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November 9, 2012

I know this may be kind of random that I am posting photos of my phone. A couple weeks ago, I plugged in my phone to charge it and when I went to check something, it wouldn't turn on anymore. The term they used was "bricked" in the forums when I searched what was wrong with my phone. Haha, I didn't get it but Nick told me it means my phone is a brick. It's done. This actually happened to my last phone too, which was an iPhone. Technology & I have a weird thing. My devices always seem to break on me! I probably need to take better care of my things.

Anyway, I decided to post this to tell you I actually lost all my photos on the phone :( Thank goodness we did a back up before my trip to China a couple months ago so I saved a lot of photos of my grandparents and things like that. But all the photos after that from my trips to China, Vietnam, and England were all lost. I took it to a couple places to see if they could recover the photos but it was a lost cause.

So all that to say: if you don't already have an automatic back up or a memory card in your phone, stop everything and do a back up right now! You never know when your phone will just break on you.

You can't replace memories. They are priceless! I was and am still pretty sad about all the photos and videos I lost. I should have had an automatic back-up set up. My phone also has a spot for a memory card, but of course the phone didn't come with it and I didn't think to put one in.  A valuable lesson learned! Has this ever happened to anyone else out there? Or is it just me with bad technology luck?

Anyway, what are you up to this weekend? The weather has finally cooled down here in OC, it's really starting to feel like winter. Tomorrow we're having our vintage sale and the rest of the weekend we actually have some free time! We've had shows the past couple weeks so I am excited to go and hear the new pastor at our church on Sunday! Thanks for reading and for all your comments this week friends! Have a great weekend.  ps: go back up your photos! ;)

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  1. Oh that sucks, sorry about your photos. I've had my camera and phone stolen twice, so I always back up my photos now. I usually copy my photos from my camera at the end of every day that I took photos and I set up my phone to automatically back up when I charge it with my laptop. I also dropped our external hard drive last year and we lost everything, so we got extras to make sure we have extra back ups too.

  2. Love this blog so much!

  3. Oh Danni! That sucks. At least you Instagrammed some lovely London/Downton ones so you have those!

    Really feel for you- specially on the videos. xx

  4. Hi Danni!
    I've been following your blog for a time, and I absolutely adore your style! And your understated messages about Him. LOVE. Anyhow, I'm so excited to meet you tomorrow at the vintage sale! It's been on my calendar since you announced it and I can't wait. Also, after reading this post, I realize we go to the same church!! Whaaaat? Seriously, I know it's a big church, but what a small world!
    Jessica Kiger

  5. Ugh Danni noooooooooooooooo! I know that feeling ALL too well! :( SO sorry!!!!

  6. I am really sorry about your photos. :( How very unfortunate.

    My phones have eventually died but haven't "bricked"; my old desktop computer did "brick" and die suddenly on me. I lost a few photos and graphics I'd saved.

  7. So sorry to hear about your phone! I have had bad luck once too with my phone in which I lost a lot of photos. + ever since, I don't use my phone for photos anymore. I usually have my camera with me now when I know I am going somewhere pretty + memorable. Have fun at the vintage sale! Sounds awesome!

  8. With free upgrades every time you renew a contract, I think they purposely make cellphones so they will not last. Every phone I have owned has pooped out and therefor I do not store much on the thing besides pone numbers and lovely texts of yore.

    That said, I currently cannot find multiple discs of photographs from Euro trips past... on cds because they were recovered from a "bricked" laptop. And tat is making me feel much the way you feel about your lost photos. I'm right there with ya, sister.

    :( HUGS!

  9. So sorry to hear about your photos!! That would make me cry. I actually just posted about how I organize our photos and make family yearbooks, thought you might like to see it:



  10. You should sign up for the cloud and make sure your photo stream is enabled - then everything is stored online on your account!


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