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August 9, 2012

One of my good friends, Lillian from unstitched blog recently got engaged (hurray!) so I asked her to share some wedding inspirations with us. She is in the first stages of deciding on invites so I'm so excited she is sharing some of her favorites here!

Hi Oh Hello Friend readers! I'm sure you all appreciate beautiful paper goods and lovely invitations just as much as Danni.  I recently got to see Danni's wedding invites for the first time in person, and they are just as beautiful as the photos show.  Beautiful and well thought out invitations really set the tone for the event, and they're a pretty good way to convince someone to attend.  I always put lots of thought into invitations, even for regular parties.  It might be easy to just send out an evite through email, but it's so much more fun to send out something tangible and creative.

I'm in the midst of wedding planning research, so I wanted to share a few of my absolute favorite wedding invitations that I've found online:

This wedding invitation is by Julie Song for her own wedding.  I love the watercolor details, the mix of type, and the garden theme that reflected her location.

I really love the idea of an invitation in a box.  It's like opening a gift!  And this one comes with a beautiful little booklet.  By Oscar & Emma.

This laser-cute invitation is brilliant.  It gives the guests a peek into the location of the wedding, and I just love that the little trees pop up like a pop-up book! 

I have always loved illustrated invites.  They're so whimsical and fun.  Top one by one of my favorites, Rifle Paper Co.  Second by Erin Jang of The Indigo Bunting.

I'm sure you've seen these invites floating around the web, but I can't help but share them again here.  These viewfinder invitations by Melangerie are a stroke of genius.  How cool would it be to open a box and find an old-school toy as a wedding invitation?! 

What are some of the coolest invitations you've seen around the web?  Do you have any favorite trends in invitations lately (letterpress, watercoloring, etc.)?  I would love to hear! - Lillian

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  1. I adore wedding invitations, well anything wedding really, & I'm admiring the watercolor invitations lately. Just so beautiful!

  2. Lillian! This is such a wonderful post! I cannot wait to see every single detail of your wedding- I know it will be beautiful in every way. Miss you! Hopefully when I head down to LA we can meet up. That would be grand!

    Absolutely brilliant.

    I also love the cut-out/pop-up ones. So cute!

    I've always been a big fan of illustrated invites. Like you mentioned - they add such a touch of whimsy that I think is perfect for a fun (i.e. not formal) wedding, or any big celebration for that matter :)

  4. I am also in the early stages of wedding planning and those are a couple of my favorites too! The viewfinder invitations are definitely genius!

  5. all of these are amazing, seriously. I love the uniqueness and authenticity in every one.

  6. I'm completely IN LOVE with that fist invitation. So dreamy and romantic, perfect for a wedding.

  7. Amazing, and inspirational invitations!

  8. Love the watercolor & viewfinder invites. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Stunning invitations - so very creative and beautiful. Some of the top designs remind me of my kind of style:

  10. I love these! Especially the "Join us in the woods" one


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