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November 27, 2012

A couple months ago, I did a constellation keyword of cool things you could buy. Today I'm sharing a fun collection of constellation-related images. I am loving constellations lately. There's something so amazing when you look up into the night sky, isn't there? I'll always remember driving through Texas with a friend and just staring up into the star-filled sky, so in awe. I feel like here in Orange County we don't have starry skies like maybe you do in the midwest or something. Too much smog blocking our view ;)

To think of the other planets, the billions of stars, the unknown and beyond. A galaxy too vast to explore - it boggles my mind! For me personally, I am reminded of a Creator and though I am but a tiny tiny speck in the whole universe, I am loved. and you are loved too, friends :) Hope you enjoy today's collection - not as good as seeing the real thing, but amazing that camera's can capture this!

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beautiful star chart from designer Thomas O'Brien's apartment aero studios, found via a piece of toast

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  1. Hello, I'm not sure if I've ever commented before but I just love your blog. Thank you for the daily inspiration and the positive attitude you keep. :)
    I love constellations, what a great collection!

    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving,

  2. My husband was an astro physicist so I have this romantic view of all things constellation related. Beautiful post, Danni.

  3. I love looking up at the stars and the constellations. I just wish am able to see more of it more often. beautiful collection!

  4. Yeah it's amazing that God really created the entire universe. He is so amazing. Good on you for posting this by the way.


  5. Yeah it's amazing that God really created the entire universe. He is so amazing. Good on you for posting this by the way.


  6. love your constellation charts. very cool.

  7. Aren't the heavens amazing?! I've been fascinated with the stars since I was a young-in, and that inspired a line of owl ornaments this year that I adore. :)

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  9. I looove the night sky! Growing up on the island of Kauai, I would be fascinated every night, you can see millions of stars bright and clear there. This collection so much reminds me of that. I wish I could capture or at least learn how to do night photography like this. Amazing! xo love this post :)


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