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May 11, 2012

life lately via instagram.

Friday is here once again! This week was busy, and this weekend will be busy too! My mom is in town for Mother's Day so we're taking her out. We're seeing cirque du soleil tonight, taking her to korean bbq tomorrow, and then taking her to see Avengers. (Have you seen it yet?? It was so good, you must go see it if you haven't!) We also will be down at the California Market Center this weekend for UNIQUE LA! The event is Saturday & Sunday, from 11:00-6:00 -- Hope you can stop by & say hello if you're free :)

Pictured above:
Making necklaces in the car for the show this weekend - you can be so productive in the car, I never knew! ;)
Went strawberry picking again with friends, so fun!
Went down to the carlsbad flower fields
This week we shipped a whole lot of reader appreciation deals, Thanks for your support!

What are you doing this weekend? Taking out a loved one? Maybe you're being taken out if you're a mom.. or I know there may be some out there that don't have a mom or have a tough relationship with your mom. Whatever your plans may be, I hope you all have a simply wonderful weekend sharing it with people you love. See you next week friends.

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  1. Wow those photos are gorgeous!!! Looks like a happy and productive week :)

  2. I meant flowers but the photos are pretty too :)

  3. I can't wait to try Instagram -- new phone coming in a couple of weeks! And the jewelry looks fun! Me, I'd have dumped that AND my coffee in the floor of the van if I tried that. I stick to knitting/crocheting as a passenger -- much safer! :-)

  4. Okay, now that you've endorsed Avengers, I think I need to see it. I trust your movie taste!

  5. How fun, my friend and I are going to Unique LA tomorrow, so I'll try to stop by and say hello!

  6. Your photos are always amazing...what is your secret?!?!??!
    Love the carlsbad flower fields.
    Your jewlery looks amazing. Good luck this weekend! Enjoy your Mother's day weekend with your mom.

  7. OMG lov e the picture full of flowers! So beautiful!


  8. We NEVER go see movies, but had free passes from Christmas and decided to use them on Avengers. It was SO GOOD!!! So glad we saw it large screen instead of on our little computer. Have so much fun!

  9. Glad I'm not the only one who works in the car!!!

  10. we're going to try and see avenger's this weekend too! love that flower photo!

  11. oh, i love the flower fields! something about a field of flowers is so peaceful & claming. love it!

  12. what a beautiful blog you have! I just stumbled upon it... following you now! :D

    I hope we can be friends!

    love, polly :D

  13. Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous! Looks like an amazing scene.


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