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October 14, 2013

When we were deciding where to open our shop, we thought it should be a place with good . We were so fortunate to get a space right on a major street in Downtown Fullerton. I love Fullerton - the community is awesome, they do monthly art walks, they have a train station, weekly farmer's market, and an amazing old theater built in 1925! There is so much history here and there are a lot of cool things happening in Fullerton. Today I thought it'd be fun to share some other cool spots in DT if you're ever in the area! First we'll go over our favorite places to eat:

Our favorite place to eat is Rialto! I get the turkey/avocado sandwich. 
Rialto is super special to us because they actually catered our wedding sandwiches! 

Another one of my top places to eat is Green Bliss! All their stuff is super fresh and legit!

A great spot to meet with friends is Tranquil Tea Lounge, love their morning $5 tea + scone special.

Some other wonderful spots to stop are Hopscotch, Layer Cake
Cafe 109, and Kentro if you like greek!

and don't forget to stop at these cool shops during your visit to Fullerton! Now that we open a shop, I'm all about supporting small business. Some of these shops are fairly new and some have been there for quite some time. 

Share & Do Good. Lily's shop is such a great and encouraging place. All the brands she carries go toward helping a cause or organization! 

buy/sell/trade shops are great for finding a great variety of clothing and I think Modtex has a great selection. and they're our neighbor, right next door to us so be sure to check them out!

A great shop around the corner is Roadkill Vintage, they've been there for years and they have an awesome selection of fun and eclectic items!

Grow Natural has a lovely selection and variety of sweet items for kids!

Don't forget to stop by The Brick Basement, full of tons of antiques and vintage items, my favorite ;)

another great shop (didn't get a chance to take a photo) is Out of Vogue, right around the corner from our shop! A wonderful selection of mid-century modern vintage. 

Some of our other fave friends in Fullerton are Found Rentals if you're looking for vintage furniture rentals, Studio EMP if you're looking for an amazing photographer, PAS Art Gallery & Hibbleton for some sweet art, and Monkwood for some legit custom wood furniture!

I hope you are able to visit Fullerton sometime, there's a lot of cool stuff going on :)

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  1. Such pretty pictures! It sounds like the perfect place to spend an afternoon.


  2. I live in San Diego and have never thought of Fullerton as a particular destination for a trip, but you've changed my mind :]

  3. oh yes. When i was there to do some "tea time" with 2 girlfriends of mine before heading to Disneyland, we went to Tranquil and loved it. Their choice of tea was great. Then of course I stopped at your store and got some knick-knacks :) And what I love about DTFullerton is the stores. Lots of cute vintage stores! If only I live closer to Fullerton. It's doable tho :) not too far from Rancho Cuca!

  4. Always such lovely photos. Inspiring and fun.
    Keep it up!
    Thanks from Iceland :)

  5. Excited to hear you'll be setting up shop! I looove Tranquil Tea Lounge; their white chocolate lavender scone is to die for! :)


  6. I love all these places too! Have you checked out Kentro? Amazing chicken pita!

  7. Fullerton is awesome! Partly because you're here too! Nice piece! That's I run insideFullerton.com - the people need to know all of the awesomeness!


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