August 19, 2008

i am really not a fan of logos by any means, in fact, i quite despise doing them. but here is my latest work. because it pays the bills, i suppose!

#1 - a company called renugen, made for my dad.
number dos at the top is my personal fav.
(in which he said he'd pay me later for them, once they have money.
yea whatev dad. what a punk-face. ha.)

#2 is for a friend who is a high school drama teacher for la habra.
this was difficult because i am not familiar with crest 'looks',
nor with drama or the theater.

so what does a moose have to do with theater?
well, it is up for your interpretation ;)

but honestly, he said he didn't want the cliche symbols like drama faces (hm, threw those in in one of the logos) or anything like that, it was hard!! hence my use of a tree. a moose, and some crowns!

i haven't submitted them to him yet, i hope he likes them!

2 hello's:

  1. I really like the logos! I'm curious, if you hate logos then what would you use for a business instead? :)

  2. Fun stuff!
    I hate making logos too, blah.
    I like the top right drama logo, keep us up to date on what they choose!


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