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June 14, 2012

Simple and glorious moments for me come when I just stare up in the night sky at all the stars, admiring creation. I don't see a whole lot of stars in OC (probably b/c of all the smog ;) but I'll always remember driving through Texas and being mesmerized by the star-filled sky. It is awe-inspiring. To me, it reminds me of a creator and how He commands the stars & the sky. So beautiful. Anyway, today's keyword is constellation! I love all these wonderful star-inspired pieces. Hope you enjoy them too friends :)

Orion Constellation Embroidery Kit from Miniature Rhino, $20

Constellations of crystal stars Photograph from Diem Design Photography, $10

Constellation Ring from Adam Foster Jewelry, $375

Vintage STARS wallet from Heathered, $18

Kites And Constellations Cardigan from anthropologie. Available here at ebay.

Constellation Necklace sora designs, $34.50

Star Jars from a few things I made for you, $50

Constellation Pillow from regansbrain, $60

Morgane Le Fay constellation dress via the owls are not what they seem

Screenprint Constellations poster from little bright studio, $30

Constellation Necklace from E. Ria Designs, $27

Constellation iphone case from Case garage, $17

original antique celestial astronomy star print antique print store, $30

constellation print scarf from blackbirdtees, $24

postcard set from meera lee, $6

jumbo constellation locket from Conjuration, $60

Geometric Star Map Print from elise mahan, $10
Our Solar System Passport Cover from TwoPolkaDots, $5
Meander the Night Sky - cabochon ring from ATeaLeaf, $10.50
letterpress greeting card from floret letterpress, $4.25
original abstract geometric line constellation drawing from ADoodle, $2.50

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  1. Have you heard of the iPad app that allows you to point at it at the sky and it will identify constellations for you? SO COOL. :) I'm telling Mardy to bring his iPad next time we go camping ;)

  2. My husband majored in Astronomy so this post speaks right to our star gazing hearts.

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my Star Map Wallets! They're made from a vintage planetarium souvenir book from 1935.

    Really cute blog :)

  4. What a neat post. I love all of these. Especially the dress.

    - Sarah

  5. I want all of these! Oh my gosh! The cardigan from Anthro is adorable! And the iPhone case! And the pillow! Gah!

  6. i'm kind of obsessed with stargazing!
    i love the idea of embroidering the constellations on craft project!

  7. Ooo, I love all of these! When we move into a house of our own, I want to paint our bedroom with a deep navy and do a constellation mural on the walls...

    I should probably tell my husband that.

  8. Wow. Thank you for this post.

    They're all so lovely and this is a great collection. I especially like the postcard and the scarf. I may get the latter, as it's simply beautiful.

  9. My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations. John Green

    loved this post. thanks.

    xx Stu

  10. stars are written on my heart and these items move me. thank you for putting this collection together. love! xo.

  11. Danni! Thanks so much for featuring my kit! I love this collection of starry goods, too. The stars & night sky are great inspiration...

  12. These are some really great finds!
    Love it, especially the constellation necklace and ring.

  13. I love these star inspired items.

  14. Amazing finds! I love that pillow so much!

  15. Oh I just love LOVE this post so much!! Danni your findings are always awesome :)

  16. Over all the blog is awesome.
    But why you love that pillow so much "Erika".

  17. I'm just loving your blog! and this whole post is AMAZING!
    Oh, My


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