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September 11, 2012

This post is a part of 'reminisce' week - I'm doing a recollection of some old blog posts from years ago. This was just a random post but I liked the images I posted here. This post was originally posted on February 10, 2009.


happy tuesday! well my weekend was good. i really loved the rain..and it rained quite a bit. i would say southern california really doesn't get enough rain in my opinion. ;) i had a lovely craft show on saturday, where i met lots of talented ladies and made new friends. i also celebrated my little brother's 5th birthday, we went to sushi. yum! nick and i saw slumdog millionare. good movie.

so i got moved this big bulletin board into my room.. it currently sits here blank. i decided to look for some posters and prints which will follow in the next post. the above image is where i used to have my desk, then i moved it on the other side and left all the papers there. so now i can start fresh!

4 hello's:

  1. I love bulletin boards! Nice "old" post!

  2. Lovely photographs! Bulletin boards look great blank, as well. :)

  3. super sweet idea for a post, love it :)

  4. Danni,
    I am so gutted. When I found out you were going to be in London, I made the decision to drag my hubby into a craft fair. but alas now we have to kitten sitt that weekend, and as we live a distance out of London, we can't leave the cat that long on his own,, as he's just too little.
    If the other half has to work then I have to stay home. So hopefully he can play uncle to the kitten and I can come in and meet you.
    I shall hold my breathe.
    Hope you enjoy your time here.


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