Lovely day for a Picnic:

August 20, 2013

Summer weather here has been really strange - we've been getting some overcast & gloomy mornings and it stays pretty cool throughout the day... and we're in August! I am not sure what has happened! Either the heat isn't coming or it is coming late. I hope it's not coming :) But I think September and October may be super duper hot. 
Well it was a lovely sunny day the other day so Nick and I decided to go to the park and enjoy the scenery and our day off. When we picnic, I always go to Mountain View Park because it's the park we got married at.. and it has the best view in the city! 

I've been getting a lot of fun picnic gear like this beautiful Kantha blanket from Hand & Cloth and this table in a bag from Crate & Barrel. Also took my new favorite pair of shoes from Swedish Hasbeens. *thanks to Rebecca and Michael for introducing us to the awesome table in a bag! ;)

Stopped by Trader Joes for some fresh flowers (it's amazing what fresh flowers bring to the whole setting) and Rialto in Downton Fullerton for our favorite sandwiches, which we also served at our wedding. It's kind of like reliving our wedding a bit each time. What can I say, I'm nostalgic ;)

Always fun to bring some books and games to the park. Has anyone played Monopoly Deal? It's really fun. Except that Nick beat me 4 times, haha. I didn't win once. Pillows are a nice touch to bring to. Ours are from Cotton & Flax and Ikea in case anyone is wondering :)

My sweet shop associate, Sunny gifted the mugs to us - thanks Sunny! :)
Blanket from Hand & Cloth 
Table in a bag from Crate & Barrel
Shoes from Swedish Hasbeens
Pillows from Cotton & Flax + Ikea

15 hello's:

  1. looks like the best august day!

  2. Table in a bag! That is too cool to be true.
    Ronnie xo

  3. Love the table! And bocce ball is so fun. Sounds like such a great way to get away. My hubby and I will (hopefully) be living across the street from a park soon, and I can't wait to have a picnic together there.

  4. looks like a lovely way to spend a day!

  5. So lovely... and now I'm dreaming of taking my husband on a picknic date.

  6. Adorable! That table in a bag is amazing; I think I need one... Also, Rialto Cafe and Mountain View Park = excellent choices. I just moved from Fullerton to CO and I'm missing your shop already!

  7. What wonderful pictures! It's a perfect day for a picnic here in London as well but alas I had plans all day. Hopefully tomorrow. Also I am obsessed with Monopoly Deal - my whole house is it's great fun! X

  8. Such a beautiful picnic! And I'm addicted to Monopoly Deal - even though I lose a ton too! ;)

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  10. I have been trying to think of a cute date idea for me and my boyfriend this weekend, thanks for the inspiration! I appreciate your reminder that picnics don't have to be bland. Def pinning this right now!

  11. I haven't played Monopoly Deal in ages, I think I will pull it out of my games draw and give it a go tonight and that table in a bag is so clever.

  12. This is so lovely! It makes me so excited for summer! (It's still winter here in Australia...) I'm definitely going to try and have more picnics this year! x

  13. I have never heard of that table in a bag, and I have never played Monopoly Deal. I love this! Thanks so much for the great suggestions. Makes me want to have a picnic now. :)

  14. Lovely, lovely pictures. Now I want to run away for a picnic :] -Kari Ann

  15. Oh gosh I find these photos so inspiring!!! I want to picnic right now!


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