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July 26, 2012

Science is cool! I'll admit, biology + chemistry definitely weren't my strongest subjects in high school (the periodic table was over my head) but  I pretty much want to decorate our new house with science goods after looking for fun science-related items for this post ;) Hope you enjoy this round up of items!

industrial lab stand no. 3 via AMradio, $98

1930s Microscope Kit via TheOrangeCollective, $54.50

Vintage Mini Glass Bottle and Laboratory Beakers, via A & N Mercantile, $20

The Wonderworld of Science via MyraMelinda, $5.99

Vintage Science Laboratory Microscope Slide Films via Vintage Scraps, $5

Medical Science Laboratory Jar via Modern50, $99

laboratory bottle set via AMradio, $34

Antique Glass Chemistry Bottle, GallivantingGirls, $27

Vintage Medical Photographs via Vintage Scraps, $24

Vintage brass microscope via jollytimeone, $159.99

this is sold but it's too cool not to include - periodic table via AGC916

MacBick Vintage Borosilicate Medical via Sweet Goods, $9

test tube rack #10 & test tube rack #4 via science supply

skeleton key and butterfly wing in vial via Harmonicajane, $24

vintage style reproduction poster via camelotia, $22.70

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  1. Who knew science could be so chic! Love that you have such an eye for these things. My husband is a physicist/chemist so this post makes my heart think of him. I was horrible at science but I love it because of him.

  2. I just bought the vintage Wonderworld of Science books, thanks to you. We are getting married in two weeks, our theme is vintage books, my favorite color is orange and his is blue, and I am an elementary science teacher. These could not have been more perfect. Thank you so much for sharing!!!! :)

  3. Love! As a recovering Scientist, now Artist - this is perfect!! I was always trying to decorate and color coordinate my lab bench, but bring the lab home as art makes much more sense! :)

  4. Love it! I had this beautiful set of test tube vases that I attached to my front door but unfortunately I smashed them when filling them water. This reminds me I must replace them!

    Some crocheted taxidermy animals could go well with this theme too. There is a British artist who creates amazing crochet taxidermy - she has produced full bears and a lion for the Olympics!

  5. Love the collection, Danni. And you better be careful what you say, especially with a scientist like me reading! I now what to show you how cool the periodic table is and how easy it is to understand, when explained properly. Maybe I should start giving lessons in alchemy?

  6. These give me ideas for my daughter-in-law's medical school graduation!

  7. I probably wouldn't have ever thought of this - but the decor is adorable! Love it.

  8. Ohhh Marja, I would love to hear ideas of decorating a lab bench. ;)

    Great post, danni.

  9. Funny that I hated chemistry in school, yet I am dying to get some beakers to put flowers in!!

    Love this collection of inspiration.


  10. I'm a biology major and wouldn't have thought to decorate with a microscope kit or put sweet flowers in a test tube rack!


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