inspire: lovely.

August 1, 2013

This type of post was one of the first ever posted at the blog, inspire: lovely. Thought I'd bring it back :) Hope these photos inspire you today!

Peggy Wong


eva black design

style me pretty

minimalist baker

pudding polaroid


Inoka Chui

9 hello's:

  1. I remember! This is one of my favorite series that you do. There are always so many different things yet an underlying theme of loveliness.

  2. I've missed this series! It's lovely indeed how you have an eye for subdued beauty that might be overlooked while passing by.

  3. The first photo is LOVELY! As a rather new follower of this blog, I have to say that I love this series so far. :)

  4. Beautiful photos! Indeed, they are inspiring.

  5. man! i am desperately looking for laboratory clamp stand! and i work in a lab! :(

  6. Beautiful photos and they are indeed inspiring. I am new here and haven’ followed the series but realize what I’ve missed. The laboratory clamp stand is awesome, wonder where I can get it. And the flowers are so refreshing.

  7. Beautiful photos that has made a beautiful post :-)

    Betty x x


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