Happy Friday:

October 4, 2013

Well the other Friday was not so happy for me ... I was happily working on my computer the other night when it randomly and suddenly froze on me. I tried to force quit but it was not responsive at all. So I just restarted it.. I left my office and came back 10 minutes later to find it was stuck on the white apple logo screen, and it was frozen again. I knew this wasn't good. Tried restarting again but the same thing happened. So I went to sleep hoping it'd magically work in the morning. Unfortunately the next day, it still wasn't working so I took it to the apple store. The diagnosis was the motherboard and it would be about $700 to fix. I mean, at that price you can almost buy a new computer. What a bummer!! 

I hadn't backed up my files in a while so I was most concerned about getting all my data! (remember I told you about my phone last year? me + technology just aren't friends sometimes) Fortunately they gave me a recommendation for a repair shop in La Habra.. Took my poor imac there and for $150, they was able to get my files onto my external. I was still bummed that my computer was totally broken but really glad I could at least get my files!

So I guess that meant it was time for a new computer. Not sure if you knew this but I used to work at the apple store in college, it was a lot of fun! I bought that imac with my employee discount and felt like it was the best deal ever. But I'm not a huge techie or anything... Nick keeps really up to date with technology. My imac was 5 years old but I was perfectly content still using it! I just use illustrator and photoshop so nothing too fancy and it was fine for what I needed it for. I guess it's kind of sentimental, I created all my oh, hello friend stuff on it and blogged hundreds of posts, edited thousands of photos on it. But technology doesn't last (especially these days, i feel like things are built to break in 3-5 years so you're forced to spend money and buy something new!) so i guess i'll be creating a lots of new designs on my new computer.. i am pretty excited to get it!

but all that to say - back up your computer right now! especially if you haven't in a while .. or ever ;) you never know when it may be your computer's time to just go out on you.. I was just minding my own business and the motherboard breaks suddenly??! crazy. and random. 

Anyway, has anyone ever had their computer break on them? If you haven't, I hope you never have to experience it!  Well, have a great weekend friends!

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  1. That's a bummer! :( I haven't backed up my photos yet, I should probably go do that...



  2. I've had that happen and I still don't back up regularly :(

  3. so sorry! really discouraging and upsetting when that happens... hope it doesn't again! have a lovely weekend.

  4. I feel like mine is on its last legs and I refuse to submit. I think it has sleep apnea. When it goes to sleep too long, it freezes and I have to force restart. It's awful. Fortunately my husband is very techie and we have so many clouds he could be a weatherman.

  5. Ugh, I'm sorry, that's never fun! Have you looked into online backups? My husband and I use CrashPlan and our computers are automatically backed up daily (we also backup monthly onto external hard drives). A 1 year subscription was a little over $100 and with it comes a lot of peace of mind. There are other companies, but we picked Crashplan for the "family plan" so we could backup multiple computers. And I know that you can just backup to external hard drives, but if someone breaks in and clears you out, they may grab those external hard drives as well. Hope this helps.

  6. I feel your pain. One of the first computers I had died suddenly and I lost all my files.

    Currently, my laptop's Ethernet isn't working, meaning no wi-fi. I've backed up my files just in case it completely dies.

  7. Danni, I'm just about to buy an iMac so I'm pleased to hear your lasted for five years. When my last computer died, I thought about Apple but didn't go that way and regretted it ever since. I now have an iPhone and an iPad and, this week coming, an iMac. Yeah!!

  8. Oh I'm sorry to hear about your computer. That has happened to me too, but I always forget to back up.

  9. Boo~ but YAY~ to brand new start :) My Mac desktop died on me couple months ago. It worked hard for 7 years (hard drive failed along with graphic card). And got my first mac pro... wow... it's great.


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