Happy Friday:

November 16, 2012

pictured above:
1 - pretty finds collected from a walk in napa
2 - we got the concrete in our house poured & stained!
3 - letterpress type from a market in London
4 - love this periodic elements chart we found at the antique market
5 - last weekend we relaxed and had a picnic, haven't done that in so long.
6 - my mom's husband let us go through the warehouse of an evicted tenant, ther
was so much random stuff and found so many treasures! it was a thrifter's dream.

Haven't shared many images from my instagram lately so thought I'd post some today for those of you who don't have instagram. I'm sure I've mentioned I am a big fan of instagram. It's like a photo journal, you can go back and see what you were doing at that time and have those visual memories. Thank goodness I did instagram some from my England & Vietnam trips so I at least have some photos :)

Well this week has been productive, how about for you? I only have a certain amount of time before holiday show season starts and we have back to back shows every weekend in December.  I'm excited but kind of scared, haha. It's going to be crazy and fun, and a lot of work.

Has holiday-mode started for you yet? Have you started your shopping? Started decorating? I went to a Christmas thrift shop yesterday and it was so fun, really got me excited for Christmas! Well, hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend before all the real holiday madness begins! xo.

10 hello's:

  1. What's the update on the warehouse? Did you get it all sold? That is just crazy crazy crazy.

    I love your photos. Like looking in a vintage magazine.

  2. the christmas countdown has begun in our house!

  3. lovely photos! and i love instagram too


  4. I like the shoes in your picnic photo. :)

    I've started a bit of Christmas shopping, mainly for myself. I do have a few gift ideas for other people and should get started on this soon.

  5. love the first two images! I need to start thinking about christmas, but I know I'll just get distracted and not do any work if I do, haha x

  6. So very jealous! I adore those letterpress letters and that periodic table of elements from the antique market- such a treasure!

  7. Amazing photos collection looking so great.Thanks a lot for sharing with us.I'll visit your blog again.

  8. hello Danielle Hong
      I just send you my email thank you to answer me for my last order

  9. Im addicted to instagram! Im glad i gave it a chance, now i can go back and see how my baby boy has changed since about 3 mo old. Plus I love taking pics :) We are not in a holidays mood at all. Probably should start shopping ha!

  10. i love the polka dot shoes in the bottom left photo!!

    Sandy a la Mode


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