresh flowers for my mum this year, but maybe next year. & maybe I'll even hint to my husband, since I'll get to have my very own mother's day in a year :)

  9. What a sweet and thoughtful post. How is your mother? Is she well? I remember she was battling cancer a few years ago.

  10. I LOVE the heart shaped pancakes! Too cute!

  11. I painted some cute flower boxes for my mom and mother-in-law. Please check them out if you get a chance!

  12. LOVE all the gorgeous, thoughtful mix of traditional and unique mommy gifts. One of the best gift lifts I've seen around.


  13. these are such cute ideas.

    my siblings and i got my mom a family photo shoot for the last set of pictures while i still have their last name before i get married :) we're celebrating tonight, so i hope she loves it!


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