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August 30, 2012

In following yesterday's collection post of the whole organization theme, I thought I'd add a keyword of fun items you can buy to help you get organized! If you're going to be organized, why not do it with stylish and fun pieces? :)

Cool storage pieces from Urban Outffiters - here and here

Love this rolling modular storage from Pottery Barn

Vintage Tool Box Organize and Storage from MissBeets

Industrial Wire Caddy/Organizer/Wheel from Old Junk & Ambition

Vintage Brass Tie/Scarf Rack from TwinkleToesMadison

Vintage Oak Post Office Mail Cabinet from CanalSideStudio

Office Instant Collection from Fox and Bow

Vintage Drawer from MyraMelinda

industrial organizer from sailors & lost souls

Owl TO DO LIST from boygirlparty

Washi Tape Organizer from 464Handmade

Variety Chalkboard labels from angiecherryhi

6 hello's:

  1. I love all of these, but that first one is my favorite!

  2. Love all of these products. Vintage lockers would be fun too!

  3. Ooh! Organization is not my forte, but I could quickly learn to love it with pieces like these. So cute! (Clearly, I am all about form not function)

  4. Love the washi tape organizer. I would totally get one of these if I had a washi tape collection - I just don't even know where to buy it. Where do you get yours?

  5. Lovely collection of vintage organization furnitures. Some of them have been new for me.

  6. Oh my, I'm swooning over here! I am such a storage nut... I literally jump to that section of any home magazine first. :) I really like the post office mailing cabinet. What I wouldn't do for that in my home!


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