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October 10, 2013

This treasured item comes with a lot of memories! When we were in Portland a couple years ago, we came across this auction listing online. It was a couple hours away from Portland but there were some video game & star war stuff (which Nick was obviously interested in) and we thought it could be fun so we made the drive. We had never been to an auction and it was so random that we ended up there ;) It ended up being a lot of fun, exciting to bid on things. When this item came up I thought it was pretty funny and random so we bid on it. I came away with a couple other things but Nick didn't end up winning the stuff he was interested in - some little old lady ended up outbidding him! Have you ever been to an auction? They're really fun and definitely make for memorable moments :)

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  1. We like to go to farm auctions out here in the Wisconsin countryside. We find really cool vintage/industrial containers and such. 2 years ago we got a utility cart that we now use as a coffee table for just $15!!!


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