June 24, 2013

Birthday dinner at Roche Habor! Sat outside overlooking the water 
while it rained, couldn't have been a more ideal bday dinner since i love the rain! ;)

My mom, brother, and awesome relatives!

Yesterday i turned 28. i'll be honest, i was not looking forward to my birthday and definitely was not looking forward to turning another year older (i know, 28 is not old at all) To be honest, ever since after 25, i wasn't very excited about entering my late 20's. Early 20's were awesome ;) A few weeks ago, our pastor talked about how getting old in our society usually has negative feelings/associations to it. But he told us how in some other cultures, the older people are held up in society because they have gained respect and wisdom. i thought that was an interesting point. How sad that turning older in our society is viewed as a negative thing by some.

Still, this year i wasn't excited about turning another year older. i think the pressures of all the things i still want to do in business, and starting a family (God-willing) in the nearer future is on our minds so it all feels a bit overwhelming.. like i'm running out of time or something. Silly notions. 

i woke up feeling bummed about being 28. Didn't really want to celebrate and bring attention to the fact that i was another year older. It wasn't until we got to church and began singing to this song that i realized how foolish i'd been. i made it to 28, God has blessed and given another year of life to live! How silly i was being to not be grateful for another year of life. i thought about my dear friends who have passed.. i am sure we all know someone who has been taken much earlier than their "time". In church, the pastor mentioned a 26 year old who passed from a heart attack. 26 years old?! He left behind a young wife and their 7 month old child. only the Lord knows why. but here i was, being a big ingrate for getting older. Anyway, i immediately repented and thanked God this life He has given.

anyway. you guys, thank for allowing me to share these thoughts with you.. you could say i was "inspired" yesterday in church and i was excited to share! i really needed to change my heart about getting older, got some perspective and am just glad to be alive and be able to share life with the ones i love. not sure if any one else out there feels how i felt about getting older but i hope you find encouragement in this :) 

we're in Washington celebrating June birthdays! Nick's was the 12th, and my brother's is actually on the 26th. Our aunt & uncle offered to have us come up and stay at their place so we are seeing the sights at Friday Harbor and the San Juan Islands. Has anyone been? it's gorgeous here! Ok, i'm sitting in the car in the rain with my battery on 4% trying to find a wifi signal to post this so i better go ;) Thanks again for reading dear friends. Happy Monday!

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  1. Happy Birthday! I totally missed it on Facebook that it was your birthday. I have similar feelings about turning thirty. I'm really excited. I think it's a reflection of how proud I am of what I've done. And you should be so incredibly proud. Owning your own shop at 28? DAAAANNNGGGGG!!!!

  2. I'm turning 28 in November and can identify with your feelings exactly. I know I'm not actually old, but I'm getting old enough that certain things need to start happening (like starting a family) and I feel this constant pressure to hurry up before I run out of time. I think this is an age of reflection and transition because we are moving out of our 20s and into a different phase of life in some ways. Thanks for the reminder that each day and year we live is a gift, not something to be ashamed of. Youth is beautiful but so is old age. Thank you too for giving us a peek into what you're learning. I know as a person of faith how hard it can be to talk to a diverse blogging audience about what I'm learning and thinking spiritually but it's so good hearing you open up about these things...very inspirational :] Happy birthday! -Kari Ann

  3. Love the San Juan Islands-Heading up there next month :)

  4. this is a great perspective to hear as i am a couple months away from turning 29 (and like you and your hubby, we have yet to start a family). happy belated bday!

  5. Happy Birthday Dani! I love your blog. I'm so impressed with the things you've done so far in your life - especially opening a store! I think 28 is a great age!

  6. This looks like the perfect birthday dinner - your photographs are absolutely adorable!

    ps. 28 is not old at all!

  7. Happy Birthday! looks like it was a blast!!

  8. Great post! I'm about six months older and often feel the "but I still need to accomplish ____, especially before _____".....urgh! Sooo many worldly pressures that try to steal joy. But this summer I am CHOOSING to look forward to my 10 year HS reunion :D

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  9. such a joy to read..your smile is heartwarming!

  10. Happy birthday! I turned 28 in April, and I know exactly how you were feeling. I definitely felt that way since 25 too! I didn't want to get older...but I also changed my mind and decided to be thankful for my life and just go with it! I am so much happier! And I know you are too :)

  11. My 28th birthday was also on the 23rd! I understand what you mean about being in our late twenties. I have had similar feelings, but try to remind myself how rich these last few years have been -- full of growth and movement and joy -- and then I get excited about what's next. Hoping that this a great year for you -- cheers!

  12. Happy birthday to you, Danni.

  13. Happy Birthday Danni!
    And I 100% get where you are coming from about not being excited about celebrating your birthday. I am turning 26 this year and I don't even want to think about it. Once I turned 24 that was it for me; I was old. But you are completely right - we shouldn't feel that we are old, or dread getting older, or feel that we are running out of time to do what we want to do in our lives (something I constantly feel/fear). SO many people won't even get to 26 (or 28) so I must too learn to be grateful.
    Your pictures look lovely so I'm glad you got to enjoy your birthday =)
    Ashleigh xxoo


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