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February 28, 2013

fabulous: hot air balloon centerpiece via
font: Amour from, $29 
  free: hand drawn wreaths from besotted blog
fun: cat face shoes from ebay, $23.99

collection / scallop:


February 27, 2013

I don't know what it is about scallops but I simply adore them. I think they're so sweet. I stumbled upon this DIY ipad cover below and that started the whole search. Hope you enjoy today's collection friends! :)

via mollie makes

brass scalloped necklace via SilkPurseSowsEar

diy scallop backdrop via ruffled

via j. jill

via the party studio

dig scallop tote bag via frolic

a couple scallop skirts DIY via burdastyle and nette

gorgeous scalloped fabric via schumacher

cute outfit inspiration via eat sleep wear

scalloped cake stands, so cute! via olive manna
ps: if you're local, we stock these in our shop so stop by!

a scalloped dresser?! amazing! via

scallop rug via urban outfitters

scalloped iphone case via anthropology

polka dot scalloped shorts! (2 of my fave things!) via pynknylon

Napa Valley:


February 26, 2013

My cousin got married a few months ago and so we all headed up to the Napa Valley area. I had never been but this town was absolutely gorgeous. We stayed in a little town called Rutherford and my cousin got married at this beautiful winery. I was with my mom and brother's so we didn't do a whole lot of exploring but we did have the english muffins from this place and they were pretty incredible, I want to go back just to have them again ;) My mom and I did get to do a little antique shopping so that was really fun to spend some mother/daughter time together. 

If you're ever able to go to Napa for a vacation or getaway, I'd recommend it. It was so peaceful. It seemed like everyone had grape vines in their front yard, so legit. It seemed like a different kind of life  around here - no one is really in a rush or always on the go.. We met a couple who comes here every year from Colorado, it's their yearly trip! I hope to return soon! Do you have a traditional yearly trip you take? That could be something fun to start with Nick. 

Downton Season 3:


February 25, 2013

via lady mary

If you haven't seen Downton Abbey season 3 and/or are planning on watching it in the near future, STOP READING b/c there are spoilers ahead.

Can we just talk about Season 3 of Downton Abbey for a second? What is the deal?! I'm  not sure how i feel about how it all went down this season. I mean, I guess it opens up a whole new story line for the next season so that could be cool. What did you guys think of Season 3? I was pretty bummed about the 2 actors that decided to leave the show. I read Dan Stevens wanted to pursue other opportunities. While I can understand that, I somewhat can't help but feel it's kind of lousy! Come on. Downton made your career, you could give your fans a couple more years!....? Anyone else with me on this? Anyone glad Matthew & Cybil are gone? Well, I hope they bring in a new guy for Mary or something. Any predictions for Season 4? Here are some photos I've found around the www of Mary & Matthew :)

via downtonabbeyfreak

via foooolintherain

via eatsleeptv

via ascuas

via cookiesandboxerbriefs

Wow, quite a long time we have to wait until Season 4 comes back. Well, I'm a big fan of period films/shows - if you need something to watch until Downton comes back, here are some recommendations! 
Larkrise to Candleford
Upstairs Downstairs
and I did a post of my all time favorite period films a while ago so check that out if you missed it! This post is actually where I found out about Downton Abbey, someone suggested it so thanks to you! ;) Feel free to leave a suggestion here! Happy Monday friends! (ps: sorry I've been away from blogging for a while, we're back to regular posting now)

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February 13, 2013

fabulous: love the young house love light collaboration from shades of light, $69
font: frosted from, $24.95
free: raindrops print from blogmilk
fun: love you nightlight from owly shadow puppets

collection / globes:


February 7, 2013

If you like antiques and vintage, chances are you have a globe in your home ;) We have quite a few in our collection. I know globes are way over-done but there's something that just doesn't get old about them. It's nice to look at a globe and remember the world is pretty big, keeps a lot of stuff in perspective! Anyway, here's a round up of globe-related images .. decor, diy's, and some fun globe stuff you can buy. We even sell a globe necklace in the shop, it's one of my favorites :)

curious sofa , amazing via shop too!

diy globe centerpiece via Better Homes & Gardens

via Roberta Grove

so many globes! via rauter25

via kristen vasgaard

via alice's adventures in wonderland

via pinterest

globe tote via pilot and captain

via my life in stills and syntax

via oh happy day

2009 issue of canadian home & country

via green wedding shoes

ntmtk via tseventy