Calligraphy Workshop:

October 9, 2013

A couple weeks ago we held a calligraphy workshop! We had a full class and it was a lot of fun!

Everyone's personalized starter kit with paper, pen, and ink.

pretty swishes and blots!

All the practice sheets are so pretty!

Everyone picked up so quickly, they all looked like professionals ;)

Our awesome helpers for the evening!

If you're local to Orange County - we have a couple more calligraphy workshops available this month and we're offering watercolor, floral arranging, string art, and a few more! Click here for the schedule and to sign up! Calligraphy workshops are $75 and all materials are included. 

6 hello's:

  1. That looks like so much fun! Can you come to New York City and do a workshop?

  2. This looks like so much fun!! Glad the class went well!

  3. I'd love to learn calligraphy. We did something like this when I was in year 6 at junior school - although we usually ended up with more ink over our hands than on the paper!

  4. how fun! I wish I could have gone. :) i hope to make a visit to your shop in OC later this month, and "stock up" on your lovely supplies before Christmas.

  5. I'd love to do a calligraphy workshop! Are you planning on having more dates in the coming months?


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