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August 16, 2012

Hey friends! I'm back from my trip and ready to get back to blogging. Thanks to all the wonderful guest blogger's who shared such lovely inspiration while I was away! 
Today's collection is for the naturalist. Some things don't need a whole lot to be beautiful. I love the simplicity of these objects. There is something so refreshing about nature, don't you think? Hope you enjoy today's collection :)

sf girl by bay

Tara Ballatyne

design with spine

79 ideas

Beekeeper Mary Woltz via the 189

loveliest fern book via honey and jam

restoration hardware

room and serve

ruffled blog


the society inc

treasure filled cash drawer. sue h.

cool republic

10 hello's:

  1. Wow, those pictures are really inspiring! In fact, after seeing the movie Moonrise Kingdom, I just felt the passion about naturalism. Mushrooms, leaves, butterflies, wind and sea water are my lovers this month!

  2. would love to start beekeeping!


  3. Hard to pick a favorite - so pretty, all of them. Welcome back home!

  4. I love bringing nature indoors. What a beautiful collection- definitely making me rethink my interior design dreams.

  5. I love the pictures in frames hanging from the hooks higher up- so pretty. Great inspiration.

  6. I love the detail in every photo- artistic to say the least.

  7. Great photos! What a cool collection. The bees are a little scary! The fern book w/ acorns is maybe my favorite. Very hard to select just one!

  8. Very lovely collections, especially the bird related one.

  9. Welcome back Danni! Love all of the photos...


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