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January 10, 2013

Business cards. What can I say? I've done quite a few posts about business cards here on the blog and have probably shared more business diy's than any other diy ;) I love them! Is anyone going to Alt this year? I am not going this year. I've gone for the past 3 years and I'm a little sad that I can't make it this year but we have a shop to open! Business cards are still on my mind and I thought I'd do another round-up of cards. Because I don't think looking at pretty business cards can ever get old! Enjoy today's collection.

simply brilliant and sweet cards
via Anna at in honor of design

via how about orange

simple and creative diy
via brittany at paper n stitch

love the use of lace and layers here!
via little red chair

little swag bag business cards
via i heart naptime

Amazing die-cut card.
via style and pepper

Free download from Amy, these tags could also make cute cards?
via eat drink chic

how about a business card that's also a matchbook? So cute!
designed by one fine dae
via August Empress

simple flag die-cut!
via shop-around

via i still love you

Love the use of the tape, tags, and twine!
via soda pop design

via evan carlyle @ instagram

If you're looking for some printers, I've used Moo and Vistaprint in the past. Moo now has LUXE business card printing and it looks super quality! When I need letterpress printing, I use Madeline at Panorama Press, she is awesome! Or take it to the next level with wood printing - my cousin & her husband own a wood engraving shop! I personally am a fan of gold foil printing - Morning print offers all kinds of paper types and printing, haven't used them but their prices seem really reasonable!

For anyone attending Alt, be sure to check out some alt business card round up posts for loads of inspiration! Dandee, Creature Comforts, and Camille Styles... oh, and I did a roundup of alt cards here too ;)

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  1. Great round-up...I always get excited to see the creative biz cards at alt!

  2. Those Soda Pop ones are my favorite! I love the neon pops of color with the graphic print...and how they took the same card and made them all look different. Great idea!

    xx Ashleigh

  3. I'm going to Alt for the first time this year. I'm super excited to see all the creative business cards and to share my own!

    Thanks so much for sharing this inspiration. I have run into some execution issues with my cards, and one of these pieces sparked an idea for me!

  4. These are fabulous. I absolutely love Anna's! So fun and creative! I want to collaborate with Tiny Prints now :]

  5. Oh how I love unique business cards. These are all AMAZING! I can't choose a favorite.

  6. I like the examples you've shown us. It is true that people can really be creative with their business cards. I think that a card like that should be interesting, so that people want to keep it. Quite a few businesses just go for a card with their name and address and a bit of color.

    A card that stands out will probably attract attention over and over from the same person. For that reason, that particular business will be at the top of the list when a consumer needs their service.

  7. Now I want to get awesome business cards! And I so want to go to Alt. Yet again, I totally didn't plan this one out.

  8. i'm planning to redesign my business cards, and all of these cards are so inspiring! i really want to add lots of color and gold :)

  9. good round up. it is always good to see what the other designers are up to and compare them. especially those who vary in style

  10. These are great! Thanks for the printing resources also! I've wondered where to get letterpress cards before.

  11. Hi there! I just discovered your blog - shame on me - and I'm in love with it!

    Followed :)

  12. Maybe you could offer Amber at some tips because she is going to Alt for the first time. Her first ever blog conference. I love your site.

  13. i LOVE business cards too! that swag bag one with candy is so cute. if you need more ideas for cool biz cards, i've done a few roundups too:

  14. There are some great ones here! I soooo need to make some. I keep debating, hand made and sewn (since that's what I do) or bought?? hmmmm

  15. There are some great ones here! I soooo need to make some. I keep debating, hand made and sewn (since that's what I do) or bought?? hmmmm

  16. Wow, these are some of the most beautiful business cards I've seen, go girl !

  17. To be honest these are most fabulous and attractive business cards i ever seen in my life. Business cards are first impression of your business when you represent your business via business cards therefore these cards should be attractive, easy readable and useful by information.

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  19. With those creative business cards, promoting products and services is very hard-hitting!

    business card printing

  20. These are beautiful business cards. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Wow, these are some of the most beautiful business cards..


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