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July 11, 2013

fabulous: spinning necklace from saks fifth avenue, $115
(note: a more affordable version can be found here at for $30)
font: ride my bike from my fonts, $14
free: custom monogram printable from wedding chicks
(very neat freebie, never seen it where you can customize your own printable before!)
fun: mint dustpan from world market, $15

6 hello's:

  1. All great choices. Buddha grove has such cute stuff!

  2. i love your 4 favourite feature, i hope they never end!

  3. Such a neat idea, that customizable monogram!

  4. Wedding Chicks is a great site! They have a ton of free printables (mostly for weddings, but a few can be used for non-wedding things) that are totally customizable. You can even change the colors in many of them!

  5. heehee! that dustpan made me smile. and weirdly, i like sweeping... perhaps i need to have this in my life! ^__^


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