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November 12, 2012

Have you met the cakies girls? They are the cutest and sweetest little kids I know! They're so well behaved and one day if we are blessed to have kids, I will probably be calling Ruby up a ton for parenting advice! I thought it'd be fun to get some custom stamps made for the girls. I had the stamps for a while but was finally able to give it to them a couple months ago. Here's how I packaged the stamps up:

I found these tins in the dollar section at Target. They had a little chalkboard label so I wrote the girl's names on each one. Also included a little notebook, stickers, and an inkpad. Here are the stamps in action!

The girls got creative and started stamping Ashley & Reinna -
it was quite funny!

Ruby's girls are so crafty - she has taught them well ;) Custom stamps make great gifts for anyone, any occasion! They're especially fun for kids! you can call up your local stamp shop to get a custom stamp made. or if you'd like to order one, i have them available here at my shop as well :)

10 hello's:

  1. Really great gift idea! I would even love to have one of these for myself. And those girls are so cute :3 I think I found a new blog to follow!

  2. Bellissima idea!
    Kiss from Italy!;)

  3. Love this! The font is not numbered, so I don't know which font is which. I also love your friendship bracelets...I got a couple of them from you but the one I love the most was lost. =( You don't sell it online though. It's the bracelet with a good plate in the middle, and some turquoise/orange beads. Let me know! <3

  4. love the Cakies girls and of course I love stamp!! they do make really good gifts :)

  5. This is so amazing! Not only your pictures are awesome but those stamps, those colors, those baskets!!! So, so, so inspiring.

    Olive xox

  6. That was such an awesome present!! I want my own! ;)


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